Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 12, 2020

“When the variety and number of political parties increases, the chance for oppression, factionalism, and non-skeptical acceptance of ideas decreases”

In an election year, it is time to look for alternatives to the establishment political duopoly of the two main parties … whose division, bigotry and hate, are pushing our country to the brink of a new Civil War by making our nation ungovernable.

And that’s why George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, and many others, always warned us about the evils of the two party system and recommended for all true Americans, to escape the alternating monopoly of the two parties’ monopoly, through the addition of the Independents to the party system, because “When the variety and number of political parties increases, the chance for oppression, factionalism, and non-skeptical acceptance of ideas decreases.”

Yet sadly today we are limiting ourselves to the binary and bipolar choices of a simple to party system that is not so much different than the one party system of communist China.

And even though the party bosses of the Tammany hall type of politics prevalent in American today, try to convince you that you have some type of Democracy — you know that you ain’t got any such thing, being bipolar and depressed, as well as being perpetually oppressed by this alternating Monopoly of power.

That is why the Great Emancipator is quite depressed today and is holding his face in his hand.

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As a matter of fact, even the X-large affirmation of history is on the side of Independent third party movements and parties, because they are willing to touch third rail issues. For example, the fledgling Prohibition and Socialist parties supported women’s suffrage during the late 1800s, and by 1916 both Republicans and Democrats saw the light, and felt the heat.

Although the success of the Prohibition Party was fleeting, it is a model of how an issue can come from a single constituency and evolve into raw political power.

The Prohibition Party has run candidates for President in every election since 1872 (yes, this year too), but none received more than 300,000 votes or about two percent of the ballots cast. However, its “dry” candidates for state and federal office often siphoned off votes that cost the major party “wet” nominees their winning margins. That proved to be powerful political leverage. In the 1918 contest for US Senate in Colorado, the incumbent Democrat polled 48% of the vote, but the Prohibition Party candidate, who scored just 2.3% gave the Republican nominee the edge – one of the two seats the GOP needed for majority status on Capitol Hill.

In 1992, Reform Party candidate Ross Perot hammered away on the issues of reducing the deficit and the need for a balanced budget. President Bill Clinton went on to coordinate a bi-partisan coalition that created several balanced-budget deals.

The Libertarian Party had a significant impact on the passage of the 2012 Colorado referendum to legalize the use of marijuana – it had already elected a mayor, two city councilmen, and a sheriff on their party line.

The Lincoln party and its leader yours truly — have done a far better job than most other historical Independent parties in terms of longevity and effectiveness, but we still have a long way to go in order to supplant the power of the major parties. Still we are on a league all our own, with the best prospects for a win in the upcoming elections…

According to a recent ABC News & Washington Post survey, 57% percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the binary choices of Dems VS Reps and say that they would prefer a third-party Independent candidate to run. A recent Associated Press & University of Chicago poll revealed that 71% of millennials want an Independent alternative to the Republican and Democrat nominees.

Yet although three quarters of voters self identify as Independents, there is no free market of ideas and Independent candidates to choose from come Election Day when people go to the polls…

That’s because ballot access laws are the new poll tax.

The establishment parties benefit from gerrymandering, grandfathering, nepotism, dynastic succession, corruption & byzantine ballot access laws that make it difficult for alternative candidates to “qualify” for our vote. Forty-five states have “sore loser” laws denying defeated candidates the right to run again on a third party line. If a candidate believes political kingmakers thwarted his prospects of winning the Democrat or Republican nomination, his political job application cannot be re-submitted to the voters – it’s against the duopoly’s rules. Nine states don’t even allow voters to write-in names of their preferred candidates.

Therefore, getting on the ballot on all fifty states is a real challenge for any Independent party or Presidential Candidate as well…

As it seems, disenfranchising Independent candidates is part of the Oligopoly power elites’ election game as well, because the two main parties, both represent the front and rear axle wheel part, of the wagon of corporate influence in Politics of America as both parties feed at the same trough of corporate money and lobbying.


Dr Churchill


Perhaps now is the time to literally throw out both Democrat and Republican corruption, as Abraham Lincoln once famously suggested by saying: “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties…”

Because back in the 1860s it was evident that the two party system had failed since it was those two parties that caused the Civil War, and therefore, then President Abraham Lincoln warned us against both the Whigs and the Democrats, the two main parties of the day, who were both proponents of Slavery to differing extents, and thus complicit to that system of vast corruption, human degradation and terror, and who through their own power hungry conflicts for supremacy, had hurled the country headlong into the bloodiest conflict of its history — the Civil War.

“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”

And yet by a providential act of deliverance — this newbie and at that time new Third party (Republic) Independent candidate Abraham Lincoln, managed to squeeze through the warring parties, into the Victory and thus win the Presidency, and bring about the True Emancipation of all human beings, for the betterment of this country and the World as a whole.


Methinks, it is time to do more than just dread the seemingly inevitable and far too limiting choice of Biden VS Trump, and seek Independent alternatives.

Because simple black and white, or blue and red, is never a full choice, and since we live in a spectacularly multicolored World, made up of the many multihued types of intelligence, shared and distributed amongst the vast variety of Homo-Sapiens living in America today — we better open up our eyes to the full spectrum of color variance…

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