Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 14, 2020

International tensions and terrorist alerts are rising… after the downing of the Teheran aircraft.

I am quite sad, and want to offer my condolences for all the missing innocent souls who died unjustly and prematurely, as the result of the dastardly Iranian missile attack against their own civilian passengers, in the Ukrainian airplane taking off from Teheran this past week, that killed all 138 Iranian citizens alongside many others, Ukrainian, Canadians, British et al, all together numbering 176 innocent souls.

Apparently, the Iranian mullahs, intentionally shot down the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) Flight PS752, taking off from Teheran full of their own people, in a misguided effort to both terrorize their citizenry and at the same time galvanize public opinion against the United States — because they blamed the US for the downing of this passenger aircraft taking off from their main airport right after they had shot some missiles at the American bases in Iraq.

It was a red-herring operation by the Islamic fundamentalist Ayatollahs whose sole mission was to blame the US and thus provide their agents, sleeper cells, and their student terrorists embedded deep inside the United States to undertake terrible acts of terror…

But the terrible Truth has now fully come out.

The missiles that brought down the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) Flight PS752, on Wednesday morning, were homegrown, Iranian manned, and the death of the civilians came directly from their own missile batteries surrounding the Teheran airport, as they were ordered to fire, from the highest authority — the Chief Ayatollah himself.

Playing spy-ops with 176 innocent people’s lives is what marks these Evil Islamists, as the spawn of Satan himself and not even fit to be amongst human species. They are indeed a stain on Humanity and need to be eradicated from he face of this earth sooner rather than later.

And mark my words — their day has ripened, as they have far extended their expiration date on the leadership of this ancient nation, whose people today harken for a fresh leadership that gives them Truth, a measure of Liberty, and the stability and security of Self governance, through the gifts of Democracy and a secular Constitution that promotes a full separation of Church and State.

Enough with the Evil Theocracies and Tyrannies lording it over Iran, like the Arab Islamists have done for over a Millenia while constantly raping this ancient culture of Persia and its many beautiful people.

And if you don’t believe me — ask the Zoroastrians about the suppression of the ancient faiths of Persia and the murder of all their people.

And as the Mullahs carry on their murderous disinformation campaign by shooting down innocent passenger airplanes — now that they have been fond out — they claim “Operator Error” that is the typical Orwellian military “doublespeak” for their dastardly crimes against Humanity.

Am quite sorry for all those who lost loved ones, Persian, Ukrainian, Canadian, British etc, but I am especially gutted for a dear friend who was amongst those traveling, Because all those attempting to fly and flee out of that country of tyranny & terror, in order to escape the twin evils tantalizing this country that is ruled by the evil regime of Ayatollahs — are now angels up in heaven.

Yet my friend was amongst them, and as they were all taking off, and rising above Teheran’s main airport and heading out of the mountain ridges that surround Teheran, and once they all had sighed a sigh of relief thanking God for their safe departure — they were “gunned-down” in a double-tap of a missile blast.

Their death must have been fairly instant and that is the only silver lining on this terribly dark cloud, that descended upon this earth when they were blasted from the sky, but I now must grieve for my friend Ghazal, that had taken off on the doomed flight #PS752 of UIA, during the early morning hours of January 8th, of 2020.  And as I grieve for this beautiful woman — I also grieve for all the others that were brought forth dead amongst all the evil tidings, that befell all of us, on this grievous day that is now called a black day and a day of mourning, for the all the otherwise extraordinarily happy people of the country of Persia.

And I grieve with them on the other side of the world, for all the fallen people, as well as for the friends of the victims, and their families, and especially as I mourn privately for the passing of Ghazal and her sparkle that brought joy to my world.

Because of that personal tragedy, I am of course sad that so many beautiful people lost their lives in this awful tragedy — but I also feel the blood, and vow to get awful revenge against the Ayatollahs, in order to help the Persian people get rid of the Clerics, set things straight with their lives, and all together lift their ancient country, that is full of resilient, worthy and much treaded upon people, upright again.

And because this murderous missile attack against a civilian passenger plane, came just a few hours after the earlier Iranian missile attack that was launched against two US bases in Iraq — as a red-herring disinformation-campaign missile attack against their own people — leaves me no doubt that the Ayatollahs, the Mullahs, and their minions must go because they are habitual criminals and the spawn of the Devil.

