Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 17, 2020

Peace Memorial

Dear Friend,

Here is your personal Invitation to the Peace Memorial for my Loving Fiancé Ghazal, and for all the victims of Flight 752 of Teheran that departed on the 8th of January.

Please offer this and pay forward to your friends, so that our joint prayers for all their Souls will be heard and hope that you will be with me to pray and intercede with our Father in Heaven, for Ghazal’s and all other Souls to ascend into Heaven up above, and for their inclusion and protection at the arms of our Loving God.

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Please offer this invitation and pay it forward to any of your other friends, so that our joint prayers for all their Souls will be heard; and hope that you will be with me to pray and intercede with our Father in Heaven, for Ghazal and for all other’s Souls to ascend into Heaven up above, and for their inclusion and protection at the arms of our Loving God.


The Peace Memorial for this January 8th Flight 752 Teheran airplane-crash victims, and is scheduled to take place this February the 27th at 5pm at the quiet & peaceful cove,next to the old wooden Ferry Point, at the Miller/Knox park of Point Richmond CA.

Welcoming the circle of the Persian American friends and all other people of faith to this PEACE MEMORIAL, for all the victims of Flight 752 that was shot down by a couple of anti-aircraft missiles that resulted in the death of all 176 innocent civilians — all victims to the undeclared war between our Country these United States, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This is an Invitation to You and Yours, for the Peace Memorial of Feb 27th, to memorialize all of the victims of Flight 752, and is going to take place on February 27th at 5PM, at the small peaceful cove next to the pier of the old wooden Ferry Point, of the Miller/Knox Park shoreline at 900 Dornan Drive, Point Richmond, CA 94801

Singing & silent prayers in all faiths are welcome.

All three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, will all be represented by their Faith leaders respectively.

,Other faithful people are welcome as well.

Please bring some candles and even some floating candles to launch into the water…

The significance of these prayers being sent after the 40th day of death, is what the Holy People have to say to the Souls of the Departed who still linger about and are all around us:

“We said good bye to you — please no longer come to us — because we shall come to you.
So, come, let us worship, bow down, and kneel before the Lord our Maker God.
We beseech Thee O Lord, Be merciful, to the soul of Thy servant Ghazal et al, for whom we offer to Thee the sacrifice of praise, humbly beseeching Thy majesty that by those holy and propitiatory offering, she may be found worthy to win everlasting rest, through you our Lord, and liveth with Thee …”

“Here I stand.
I can do no other.
May God help me.

As you might recall after the initial “blame game” with Iran blaming the united States for this horrific murder of innocent civilians — the international Expert community revealed the truth, as Rick Ellison, the Chairman of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance spoke about the cause of the Ukrainian Flight 752 crash: “I’m 100 percent certain that this was done by an anti-aircraft SA-15 missile system that the Iranian air defense has, as it was positioned to do just that.” In face of that evidence about the harsh reality of murder, and amidst a chorus of international condemnation — Iranian leader Ayatollah Rouhani admitted that it was Persian missiles that brought down the airliner killing all 176 people onboard. However this narrative stands in contrast to the official narratives from both warring nations — the sad reality is that all these people, innocent piloting crew and Persian civilians and internationals, who were just like us, and were loved in some differing measure by all of us — died unnecessarily, prematurely and unjustly.

So today we ask all of us to surrender our varied political views, our variable national origins, our different faiths, and our ideologies — in order for all of us to come together as simple Human Beings, in this ancient form of tribal and divine ceremony where we offer a simple PRAYER OF LOVE in MEMORIAL to all those that we lost, and to collectively sing the Dua, the Memorial Prayers, the Kaddish, and the Buddhist peans to Heaven, in the words of the Heart Sutra — as we float our candles and our memories and our best wishes for all these souls to be liberated and ascent to heaven, because the day of February 27th signifies the end of the period of the Souls of the “departed” still standing amongst us on this Earth — lingering in what the Buddhists call the Bardo, and the Abrahamic faiths call the purgatory…

To that end we welcome all of You to join faith leaders and Representatives of all three major Abrahamic faiths — Shia Muslims, Eastern Christians,
and Jewish, to release their Souls, to celebrate their lives and to memorialize our loss in a quiet ceremony in the Miller/Knox park’s southernmost cove next to the old wooden Ferry Point.

Starting at 5pm with music and singing prayers, followed by the ceremonial sharing of the light and floating of the candles at 5:30pm, and ending prayers at 6pm.
Sunset, music, candle float and tea with light refreshments will follow…

Dr Churchill


May the Lord’s peace be upon you now & forever.



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