Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 22, 2019

The Queen fully embraces Brexit & the Environment in her parliament speech…

Good News from the other side of the pond…

Hear – hear,

The parliament was opened with the Queen’s speech…

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 11.24.33 AM

Short version of 10 minutes:

Longer version of about an hour, with all the pomp & circumstance of Parliament’s opening:

Looking forward to a Good, Great, & Godly future, for the United Kingdom, for the Commonwealth, and for the Special Relationship of the AngloSaxon speaking people, alongside the protection of the whole World.

And here is the parliamentary debate about this matter following the New Deal with EU about Brexit and all other matters. Hear – hear:

Great Progress has been made with Brexit and with revitalizing the United Kingdom.

God Speed & God Bless.


Dr Churchill


About time.

And one should look at the specific environmental protections, the worker’s rights protections, as well as the new endangered species and indeed all animal rights protections that make the United Kingdom the best place on Earth with this forward legislation for ALL… sentient beings.

Observe therefore, the unwavering commitment of Great Britain and the whole of the United Kingdom, towards all human beings, other mammalian species, and especially the simple household pets & animals and indeed all beings…

And please, contrast that with the EU’s awful provisions for animals that not only allow, but indeed protect the practice of bestiality which is still fully lawful in several European Countries, and it follows the German example of our German brothers & sisters having sex with their German Shepherd pets as a form of free sexual expression…

But indeed this is a beastly practice that has been going on in Germany freely forever, and only in 2015, four short years ago, the courts of law woke-up and found this unspeakable act to be a Misdemeanor.

A misdemeanor like a traffic misdemeanor, deserving a small fine, as if it was just another speeding ticket, like driving fast on the Autobahn, or on the byways, the freeways, or the neighborhood streets, type of offense.

Bloody Shame…

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