And even though the first missile attack was ostensibly conducted in retaliation for the killing of Iran’s Master Terrorist Soleimani — who was obliterated in a drone attack on January 3rd in the Bagdad airport in Iraq — the second Iranian air-missile attack was performed against their own citizens and innocent passengers in the civilian aircraft flying off from Teheran’s airport. And this was No Operators’ Mistake as the Ayatollahs and their spokespersons in the West now advertise it as.

The “Kill” signal came form the highest authority and as we all know the chain of command to fire on a passenger airplane is clearly from the top. The Mullahs must go and be charged for the unique Crime against Humanity.

So no matter how you slice it — this missile attack was a clear assassination, against a mass of civilians, and it represents an act of State sponsored terrorism. Even though it is a direct “auto-goal” by the Iranian regime, this doesn’t stop it from being used by the evil & fox-minded, thieving & uber-wealthy hermaphrodite Clerics, as a terror weapon to further terrorize & subdue their own people.

Because these clerics know that their evil regime will very likely get toppled soonest, and thus they want to terrorize their people, before the people rise-up and bring down all of the Ayatollahs, along with the crazy Islamic terrorists ruling this beautiful and ancient country.

Mark my words — the People of Iran will bring down the ayatollahs, smite their with their own scythes, and scatter their bones and spread them as far as the eye can see, amongst the debris of the wreckage they have created out of this ancient civilization country that saw the apogee of its glory a couple of Millennia ago and has since been destroyed by the Arab conquest of the 7th century.

However, any-way-you-slice-it, the wreckage that the Mullahs, the Clerics, and the Ayatollahs have created when they fired their deadly missiles up in the night sky of Teheran airport, killing all 176 civilians in one go — also wrecked their chances of remaining in power by turning the whole country against them, because each and every one of the honest and beautiful Iranian families, had a friend or relative, or someone they had known directly or indirectly, amongst the innocents flying in that unfortunate plane…

Two “degrees of separation” is the distance amongst all Iranians throughout Persia and their diaspora around the World, and especially in the United States and Europe. So they all “know” someone in that doomed flight and are now agitating against the evil clerics who have literally hijacked their country.

And of course the complete incompetence of the Ayatollahs is proven by the chronology of events that led to their decision to fire on the Civilian plane, because it was literally just a few hours right after the earlier Iranian missile attacks against the US forces stationed in Iraq — when the UIA flight took-off from Teheran airport before dawn on Wednesday’s early morning, when it was shot down by the Iranian military anti-aircraft forces.

As an excuse the Clerics now claim that the trigger happy missile command chiefs, were ostensibly on high alert, and always trigger-happy, because they were expecting an American bombing counterattack.

That imaginary attack by the US, of course remains a figment of their very active imagination since it never materialized.

And yet the incompetent Iranian missile command, fired another salvo of missiles, straight up in the air, except that this time they attacked one of their own civilian airplanes. The luckless UIA plane, taking off from the Teheran airport and thus the evil Ayatollahs managed to kill every single one of the passengers flying aboard. It is telling that as the plane dropped from the sky in a pile of debris strewn over a space several miles wide, in a vast field interspersed with human limbs, bloody detritus, burnt human belongings, personal items, toiletries, children’s toys, pieces of clothing, teddy bears, pillows, seats, and several hard sided plastic encased suitcases, that were the only items that were found on the ground, almost fully intact…

As an explantation, the Ayatollah’s Cleric regime says that the Iranian Army’s anti-air missile military command was confused and mistook the UIA passenger jet for an enemy aircraft, and immediately ordered the firing of antiaircraft missiles that struck the luckless passenger airplane, in about three minutes after takeoff, erasing it from the sky above the Teheran airport.


Of course now, all of the cities of Iran are up in flames because major & violent protests are raging everywhere, as the incensed and as of yet peaceful protesters are combating the tear gas aimed at them by the regime’s riot police, and they have to set fires to stop its effectiveness. Thus the demonstrators have to defend, and while the Police and Military attack them — they resist and barricade, since they are also facing off in main public spaces, thoroughfares, and public squares of the five most important cities of Iran.

