Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 29, 2020

The Lazarus effect…

We now know that the US president Donald J. Trump, was aware of the danger from the coronavirus epidemic far ahead of any meaningful action – since late November of 2019 — and yet he showed a serious lack of leadership from the get-go, playing dead mouse.

And when the proverbial “shitte” hit the fan — he still prevaricated for six whole weeks after that…

And that gap-time between analysis, paralysis and eventually action is the reason that we now have an emergency of incredible proportions in our hands in all of our major cities like New York, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, San Jose, Detroit, Dearborn and many other urban places in between…

And today being the fifth Sunday in Lent, and this week’s Gospel Truth being about our reflections on Jesus saying: “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die” it much more prescient for us to fathom the tenets of faith and science together and act with compassionate care for ourselves and for all others…

So I hear and feel what our People are saying, and I now ask for the millionth time to put your faith squarely upon Science and the good Lord, because Good Science is the ticket to our salvation and resurrection from this dead state of our lives at the moment.

And indeed the work that You need to do, is an article of faith, by self testing yourself for the Wuhan Coronavirus that causes the Covid-19 disease on humans, because all good things will come to those who serve the Lord and believe in science at the same time.

And finally after my intense lobbying of the President and the Vice President — they woke up to reality and will now advise the people to self test so the American public is not  exposed to the virus infested places where the tests have been administered up till now.

Well done Mr President.

After having exhausted all other avenues of escapism from your responsibility to let people know the exact state of the Nation’s overall health condition and the accurate number of people sickened by this awful disease — our Supreme Leader has endorsed my simple medical innovation and invention of a common sense approach to Self Testing.

After two and a half months of course — but better late than never.

Yet, because as Americans we are a people of faith, and thus we have in all of our churches, inside our mosques & inside our synagogues throughout our incredibly resilient country we call America, a predominantly elder population that naturally suffers the most at this time of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic — I beseech you to advise all of our people who feel the symptoms of Covid-19 in their bodies, to self test, by following the directions spelled out here, (

Let us democratize our Health and take matters in our own hands, because our Government has decided to create an artificial bottleneck in Testing, in order to keep the numbers of the victims of this disease far lower than what they really are…

Apparently for some people in our Administration, the optics of the statistical analysis of the numbers of dead and critically ill people throughout our country are just a peculiar form of Triage, where the importance of the People’s life and death is only measured against the Optics that support the probability of the current incumbent President being re-elected…

Since we are only interested in All the People’s Health — I hope that you will self test by following this method prescribed within, and thus truly know if they suffer from Covid-19 and then take appropriate action. Because this way they do not expose themselves to the virus by going to the hospitals or clinics, pharmacies and all the other test sites where they are much more likely to catch the virus, even if they do not already have it.


Keep in mind that soon after Jesus spoke the words “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die” — he raised Lazarus, up from the dead and glorified the name of God through the life saving divine miracle, of the Resurrection.

Having heard and having studied this Gospel passage many times over the years, as I am sure you have also done — we recognize that we have the power and the agency to help each other help our people get healthy and depart from this horrific exile into isolation and despair.

Do you not then believe that God has ordained us to carry on his work and save the lives of our people through Self-Testing, and through our combined efforts at distribution of this miracle giving anti-malarial drug that also works against todays’ plague and pestilence should be justified?

Believe and you shall be saved he said, and thus we can let our people heal…

God Bless you brothers and please keep up the Faith.

So to take matters in our own hands — we recommend self-testing at home in order to find out whether somebody has had Covid-19 or not. And You can do that by sending your won biological sample to the closest public laboratory that processes tests for Covid-19 in your city or state…


Indeed this is an efficient way to find out if you are “safe” to hang out with other “safe” people, or even if you are “safe” in order to return to work.

Today that is the best we have. Yet tomorrow, and that is perhaps a long time from now tomorrow, finger-prick home tests could become available…

As a matter of fact, we expect those types of tests to come within a few weeks, because it is very important for people to know what is going on with their health, and also in order to allow the healthy folks and other people unaffected by this disease, to return to work.

Self-testing is not new, and thus it is well understood by the public, with routine tests available on the pharmacy selves, such as the commonly used pregnancy test, and other assays.

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 6.21.53 AM

You know that the intention of the self test is to allow people to do as much of this as they can, in order to avoid going to the germ factories that our hospitals, our clinic wards, and our GP Doctors’ offices have now become…

Indeed, going to those places is by far the best way to catch the disease if you not already have it, and if you have it to become re-infected…

So for those reasons and many others — self testing is the most efficient way of utilizing technology, against this deadly epidemic disease.

A home test to detect antibodies indicating somebody has had Covid-19 was being evaluated this week in Oxford University Medical Laboratory, in order to make sure it worked as well as is claimed, and the results will be available next week.

The UK’s health secretary, Mr Matt Hancock, has said that the UK government has bought 3.5m antibody tests and will buy more.

