Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 27, 2020

We have a dark premonition because we know…

The 75th anniversary of the liberation of the German NAZI human concentration and extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau is today…

And we best remember the horrors of that awful and yet not too distant past.

Because it is Holocaust Memorial Day after all… and on Holocaust Remembrance Day — we ought to remember the millions of lives taken by hatred and intolerance. Current affairs tell us we must resolve to address all forms of discrimination and must commit to preventing a recurrence of this horror. #NeverAgain

And this means NEVER AGAIN..

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Never again we should allow RACISM against anyone to take root in our hearts.
And let us remember that the Nazis targeted all of the “Different Ones” starting from their Political enemies, the Developmentally impaired children, the Gypsies, the Jews, the Greeks, the Romani people, all of the Disabled people, the Queer and trans people, an all of the People with the “wrong” political beliefs, the Slavs, and far too many “others.”
“Other” as defined by different, unfit, unhealthy, alien, refugee, stranger, and above all else — the ones who had a differing and disruptive “THOUGHT” and yet happened to be in this totally uniform, obedient and segregated culture of Nazi Germany during the German NAZI era.

Never again means we all have to stand together against all kinds of racism and we must speak up and stand together with the “Other” when anyone is under attack from racists, xenophobes and uber-nationalists.

Never again is now.

Other people’s rights must never be taken away.

Dehumanizing people because of their beliefs, thoughts, color, race and creed is totally wrong.

Racism is absolutely wrong.

So let us remember that some seventy-five years ago, the Soviet army reached Auschwitz-Birkenau, threw open the extermination camp’s gates and liberated the 75-hundred people who could still walk and had survived the Nazi murder machine, and nursed back to health another fifty three thousand inmates of what must be Hell on Earth, in this one iteration of this one death camp alone, amongst the many hundreds of them across the NAZI empire of death, killed more than a million Jews and many other minorities of thought, color, creed, and nationality.

This is an incontrovertible fact.

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And yet, as survivors and eyewitnesses pass away — we must focus on strengthening our Historical Memory.

We ought to combat the passage of time’s impact on remembering historical events, because it is our collective responsibility to remember and keep the historical record straight.

We must carry on the torch of memory for the victims, for the world, and for ourselves, and thus counter the dissemination of outright lies that threaten to dim the reality of the Holocaust’s undeniable racism, hatred against humanity and unspeakable horror of Germanic nihilism.

According to recent polls, a shocking 41% of US adults, and 66% of those between the ages of 18-34 do not recognize the name Auschwitz. Yet as “Hate” and Racism, the twin evils of NAZI Germany of the time of the “Holocaust” are both rising today, and as vivid memories of survivors disappear, the Holocaust deniers find the vacuum a convenient space to spread false and atrocious narratives to undermine the historical record and the memories of the death camps.

Maybe in a better world, Holocaust education would be necessary, but in our times it is at least critical to those that care about World Affairs, to remember in order to ensure that not only we never forget — but that our children and grandchildren fully comprehend the depth of depravity of those racists and evil doers that perpetrated the greatest crime in the history of the World, hiding behind the simple fact that everybody is doing it, and following orders of Command.

And it was ordinary German soldiers who rustled the people out of the trains and gave them the welcoming speech, as they came to descend the cattle train cars and smelled the stench of human flesh burning coming from the crematoriums. Here is where the Nazi guards gave the “welcome speech” to the new arrivals, by saying this: “You dirty Poles, this isn’t a sanatorium. There’s only one way out from here and this is through the chimney of the crematorium.” “Jews, you have three weeks.” “Priests, one month.” “Three months for the rest of you if you work hard.”

It is estimated that about sixty thousand people, out of about 1.5 million innocent civilians, survived the Auschwitz extermination camp, yet for some it was a living hell, because if you made it through the first weeks, you stood a chance of making it longer under the most brutal hellish conditions. Some very few people even managed to survive the whole five years, from 1940 to 1945. By contrast, out of 600,000 at Belzec concentration camp, only three people survived.

