Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 28, 2020

The Art of Leadership

”Only by studying history, you may define your future and meet your Destiny.

Because you shall be a unique leader amongst the people, who are all occupied copying each other’s follies, in this age of imitation, mediocrity and baseness when most people simply follow along the musings and the precepts of radish society and the newsies, while failing to even attempt to clarify their minds, so they can have singularly unique thoughts. Conformity is the surest way to mediocrity and even when these conformists wish to engage and attempt to do great works, they are always becoming the ultimate failures because of their loss of conscious intent and purpose. Since purpose and meaning can never be massively reproduced, nor news channeled, or centrally enforced upon the minds of good people — it is only the sheeple that allow themselves to wallow like pigs in the filthy muck of baseness and vulgarity foisted upon them by the people with whom they identify, receive their news and information from, and associate with — that makes them that way.

Finding the Meaning and living the True Purpose of One’s life is indeed the most noble of Human pursuits. Because all other life’s subservient pursuits are like the pursuits of the feasting insects, who are attaching themselves to the wrong “PURPOSE” as if they are the kind of insects that gather on top of the donkey or the ox tied to the turning millstone. Consequently, these free flying insects, do not get to travel furthermore than a few lethargic paces, and they spend their whole lives on the round treads of the ox’s journey around the millworks.

But if they choose to attach themselves to a higher PURPOSE, like a swift horse, then, they can travel far and wide — chase the wind, pursue the sun and live larger than Life itself — simply because of the superiority of the PURPOSE that they attach themselves to, as if cleaving onto a swift horse and riding faster and faster, further and further, enjoying more & more, while holding on for dear life … and finally reaching enlightenment at the end of an epic journey.

Since, once you become adept at the art of Purposeful Leadership, then you can endow your own life with the most important thing necessary for being TRULY and UNIQUELY ALIVE, and that one thing missing in most people’s lives, is MEANING. True meaning s missing from most people’s lives and they simply live lives of quiet desperation and that is why we see so many wrecks of people whose life is given-up to bigotry, addiction and depravity. Fear is their medicine, and that fear becomes addictive and that is what causes most people to fail, because they give up on the difficult journey, that is the pursuit of the TRUE MEANING of LIFE.

And yet that is the most awesome thing. And as those of us who choose to maintain the purposeful journey toward meaning in this lifetime — we invariably become like the beautiful butterfly or the bumble bee, seeking flowers full of nectar, fragrance and sweetness, feasting on the delight, the truth & the beauty that these flowers represent.

So it is incumbent upon us, the Good Leaders, that we choose our PURPOSE with the greatest of care, with plenty of discernment and sacred diligence. Because it is a sacred pursuit to become wise and beneficial to humanity, like those benevolent insects, the bubble bees; who travel far and wide, to seek the best of all fragrant sweet flowers and aromatic herbs, to flavor their honey.

And thus all students of the Art of Leadership, must always choose carefully where they will fly to, where they will stay, and on what purpose they will attach themselves in order to manifest the best possible meaning for their lives and thus always go forth with good people. By doing this, they could eventually cut off all error and bias, approach balance, choose the right things, and hear the true words amongst the awful noise of today’s clutter of Media and Harpies polluting the airwaves, like black-flies sticking to the shit, the corpses and the putrid pollution of disease.

In conclusion, please keep this image in your hearts my friends, and instead choose to be like a butterfly, sticking only to the brilliant multihued flowers and to the fragrant herbs, and thus avoid carrying around the stench of death, disease & decay that the black-flies stick to…

Be the Butterfly and the bubble bee and all will be well with the World.

–Dr Churchill

From the Book:
“What Would Winston Churchill Do?”
(The Art of Leadership)


Dr Churchill


The above book will be published through Amazon this Spring of 2020.


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