The protests have engulfed the capital city of Teheran, Isfahan, and event the deeply religious city of Qom. In Teheran, the protesters over the weekend had spilled out onto all the main streets, stopping traffic and barricading themselves behind simple trenches made of trash cans, cars and buses. And for this week of angry demonstrations against the country’s leaders after the government acknowledged having shot down their own people as they targeted a Ukrainian passenger plane flying off from Teheran airport … there seems to be no end in sight, because the citizens protests range between virulent emotions, emanating from their national shame over the “self inflicted wound” of their Cleric led incompetent Military missile command, targeting their own Airplane, taking off from their own airport in Teheran, and killing their own civilians.

If that is not an intentional crime, this level of incompetence is criminal in and of itself, and their abundant military lack of intelligence, is so blatant that even the Iranian lawmakers now demand some form of governmental accountability from the errant clerics themselves.

And indeed, all the street protesters repeat this most popular chant: “Clerics get lost!”

And that is the most potent lesson here, as all the protesters still walk about chanting this slogan “Clerics get lost” again & again — directing their ire against Iran’s clerical rulers. The protests rage on, while many more citizens come out on the streets and many functionaries resign, and leave their government posts, same as several prominent journalists, TV personalities, and TV channel newscasters are quitting their jobs, and they all apologize for broadcasting the regime’s lies, for far too many years.

Methinks that this spectacle reminds one, of the old sailor’s tale, that “The rats are the first ones to abandon the sinking ship.”

Because as it stands, the widespread anger at the Iranian government for shooting down their own people inside the Ukrainian passenger plane and then lying, & misleading the public about it, simmered for a third day on Monday, and for a fourth day today Tuesday — with the police firing bullets and clubbing open the heads of the protesting students & civilians in Teheran, and in at least two other major cities, while in other places the Police is using plenty of tear gas, water cannon, and rubber bullets.

Yet in all the places of demonstrations in Iran, the protesters are met with violence.

And all this came to a boil, because after days of denying, lying, obfuscating, and blaming the Great Satan — the United States — the Iranian military finally had to acknowledge on Saturday, that it had mistakenly shot down the Ukrainian airliner, killing all 176 people aboard who were mostly Iranian citizens.

Naturally the people are irate, and especially incensed, because the government still lied to them, seeing as the main government spokesman, Ali Rabeei, said on Monday that the Iranian officials had not lied to the public when they insisted the plane crashed because of mechanical problems, but were providing the limited information they had. He said that President Hassan Rouhani had learned that missiles were fired at the plane only on Friday, two days after the passenger plane was brought down mid-air, and exploded, and then the remaining debris fell back down on earth, near the Tehran airport.

Demands for government resignations spread Monday, and even came from hawks, and governmental hard-liners, who support Iran’s clerical fundamentalist Ayatollah government and yet called for all responsible officials to step down over the weekend. Naturally these calls were also echoed by members of the more moderate reformist parties, that comprise Mr Rouhani’s base.

Bahram Parsaie, a prominent lawmaker from Shiraz, said that it was not enough for Mr. Rouhani and his government to issue statements and that they needed to resign. He warned that if the president and his cabinet were not transparent with the public, Parliament would take legal action against them.

Ali Shakouri Rad, the head of a reformist political party, said the growing rift between the public and the clerical government had become insurmountable: “Covering up the mistake of downing the passenger jet with missiles was throwing acid at the image of the Islamic Republic.”

In a sign of the tensions between Iran’s clerical rulers and the elected officials, the government said Monday that it had disqualified 90 current lawmakers from running for re-election, Iranian official news media reported. The lawmakers, mostly members of reformist and centrist factions, account for roughly a third of the 290-member Parliament.

Several leading reformist politicians responded by calling for a boycott of the parliamentary election next month.

The rift over how the plane crash was handled also spread to the official news media on Monday, with several prominent state television and radio hosts quitting their jobs, saying they could no longer lie for the government.

Gelare Jabbari, the popular host of state TV’s Channel-Two programs, changed her profile picture on Instagram to black and posted a public apology.

“It was very hard for me to believe the murdering of my countrymen,” she wrote. “Forgive me for believing it too late. I apologize for lying to you on TV for 13 years.”

