Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 12, 2020

Failure of Humanity

Thousands of anxious people were confined until yesterday into the cruise ship circling in international waters off the San Francisco Bay Area, after 21 passengers and crew members tested positive for the new coronavirus.

The “Grand Princess” cruise ship was forbidden to dock in San Francisco amid evidence that the vessel had been the breeding ground for a cluster of nearly 20 cases that resulted in at least one death after its previous voyage.

Sadly, I have come to discover that the spirit of Wuhan is not strong on this other side of the Pacific ocean… in the City by the Bay.

Nor is there any compassion for those lesser ones, the strangers, the people who serve us, the crew of this fancy Cruise Ship named “Grand Princess” …

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 5.04.52 PM

Namely here in the uber-progressive state of California the governing liberal elites are made up of sad NIMBY limousine liberals who espouse Stalin’s socialism for all others but a strangely virulent form of protective Statism for themselves and their apparatchik friends.

Those Rolls Royce communists like our governor Gavin No-news-is-good-news Newsom, and the ultra liberal mayors of the twin cities of San Francisco and Oakland conspired to block the local hosting and treatment of all the cruise ship passengers, regardless of whether they were California residents and United States citizens, but also they blocked the 1,100 human beings that serve on the ship from disembarking and getting any kind of treatment.

Sad day for humanity that will surely live in infamy for a very long time — but that is the naked face of hate, fascism and incivility that these so called liberal leadership of Northern California exhibits towards all other people.

Confining the crew of this ship a total of 1,100 people in this floating virus palace, is a real public-health failure, with this cruise ship essentially becoming a floating concentration camp for the doomed to perish, away from the prying eyes…

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 7.54.08 AM

Where is the Spirit of Wuhan and cooperation and the rest of those saucy slogans that the liberals of San Francisco have been spouting for weeks now?

And why do we disembark and attempt to test and perhaps treat, yet at least quarantine all the passengers of this cruise ship, but not one person amongst the crew, although we know that many of them are very sick and infected?

Where is out humanity in this?

We now need to rethink our position, and arrive at an understanding, with a spirit of forgiveness, in order to avoid condemnation, complaint and blame games, against each other, because it is now time that we let go of the old separations, and thus if we want to be help each other — we need to be close to one another, because we need not only abide by the rules, but we need to transform our world from this evil doings, to each one of us, being the cure for one another.

Perhaps now is the time for Love, Unity and the Spirit of Wuhan  —   加油武汉

God Bless

Dr Churchill


My philanthropic organization, People’s Health International, is doing airdrops of medicine via helicopter to help the crew survive this epidemic, but a lot more help is needed.

If anyone wants to help — please volunteer herewith.

Remember: We either survive together or we perish separately…

That is the Spirit of Solidarity and the spirit of Wuhan.

Thank You

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