Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 29, 2020

President of China Mr Xi-JinPing bangs the drums of war… amid the serious Chinese drug stoppage due to new border regulations, controls and virus checks, in all of the US customs houses…

President of China Mr Xi-Jinping, had some rather strong words to share today, as he brought forth the fact that the United States of America depends more on China than what China depends on America.

Indeed, China’s president Mr Xi Jinping sent out a strong message to the world when he emphasized that the strength of the Chinese governance system and the will of its people would overcome the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, according to analysts and experts.

They were reacting to his speech on Sunday in which he declared that crises in the past had only made the Chinese people “more and more courageous, growing up and rising up from the hardships”.

Mario Cavolo, a corporate communications adviser based in China, said Xi conjured up the fighting spirit of the Chinese people in his address.

“He was saying this is our country, what we are going through now is tough, but what we are doing is succeeding and we will win out,” he said.

“He was also spelling out that a government system such as China’s is stable and efficient and when you want a response like this one, it can be quickly and impressively executed.”

President Xi sent a very powerful message to Washington and to China’s perceived enemies & competitors abroad…

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 2.03.43 PM

His speech epitomized both the Party’s ability to respond effectively to challenges by mobilizing every sector of society and also made clear to the world the Chinese people’s confidence in the country’s political leadership and its ability to rally together to face difficulties with determination and resourcefulness.

Prez Xi also made clear that this was no time for complacency, stating that “no victory should be lightly announced until there is a complete win.”

He set out in detail the steps the government had taken in terms of preventing the spread of the virus and said scientific research needed to be accelerated so drugs and a vaccine could be developed.

The Chinese lifetime unchallenged president/dictator, also stressed the need for regional and international cooperation and working with the World Health Organization.

Dr Bruce Aylward, an epidemiologist who led an advance team from the World Health Organization to Wuhan, Hubei province, said at a news conference in Beijing on Monday that China’s response to the virus was “probably the most ambitious and agile” in history, adding China was the only country that has turned around such a serious and large-scale outbreak.

Alistair Michie, chairman of the international board at the Center for China and Globalization, a Beijing-based independent think tank, said Premiere Xi-Jinping, had set out the huge scale of China’s response in his speech, and has won the audience both locally & globally.

He also said that a trend is emerging where Europe and North America have closed their minds to what could be learned from China on how to minimize the impact of the global virus outbreak.

Michael Levitt, a Nobel prizewinner and professor of structural biology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, has been supportive of China’s efforts to combat the disease.

He believes President Mr Xi-Jinping, was right to stress international cooperation in his speech. Throughout the outbreak, the molecular biologist has been using Chinese and WHO data to make forecasts about the progression of the virus.

“The fact that early analysis of the data has held up so well is a tribute to Chinese data transparency. The figures have been consistent throughout. It is encouraging that many others started to do their own analysis and were calmed by the message in the numbers that the virus was being controlled,” he said.

Indeed, President/Dictator Mr Xi Jinping, was right to highlight the impressive measures that China has taken, because there are now relatively few new cases every day and this in a country of 1.4 billion people. China’s response to the crisis is going to be seen as a remarkable case study in universities and institutions in how governments respond to a health crisis or emergency…

Further President Xi-Jinping, said in his speech that the outbreak was the most extensive infection and the most difficult to contain in the country since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

He stressed that the prevention and control work has demonstrated the notable advantages of the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

His speech may be seen as a watershed moment in the control of the virus. Given the unremitting efforts and tremendous achievements over the past two months, I dare to say that no other governance system could have dealt with this the same as China.

Yet, he further cautioned and urged the Communist party apparatchiks and the government socialist “cadres” and the Red Guards, the Army and the Police, to improve their risk awareness and professional competence in terms of epidemic prevention and control, which were factors exposed in the early stages of the outbreak in Wuhan when some steps were not taken.

Xi Jinping, also made reference in his speech to the economy and said there was a need to continue to take steps to control the virus while at the same time resuming work and production in an orderly manner.

He said that while the outbreak was a setback, it was still important to strive to achieve the goals and tasks for economic and social development this year. China aims to become a “moderately prosperous society” by the end of this year, defined by a doubling of the country’s 2010 per capita GDP, and to eliminate all extreme poverty in time for the 100th anniversary of the CPC next year. Indeed President Xi Jinping, made it quite clear China would not be deflected from meeting those goals.

Because in the past 40-plus years, China has modernized at a scale and speed that is unprecedented in human history. Every year in those four decades, many pundits outside China have predicted the Chinese economic miracle was going to burst, but it has not done that and if anything China has been made stronger continuously.

“Now America needs China more than China needs America,” he said, and as an example, he opined that America needs China’s help for thousands of chemicals needed to make prescription drugs, and in fact, we depend on China for 80% of the core components to make any of our generic medicines.

And he is right, because he obviously knows that American had serious lapses in our pharmaceutical manufacturing and we have outsourced everything to China, and thus today, Chinese imported generic medicines represent some 90% of all medical prescriptions dispensed within our country, here in the United States of America.

Yet with China in “lockdown mode” to prevent the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus disease — industrial production to supply America’s pharmacies and medicine cabinets is at great risk of interruption.

And with just-in-time inventories, drug shortages and a lack of availability in the coming months are very real prospects, now that the US dependence for medicine to treat the coronavirus is really dependent on Chinese suppliers since the medical care of those who contract COVID-19 virus and have to be hospitalized — requires several medicines sourced from China.

Medicines like sedatives such as fentanyl and propofol, which are administered to people placed on ventilators to help them breathe, are made with core ingredients from China, as are medicines to treat shock, such as epinephrine and dopamine which are also made with chemical components from China, and antibiotics to treat sepsis, a life-threatening bloodstream infection whose raw materials are also supplied by China.

Indeed with China going bananas now, over this isolation due to the Wuhan Coronavirus viral epidemic, and as its lifetime dictator leader explained at length — it would seem that war is imminent because, once again, the tail wags the dog…

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 10.56.10 PM


Dr Churchill


President Xi seems to mention all of those instances where America needs China, not in order to alarm Americans, although the stock market already took care of that, but he simply put out the “message” of all that was not mentioned…

And what I heard in the well scripted and carefully nuanced background of this story, from the mouth of the lion, Mr Xi Zi Ping, is that the Chinese people felt like they were being mobilized for war.

It therefore is quite interesting to see what they can do and what they will do, and if this is a real war situation unfolding in front of our own very eyes…

Exporting the native problem via war will not be the first time a Lifetime Dictator tried to solve his problems, as we might recall another lifetime Dictator named Adolf Hitler also tried to do eight decades ago…

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