The journalists’ union for the province of Tehran also issued a public apology for helping spread the government’s misinformation about the cause of the crash.

“We are currently holding a funeral service for public trust,” the statement said. “The first coffins are for state broadcast company and all media and websites.”

The union called on all Iranian journalists to no longer “amplify the cover-ups of officials” and to conduct their reporting with skepticism and independent investigations.

State television, however, continued to play down the mistaken downing of the plane, with one anchor saying “it was nothing compared to the main event” — the Iranian missile attack on American forces in Iraq hours earlier.

The timed sequence bellow describes how the Ukrainian Flight 752 Airplane was shot and downed in 7 Minutes, and here’s everything we know about that seven-minute flight.
We first learned that it was a missile that took down a Ukrainian airliner over Iran because of the citizen shot video that shows the moment of impact. All 176 people on board were killed. To find out what happened to Flight 752 after it left Tehran airport on January 8th, Iranian citizen journalists have collected flight data, analyzed witness videos and images of the crash site, to paint the clearest picture yet of that disastrous seven-minute flight. This is how they will walk us through the evidence, minute by minute, from the time of the airplane’s takeoff to the moment it crashed

It’s the early hours of Wednesday, Jan. 8th and the Iranian military has just launched ballistic missiles against two US military targets in Iraq in retaliation for an American drone strike that killed Iranian military leader Qassim Suleimani. Iranian defenses are on high alert, on guard for a possible US attack. Four hours later, at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport, Flight 752 operated by Ukraine International Airlines is getting ready for departure. At 6:12 am, the plane takes off. It follows its regular route, flies northwest and climbs to almost 8,000 feet in around three minutes, according to flight tracker data. Until now, the plane’s transponder has been signaling normally. But just before 6:15 am, it stops. We don’t yet know why. But we do know the plane keeps flying. And within 30 seconds, a missile hits it. A video filmed here captures the moment. Let’s watch it again and slow it down. Here’s the missile, and here’s the plane. Where did the missile come from? Just a few miles away are military sites equipped with Iranian defense systems. A nearby security camera films a missile being launched from one of those sites shortly after 6:15 am. The missile hits the plane seconds later. An Iranian military commander said a defense system operator mistook the passenger jet for a cruise missile. The missile sets the plane on fire. But the jet continues flying for several minutes. We don’t know its precise path after 6:15 am. But we do know that it turns back in the direction of the airport, engulfed by flames. Around 6:19 am, a bystander films the plane slowly going down. There appears to be a second explosion before the jetliner plummets outside Teheran about 10 miles from where the last signal was sent. Footage from a security camera shows the scene as the plane crashes toward it. Here on the ground we see the immediate aftermath of the crash. As day breaks, another witness films the smoldering wreckage. Debris is spread out over 1,500 feet along a small park, orchards and a soccer field, narrowly missing a nearby village. A large section of the plane looks badly charred. More jet parts are found here. And the plane’s tail and wheels have landed over 500 feet away. It is a gruesome scene. The passengers’ personal items — toys, clothes, photo albums — are scattered around. After days of denials, Iran took responsibility for the crash, blaming human error at a moment of heightened tensions.

Iranians have taken to the streets in protest after the government admitted, after three days of denials, that it accidentally shot down the Ukrainian passenger jet.

On Monday, the government closed the popular reformist news website Entekhab for publishing false rumors over the weekend that Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of National Security Council, had resigned.

Videos from inside Iran shared on social media on Monday showed university students in Isfahan and the capital, Tehran, chanting against the country’s clerical rulers while riot police officers were deployed nearby.

Thousands of students gathered at Iran’s elite technical university, Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, 14 of whose recent graduates died when the plane was shot down. Some lashed out our Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“We want transparency,” said one student, addressing the crowd. “This country has not had transparency for thirty years. You have lied to us. the state broadcast company has lied to us. You think we are all stupid. The supreme leader must answer to us about the country’s problems. Mr. Khamenei, why are you lying?” The crowd cheered his words…

A group of more than 30 artists, filmmakers and actors issued a joint statement on Monday saying they would not participate in the government-sponsored Fajr competition, Iran’s equivalent of the Oscars.

One of the signatories, the well-known filmmaker Rakhshan Bani Etemad, was briefly detained and interrogated for several hours after she called for a nationwide vigil for the victims of the crash.

