Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 15, 2019

God is Boss because that’s his Business

The One God makes it easy to bring together his people and as young folks struggle to reconcile their innate belief with the TRUTH, it becomes evident that they need Love and disciplined discerning behavior in order to make their Life work properly for success and growth.

Follow the law: This is important because we all need a simple instructional to a winning & winsome Life, and because this is the only way for you to move forward in health, safety and comfort…

God’s laws are simple and you know the Ten commandments and all such basics that stem straight up from your own human nature, but what you might not know are the other laws of worldly success, such as the law of obedience, the law of discipline, and the law of discernment — that are immutable and self evident as well.

Do this, because being acquainted with God and His Word is not enough.

Yet being obedient to him and accepting whatever he throws your way — is always the one path to growth, abundant blessings, and ultimately, runaway success.

Are you obeying what you know to be true and the word of God even when what comes down the pike is not what you expected or even not what we normally call “good” or “easy” or even “beneficial”?

Be obedient: Just to make it easy on yourself, it might be best that you allow him to be the driver, and let God inside, and even invite him to drive your life forward, or wherever he chooses for you to go. This is how you relax and enjoy the ride in the back seat while he is doing the driving and the heavy lifting, for your life. Imagine that. He is working it and not you…

Obey him, because the riches of earth and heaven are yours, when you obey the Word of God and follow his plan, and believe the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This is simply so, because you do not become mighty in spirit by setting your inner person on automatic pilot to drift through life, but you must allow God to drive you forth, while you employ several basic disciplines in order to experience the rewards of a God led, God directed, and God blessed & fulfilled life.

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 10.13.44 PM

Be God driven, and learn to accept everything and anything as his plan, because sometimes the rejection you feel, is simply an instance where God is opposed to the decorative wishes, the self serving demands, and the unnecessary goals of the reptilian brain of the human being, whereas the one who is mighty in spirit must constantly reject the competing values and passions of the world system, which is devoid of godliness and instead focus on coming in close contact with the Divine through righteous conduct, thought and deed.

That is your personal Love towards God and that is even the discipline of relationship, which is mightily important because by bringing the Godly wisdom into your Life, your life flows forward and is formed beautifully from a pure & honest relationship with God.

The discipline of Love is paramount, because above all, you must guard your heart and keep God as your first love — singularly devoted to Him, not to a cause, a dogma, or even a religion…

Love yourself and love God and your Lover just as much as humanly possible and that’s how you come into the know…

That is how you can easily pursue the knowledge of the Lord, that helps you pray devoutly and work stoutly in order to make your Life a runaway success…

Dr Churchill


Do this and everything will be OK.

Relax and chill out because he’s got your back.

Be free of doubt, fear, and uncertainty because he’s got this, and like a Boss he will set you free from the wretchedness of doubt and all life consuming fears.

He’s got your back bro, and nothing to worry about…

Your job is just to be Happy and to carry on.


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