Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 8, 2019

Poetry from a friend…

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I made a blanket of my fears and a bed of my sickness
Wine of my pain and water of my bitterness

I made faith out of my clothes and God out of my ugliness
I made love out of my loathe and hate out of my pettiness

Time out of change and a dollar out of a crisis
I made shoes out of my woes and walked crooked miles in all of my wickedness

I made a road out of my hope and paved it in all of my jealousy
lies of the sane and the truth of insanity

I hide in my shame til I run out of my vanity

I been workin so hard, so hard,
so hard for too long…

at making trouble for myself.

–Kasi Jack Gaffle
Seattle, 8th of December 2019

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Dr Churchill


Really good stuff from a young lad from Seattle Kasi Jack Gaffle

Jack Gafle, AKA Kasi, has got a show coming up in Seattle on the 17th and methinks that it would be good to show up and support him as his talent is unmistakeable…

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 6.56.29 PM.png

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