Governments around the world are all seeking better and faster tests to show whether people have the disease or have had had it and recovered.

Singapore developed an antibody test as early as February. The US Covid-19 co-ordinator, Dr Deborah Birx, has said the US government is interested in it, and private US companies are also developing antibody tests. They include California-based Biomerica, which is selling to Europe and the Middle East, and New York-based Chembio Diagnostics, which is selling to Brazil.

“Some are developed now. We are looking at the ones in Singapore,” Birx said on Monday at a White House press briefing. “We are very quality-oriented. We don’t want false positives.”

UK firms and academics have also developed self-test kits for Covid-19 that are expected to be available to buy in the coming weeks or months.

One cheap test is made by Mologic, a diagnostic test firm based in Bedford. Another kit has been developed by researchers at three UK universities led by Brunel University.

Mologic has produced the first prototypes of an antibody test for Covid-19, building on its experience of developing a rapid test kit for Ebola. Assessment and validation of the test began this week at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and St George’s, University of London.

The company said it would take three to four months before the test is available in the UK and other countries. It will cost £1 in the UK and will be as simple to use as a home pregnancy test but will use saliva or blood rather than urine, with results ready in 10 minutes.

Mologic, which received £1m from the UK government to develop the test, will be able to make 8m kits a year at facilities in the UK and Senegal. In Senegal it will be sold for less than $1.

“These tests could be a game-changer for diagnosis and follow-up of patients both in hospital and in the community, allowing us to detect cases early and isolate patients and their families rapidly,” said Dr Emily Adams, a senior lecturer in diagnostics for infectious disease at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

The test kit developed by researchers at Brunel University London, Lancaster University and the University of Surrey is based on science evaluated in the Philippines to check chickens for viral infections.

The battery-operated handheld device processes nasal or throat swabs that are inserted into it, and delivers the results within 30 to 45 minutes via a smartphone app. The team has approached UK, US and European regulators for approval and is in talks with 60 manufacturers. It could be available to the public within a few weeks.

The device will be priced at £100 and can test six people at once. The test can detect the virus in individuals who show no symptoms because it recognises the DNA structure of the virus in the samples.

Dr Churchill


It is not only that our President has delayed any meaningful action for six weeks — he has also delayed Self Testing against this virus, for a whole of two and a half months.

Ten whole weeks went by, that could have been used to combat this disease and stop the epidemic in its tracks…

But that’s water under the bridge and we have to stand by this President of ours no matter how imperfect he might be.

Yet the President has to become more truthful with the American public if he does not want to be voted out of office come November…

Am only saying this because our Supreme Leader has been caught fibbing far too many times and he does not seem to want, or perhaps being able to stop lying about reality that is much like gravity — indisputable and self evident.

As an example here is a small list of his latest gaffes: For starters, and completely without any basis in reality, President Trump has claimed that the US has done an excellent job in testing people for the coronavirus.

Quite the opposite is true because he wasted ten weeks prevaricating once the epidemic was already here and four months from when he was briefed about the seriousness of the “Chinese Virus” epidemic, as he always calls it to entertain his base…

Further: As early as January 20th, our president said that the situation was “totally under control”.

Just six weeks later the US had emerged as the new global center of the pandemic.

In reality, healthcare providers faced a severe shortage of testing kits as coronavirus hit the US, with the situation exacerbated by faults in the testing system and restrictions on who could actually take a test. A big disparity opened up whereby rich or famous people were able to get tested immediately, while all others including medical personnel, front line EMS workers and Police as well as nurses of the Emergency wards of our hospitals, and many critically ill Americans — were denied testing, or had to really really struggle and hustle, in order for their families to cast a wide net, and maybe then find a test so that they can be screened for Covid-19.

As for the vice-president Mike Pence — he has admitted that: “we don’t have enough tests today to meet what we anticipate will be the demand”.

The National Health Co-ordinator fro Covid-19, Dr Fauci has just told a congressional hearing, that the US health care system was “not really geared to what we need right now” regarding the test kits.

He added: “That is a failing. Let’s admit it.”

Now the Donald is unperturbed by reality and he kept saying that “I’ve always known this is a real – this is a pandemic.”

President Trump kept up the banter by saying: “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic. I’ve always viewed it as very serious.”

Yet, as is the case with many of Trump’s statements — his claim he has always taken the pandemic seriously deviates wildly from his previous comments.

Because and perhaps most infamously, President Donald J Trump had earlier said: “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

He actually said that, when he was asked by reporters about the faltering US response to Covid-19 pandemic and the deaths in New York city, when he said: “This thing is real, because there are people dying that have never died before.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 7.59.54 AM


Yet, the president even after that rather important scientific pronouncement about the undead dying — Donald J Trump continued to downplay the threat posed by Covid-19, repeatedly, even going as far as criticizing the global public concern over this Pandemic crisis as a “hoax.”

