Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 2, 2019

Be Fearless not because Courage is the opposite of Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt — but because Courage is the act of sweeping aside of all debilitating thoughts…

Three little things that can change your Life instantly:

My question to you is this:

What do you think is the reason that you betray your dreams, betray all others you believe in, betray your ideals, principles and beliefs, and stops yourself from achieving your greatest human potential and thus stops you from enjoying your limitless self?

I bet you already know the answer already…

You knew it before I even broached the subject to you.

You know it, yet you are ashamed to admit it, because it is you since nothing and nobody else can stop you, but yourself.

Indeed, it is now as it has always been that it is always You — yourself, the one and only You — that kneecaps you and causes your stride to fail, and ultimately destroys all of your dreams.

So that is the ultimate realization.

Yet the same boat travels both ways.

You destroy and you can create.

It is a choice for You as it is for Me and for all the rest of us.

So if yo want to fix things up — please take heart, because it is not as difficult as it seems.

The first thing is that you ought to become more humorous, resilient & resourceful.

Second thing is that you ought to place your faith in the Lord and in his plans, and be creative with all aspects of your Life.

And third is that you must always be living in the here and now and thus live inside the present moment on the here and now, because you’ve got nothing else, and only if all your energy is focused in the present moment and connected to your higher nature, your creativity is limitless and your success is assured & unlimited…

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 9.06.09 AM

Therefore, you can only be focused on the present moment, with no thoughts of the past or the future; and thus your limitless self can take hold.

Because only then, the self-limiting beliefs disappear, and you become fearless and ready to achieve your goals.

Therefore, please make an effort to erase your F.U.D.s (Fears, Uncertainties & Doubts) in favor of Courage that will lead you forth in grace, now and for ever.

And if you have to battle XL large and extremely difficult enemies — take heart, since the greater they are, the harder they fall…

Monsters and dragons hiding underneath your bed, or in the broom closet, or even in the near cupboard — need to take notice. There is a new sheriff in town and his name is the new You.

The Courageous version of yourself.

Now go out there and built it….



Dr Churchill


This s a simple sermon for You to change you in such a way, as to be able to see Rainbows and Unicorns for the rest of your Life.

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