When the trains arrived, the women past the electrified wire fence on the inside of the camp — would shout to the newly arriving women: “Give the baby to the granny, so that you might not be selected for the gas chamber with the baby immediately…”

This was their awful choice.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 9.36.37 AM

There is a small pond inside Auschwitz-Birkenau where the Nazis dumped the ashes from the Crematorium attached to the Gas Chambers, and near there still exists Mengele’s laboratory that can still be “seen” if you throw your gaze on the ruins of the perimeter, after the Nazi dynamiting, when they were retreating from Poland, and this building had collapsed onto itself. It still smells of evil, but the building is erased, except the foundations that are still maintain themselves…

A few steps away from Mengele’s shop of horrors, is the Auschwitz Holocaust memorial, of the lost souls, situated in a raised terrace built of largeo local stones cut in a low stone sculpture with nineteen plaques, one for each language of the people murdered here, Polish, Greek, French, Norwegian, Italian, English, Romani and all the other native languages, spoken by the peoples of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp victims, but tellingly there is not one in the German language … although plenty of the Jews killed here were German citizens and speakers of the German language as their native tongue. It is good to know that over ninety percent of Auschwitz’s victims were Jews, and next came the Poles with 70,000 victims, followed by the Gypsies with 25,000 lost souls and the Greeks with 17,000 dead amongst the many more to have suffered this dismal fate in their own country of Greece through the forced extermination via an occupation Nazi force, enforced famine in the country of Greece that left it suffering the greatest loss of people as a percentage of its population (15%) than any other amongst the subjugated Peoples of Europe or indeed the World, due to the Second World War.


Let us then remember the German death camps, so that nothing like that ever happens again.

And let us visit what remains at the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, because paying homage there must play a central role in our efforts, not only because of the scale of the slaughter, but also because of the simple fact that it is one of the few remaining physical manifestations of the Nazi regime’s Final Solution, which killed upwards of TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE in their death camps, out of which there were at least 6 million Jewish people…

Today all people across the globe join the people who have survived these German death camps, to battle against Racism, anti-Semitism and anti-other, because the march of History is inexorable and we cannot call the liberation of the survivors of the “German Death Camps” yet a victory.

Anti-Semitism not our only obstacle.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 9.32.51 AM

Time is an obstacle of Memory as is the historical revisionism that allows idiots across the world to claim that the Holocaust didn’t quite happen…

And it is incumbent upon us to answer the resurgence of the virulent hatred that ignited this bloody extinction of the European Jewish People through a sophisticated German machine of thousands of “moving parts”with upwards of twenty thousand processing centers and death camp way statins, concentration dn transportation hubs and the final solution extinction camps.

Today, anti-Semitism, white nationalism and other expressions of racism and bigotry are on the rise again across the globe.

The attacks on places of worship all across China where Christian churches and even private small home churches, are razed to the ground, in Nigeria where Christian pastors are executed, in the many Muslim lands where all Christians are under threat, and even in a Jewish synagogues of Pittsburgh of the US, of Paris France, of Halle Germany, as well as against a mosque in New Zealand, and against all the Uighurs of China and their places of worship, as the Chinese cultural genocide against the Muslims of Xinjiang — might serve as heartbreaking reminders that history has both the urge & the means, and thus proves the historical real time impetus of the HORROR to repeat itself in our lifetimes and in front of our very own eyes.

Mark my words … because today’s extreme racist hate remains extremely dangerous as a worldwide phenomenon where the whole of the Islamic culture denies the Jews of Israel the right to exist, and they deny that the Holocaust ever took place in Germany of the 1930’s and they even deny that the final solution of the Death Camps like Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dachau, Tremblinka, and so many others ever existed and the tens of Millions of souls ever died in the hands of the butchers of Nazi Germany.

Islamic peoples all around the world today, deny that the Holocaust ever happened.

Sad, but real.

So we need not leave to our imagination what might happen if such “hate” is left to fester unchallenged.

We can see the outcome of this intentional revision of History — in the mass graves of the Gypsies of Europe in the German black forest during the Great Devouring, we witness it in the death fields of the murdered Polish intelligentsia inside the forests of Katyn, we can still see it today in the killing fields of Cambodia, we’ve seen it in the ethnic brotherly cleaving of Rwanda’s people, in the cleansing of Srebrenica from the Muslims, we still see it going on in Darfur, as it is also going on today in Myanmar, and in China against their Muslim populations, and we see these cleanings elsewhere around the World too.