There were no reports of violence in the protests on Monday, as there had been over the weekend, when there were videos of protesters carrying off bleeding comrades as gunshots echoed in the background. The authorities in Iran denied that security forces had opened fire.

Late Sunday, President Trump warned Iran not to target the demonstrators. Framing himself as a supporter of the media, which in other circumstances he has frequently disparaged, Mr Trump exhorted Iran’s leaders to allow unfettered reporting.

“To the leaders of Iran — DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS,” he wrote on Twitter. “Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the World is watching. More importantly, the USA is watching. Turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free! Stop the killing of your great Iranian people!”

In addition to the domestic outrage, Iran may also face demands for compensation from nations whose citizens were killed on the plane, Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko of Ukraine told Reuters on Monday in an interview in Singapore.

Foreign ministers from five nations will meet in London on Thursday to discuss legal action, he said. The participants will include Canada, which lost 57 citizens, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Sweden and another country he did not identify.
Mr. Prystaiko said Tehran had agreed to hand over the jet’s black boxes for analysis, but had yet to set a date to do so.

Tensions between the United States and Iran have soared since 2018, when Mr. Trump pulled the United States out of an international agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program and imposed the first in a series of sanctions on Iran to punish it for what his administration sees as its destabilizing activities across the Middle East.

After a number of attacks on United States assets and allies in the Middle East in recent months, Mr. Trump ordered the killing of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, the commander of Iran’s Quds force. He headed Iran’s efforts to direct allied militias in the region.

Those militias include an Iraqi group that the United States accused of firing rockets at a military base in Iraq late last month, killing one American contractor. United States forces retaliated against militia bases, killing more than two dozen fighters, and militias responded by surrounding the American Embassy compound in Baghdad, breaching its perimeter wall, setting fires and throwing rocks.

The killing of General Suleimani in a drone strike at the Baghdad airport raised fears that Iran or its network of allies across the Middle East would respond against the United States and its allies, possibly igniting a regional war…

In another related matter, the US calls the Pensacola AirForce school killings by the Saudi military student, a Terrorist attack and now our Attorney General William Barr pressures Apple to open up the locked I-phones of thew terrorist and his Islamic radical Saudi cohorts at that US Air Force flight school.

Today, the United States government has called the December Pensacola Naval Base shooting a “Terrorist Act” and additionally, the US is expelling another 21 Saudi military students from a flight training program, amid an FBI investigation into a deadly shooting at a Florida Navy base last year, Attorney General William Barr said on Monday, for the first time describing the attack as terrorism.

Now these people were all conspiring how to create another devastating 9-11 attack on US soils and all they get is “Detention” and “Expulsion” back to their home country were they were radicalized in the first place…

What the hell is this?

High School?

Obviously our Attorney General must be thinking that he is some kind of High School principal, and he can only offer extra study hours of the Quaran, or home detention, or even expulsion, but no other stronger remedies. And now, he says that he seeks more information about the radicalization of the Saudi Air Force personnel that were in our country as flight school students, DUHHH, and yet they were planning major coordinated attacks of dropping airplanes onto buildings, like their counterparts did on 9-11.

Thankfully their large terrorist “cell” within our own Military naval base of Air Force flying school in Florida’s Pensacola navy hot-dog air base, was infiltrated by an informant, and when the leader of the Terrorists got wind of that — this terrorist scum, decided to act fast and went on a rampaging terrorist shooting spree that killed three people inside the US naval Air Force base in Pensacola Florida where he was studying to learn how to fly planes — this past month, while screaming Allahu-Akbar at the top of his lungs before shooting all of his victims with a couple of automatic handguns…

At long last today, attorney General William Barr has finally called a spade, a spade, by identifying the December Pensacola Navy Air Force flight school attack by the Saudi Air Force aviation student that killed three people at the Florida Navy base as “AN ACT OF TERRORISM” — indeed an act of terrorism,as if it could ever be anything else, and all the while Mr Barr, is now asking Apple Inc, to help unlock all of the terrorist’s i-phones in hopes that they could provide more information about the Islamic new 9-11 plans of this sleeper cell of terrorists learning to fly planes but not learning how to land them, and about their path to radicalization, about their cohorts, and about all of their other plans…


Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 6.46.20 PM

And so its starting, because as it seems now — all around us, international tensions and terrorist alerts are quite high, and especially within the United States and around the World right now, because Iran has called on its sleeper cells around the world to hold retaliatory attacks against the US, Saudi Arabia’s foolish students in the US are all thinking how to teach a lesson to the infidels instead of learning something and going back to fix their broken tyrannical country, and so on, with all the dissatisfied stupid people suffering from serious Daddy issues…

They all want to kill us and that means that although you may have no intention of being involved in the terrorism game — someone else may make that choice for you, and you and your family, may end up dead or maimed just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time…

Except that for the bloody schizophrenic terrorists — their actions are never at the wrong place or at the wrong time, because for them we all are the right type of target. Children, women, innocent civilians, and in short all of us, simply because we do not believe the same type of idiocies that they choose to believe in…

Funny how intolerant these deluded and schizophrenic islamist fundamentalists can all be — but there you have it…

So, in the interest of helping you survive – here are some things to remember at times like these:

– Be Aware of the fact that we are all TARGETS of the deluded crazy TERRORISTS.
– Be aware of the General State of our Reality.
– Keep your head up and your eyes out of your phone, while you are in public.
– Pay attention to your surroundings and make mental notes of the locations of the nearest exits.
– Have no less than half a tank of gas in your vehicle at all times.
– Make sure your phone is charged when going out.
– For those willing and able to, carry your gun. Carry it concealed. Carry additional magazines.
– Have a small medical kit handy. Tourniquet, bandages, etc. A quick YouTube search will have you set up cheaply and quickly.
– Have a flashlight on you. Have a spare in your vehicle. In case of an attack in an enclosed building, lights going out causes confusion, makes you lose track of the people with you and can make a bad situation 10x worse. A simple, reliable flashlight can help alleviate these issues.
– Always carry a sturdy, lockable knife. It has many more uses than cutting cheesecake.
– Avoid stupid places, with stupid people, doing stupid things. This applies to anytime, not just during times of heightened security.
– Trust your instincts. If your spidey-senses are tingly while you are out, then that is your body sensing danger of some type. Listen to that few hundred thousand years of human evolution telling you that something nearby wants to hurt you and your family, and go be somewhere else.
– If something doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.
– Don’t let someone else’s Selective Ignorance deter you from being Properly Prepared to Provide Protection to your People.

I say these reminders not to scare the friends and family that read this but to make sure they are aware of the clear and present dangers that exist right here and now.

Bad people are intent on doing bad things to Americans. They do not care if you have kids, they don’t care how you vote, and they don’t care what church you attend. They care that you are an American, and they want to hurt as many Americans as possible.

They are not going to only target military bases stateside. They will go after and attack civilians. They will attack women and children specifically. This is what they do. This is why they are called “terrorists”. Their goal is to create enough fear that others voluntarily bend to their will. Know that upfront and don’t sugar-coat that fact.

Our country has been dealing with these issues for more than two decades by now, and honestly, we as a society have become quite lax to the possibility of terrorist attacks, specifically from Islamic fundamentalist terrorists.

And although most of us have been more worried about the mentally unstable school-shooter-types that have filled the news this past couple of years — the terrorists are far more effective at causing widespread damage to all.

And because that has seemed the more plausible and likely threat scenario for the average American citizen — we have to be ready and awake.


Dr Churchill


Because our enemies are actively planning to hurt Americans, on American soil — we best be aware.

Therefore — please be aware and on the defense, yet, also be ready to act and react, according to the circumstances shamelessly…


Rest in Peace beautiful Ghazal.

My thoughts and prayers are with You in your everlasting journey to Heaven for evermore…

May the Good God of Heavens above, favor you through his Grace and keep you in his presence for all eternity.

My heart has been gutted and now rests in a thousand pieces … and yet it remains loving, hoping and steadfast, that somehow against all hope you’ll show up to be with me again, this year at Half Moon Bay.

دل من هزار تکه شد.

I remain faithful to your memory, because I know this too shall pass, and these tough times, together we shall overcome.

Now is time to bid you Adieu…

Adieu, till we meet again.

Dieux Merci.

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.48.18 PM

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