He was found dithering and fretting that letting infected Americans off a cruise ship would increase the number of confirmed cases and the optics for his administration wouldn’t look that good, so he claimed publicly, that only a couple of Americans had been infected onboard the cruise ship, and all over the country, at the time that new cases of Coronavirus infections had began to soar by the thousands, all across these United States of America.

Sadly, President Donald Trump went further afield from the reservation and continually compounded his errors, by suggesting social distancing restrictions should be lifted before Easter Sunday.

This statement caused an uproar amongst medical experts and public health professionals, because this timeline would place us squarely on the path of a catastrophe, and it made the President look as being wildly out of synch with the Adminstration’s own medical and public health experts like Dr Fauchi, who have repeatedly warned the Supreme Leader, that Easter Sunday congregations would cause a resurgence of the disease and thus drive people to the hospitals right after church services are over…

Hospitals that are already working beyond their capacity and can not even cope with the patient load today — could not even contemplate absorbing the fairly certainly expected Easter overflow of sick and dying patients from the Easter Sunday Church services’ new infections, and massive numbers of re-infections.

Still on the moron path, President Trump went on to say that: “All Americans will have access to vaccines, I think, relatively soon.”

As a matter of fact, during a White House meeting with pharmaceutical company bosses and public health officials, our own President, Donald J Trump suggested a vaccine for Covid-19 will be available “ in the next few weeks”.

He was contradicted by Alex Azar, the health and human services secretary, who pointed out: “You won’t have a vaccine. You’ll maybe have a vaccine to go into testing.”

Dr Fauci and others at the meeting confirmed that clinical trials – standard for any new vaccine – would have to take place first.

In all probability, a Wuhan Novel Coronavirus vaccine, is more likely to be a year or 18 months away. from today, but that Gospel Truth has not penetrated the gray matter of our Supreme Leader due to the impervious nature of the titanium oxide armature of his flying buttresses of orange colored hairnet that his hairdo is truly made of…

Despite being told the truth about all of this and the timelines of vaccine production — our President Donald J Trump, went ahead with his errant ways and unstoppable fibbing  and told a rally in North Carolina on the 2nd of March 2020, that there will be a vaccine against the Chinese Virus really really soon.

It is surprising to me that the man who claims to like my grandfather Winston Churchill, is so far away from the Churchillian model of leadership that requires telling the absolute truth to your people and letting them make the difficult decisions for themselves sop that they are aware of the risks and the potential rewards of fighting this unseen enemy for themselves, but not by themselves.

This lesson and the required Memo has obviously not arrived at the desk of our Supreme Leader and perhaps, methinks that I should personally hand deliver it or send a carrier pigeon to his desk… lest I get infected with the terrible illness of stupidity and moronic madness.

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 5.28.51 AM

But at least now the incredible engine of our brilliant and stoic people, and indeed of our whole Nation has been mobilized and seems that finally, now, we have been resurrected from the long lethargic slumber of our leadership.

A leadership emanating form a Micromanager who was playing dead, or asleep at the switch, or perhaps playing golf with his biggest donors at Mar-A-Lago, while this epidemic ravaged our Health Care System, whose response was very much flat-lined in the face of this epidemic.

So let’s face reality, and let’s rally forth and expend all of the resources required to fight this sickness, and test all of our people through this method of Self-Testing that yours truly, Dr Churchill has discovered, in order to test all of us, and thus clearly “take the temperature” of our whole nation, in order to see where we stand.

And because we are waking up suddenly to this deadly epidemic, that is what I like to call the Lazarus effect, because much like Lazarus woke up after four days of dead “sleep” to the clarion call of Jesus Christ — so has our leader woken up to my clarion call about self testing our people in order to save a million lives or more of our fellow Americans.

Am glad that our President has woken up to reality — finally.

And I am only saying this, because our President Donald J Trump was full informed about this awful epidemic coming to our shores from China, as of late November of 2019, and from all factors it appears that our National response against this beast of a virus, has been to play dead for Four whole months.

History will not be kind to the morons in leadership, but that’s what we’ve got to deal with today.

Good luck to us and may God Bless the Moron in Chief, and perhaps God will choose to spare us the most difficult parts of this poison chalice that we’ve got to drink for Passover along with the Seder to eat — because it seems to me that this disease represents our exile in isolation and our wish for liberation in order to return to our lives of old…

But to even do just that — we all have to walk through the valley of death.

Unafraid because the Lord our Protector is not only with us, but he walks besides us and suffers for all of us to take aways the sin of the world, as the upcoming passion week of the Christian calendar represents, culminating with the everlasting Miracle of the Resurrection.

Could that be the time to end all of this?

Let us pray … and let us now offer a prayer for all of our neighbors, and for our country, as well as for all the people around this world, to be delivered from this awful epidemic.

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