For all these bloody awful genocides, the Holocaust still serves the greatest purpose, because it represents the deepest depravity to which humanity has ever descended.

Indeed the Holocaust represents the absolute functioning of the elaborate design, construction and running, of the “Machinery of Death” as envisioned by the whole of the German people, in order to wipe-out an entire PEOPLE — ordinary normal people lie You and I, from the face of the earth.

As indeed, it was the billowing smoke that Jews saw and smelled the human flesh burning, as they emerged from the railroad cattle-cars, and were shoved with bayonets, directly into a “selection” process that culled the ones who could be temporarily useful, away from those who would be dead within the hour.

A crime against humanity as grave as Human Genocide of a Whole People — is this blatant bloody racism of the German race against the Jews, the Gypsies, the Slavs, and the “Imperfect Ones” and this indeed is the outcome of the monstrous ideology of dehumanization of millions upon millions of human beings in the name of an ideology of racial, national, religious, or ideological purity, and superiority.

All of this ugliness, must forever be known, and it must be passed down the generations, and taught in our schools — if we are to even dare to have any hope, that humanity’s capacity for hate does not overcome our bonds of Love, again and again and again, ad infinitum…


Dr Churchill


When I was a rather young and impetuous man, I had received an invitation to go visit the Death Camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau on another Holocaust anniversary occasion long ago — and I chose to do just that.

I traveled and visited Poland in the depth of Winter and then took a train for the final leg of the journey and thus quite unexpectedly, I learned more about the world, about myself and about my Destiny, ops this trip than on any other long voyage down the sands of Time, that I have ever taken…

Because indeed, I woke up to the Real Present Horrors, that human beings are capable of visiting upon another — on that one visit. And that knowledge is what transports a person across the vellum of Humanity’s times, to the real time and horror of the Holocaust.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 9.35.25 AM

The slogan “Arbeit macht frei” was placed at the entrance to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration camp as it was in many other extermination camps of that era, but the smaller sign on the inside of the camp’s gates, and only visible to those leaving the camp, was placed there by the Russian and Polish liberators who chose to maintain this Machine of Death facility, so that we do not forget…

And that is what I remember most fully from that visit to the Death Camps of Hate and Injustice, so that my Destiny is to Act Humanely and to never forget that hate exists in this world and that we as a collective human power must do what it takes to pursue the power of love, and eradicate all racism & injustice that surrounds us.

Indeed that visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, stunned me so much, that when I was finally exiting the interior grounds before crossing under the final gate of the death camp, and was about to pass through those cast-iron massive gates of Hell on Earth, to walk away from the Death and onto Life & Liberty that I cherish — I simply broke into tears.

Salty, warm and vivid tears, that are the most powerful memory of this awful experience that is difficult to fully describe … even today.

But tears unbidden by me, started trailing from my eyes as if my Mind was covered with the glaciers of time, and this visit of remembrance warmed up and melted the ice of memory, to unleash a torrent of tears, for all those Souls lost here in the Death Camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

And I now know that it is the other sign besides the massive Gates of Hell, that is facing inwards and it bids Goodbye to the Visitors telling them: “Do Not Forget What You’ve Seen Seen Here — In Order That The Horrors of the Death Camps Are Never Repeated Again”

I therefore choose to prioritize remembrance and tolerance in education, as the necessary tool that will aid us in the process of effacing hatred and racism from the young impressionable minds, whose failure to understand that the Evil Spawn of Hate, is simply rooted in plain ignorance and fear nesting within the base of the human mind.

So let us never forget that virulent hate still exists in this world and that Evil lurks behind every dark corner, and therefore — we have a grave responsibility as a collective human power, and we must do what it takes to pursue the truth through the Power of Love, and accept the Truth of the Universal Community of the Human Race, in order to eradicate the hate, the racism and the injustice that surrounds us.

My heart is with all of You today, as I remember all the lost Souls on this All Souls Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust.

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