Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 31, 2020

Balm for the Soul & Comfort for the Hard Times up ahead…

Having known the duplicity of China’s ruling party and their intolerance towards Liberty, Truth and Transparency — I can safely tell you that the Death toll of Chinese people due to Covid-19 is in the many hundreds of thousands, if not in the millions already.

Knowing all that — I now must say that our country needs to brace itself for the worst to come.

Because it is now, that our country needs to wake up act fiercely. We need to dig in. We need to prepare ourselves to go into full and severe hibernation for quite a while, and we must produce the necessary medicines — because the coronavirus outbreak and its consequences are going to get really ugly up in here, really soon.

Indeed it is going to be really bad for the next few months and not just for the next few weeks or so, mainly because we know that official China is lying wholesale and shamelessly about the Death Toll of this evil disease that they unleashed against the world and it turned up to be against their own people too…

So to find out the Truth, we simply have to make highly accurate educated guesses as to how bad the truth of China’s death toll due to Covid-19 really is.

Let us then follow the breadcrumbs…

Because only by knowing that, we can extrapolate how bad it will be for us too, and then we can decide what it is that we can safely do here and now.

So let us assemble the data that will open up the bamboo curtain and thus we can get a glimpse of how ugly this thing is across the Pacific and how bad it is going to get right here in the United States too.

We’ve got to do this because the next few weeks are rather crucial for the battle against the epidemic, as they will be the timeline that will determine if we are going or have millions of dead people, or just a few hundred thousands of lost souls…

Brace Yourselves, because we are likely to hit 10,000 dead in a matter of days in New York alone, and then we will hit 100,000 deaths nationwide in short order, and the final death toll is probably going to be measured well past 500,000, and maybe even past a million or two lost souls…

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.49.14 PM

Mind you — I don’t say this to depress anyone or frighten anyone, but to simply prepare people for the inevitable national toll and the resultant mourning that we shall all endure.

And God willing — maybe we will see that hockey stick of the upwards pointing curve of death statistics, slow down, and maybe even flatten, but don’t hold your breath for it.

I for one, certainly hope the curve flattens before it claims any more people — yet I doubt it, because everything that we are seeing right now indicates that the coming five weeks or so, are going to be brutal since a maximum number of people will be gone…

But we have to persist and also realize that the indicators for the deadliness of this disease, are hinging upon these seven factors:

1) How strong are the immune systems of those currently infected?
2) How well will the hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin treatments work?
3) How well are health authorities keeping the virus out of nursing homes and retirement communities?
4) How much are people practicing social & personal distancing?
5) How accurately are the Statistical analyses even compiled?
6) How are the deaths attributed to Covid-19 are tabulated?
7) Could there be relatable deaths from this disease as it is from SARS, and from the seasonal Flu that are all thrown together with this illness?

This is the way they built the fancy prognostications and the various projections that are turned into colorful diagrams and eye-popping charts out there, that keep you all in stress panic mode and rob you of your nightly sleep…

Of course, we are hoping that the worst projections are wrong, yet perhaps because these projections are so scary — they might actually serve us well, that is if they only spur people to take the additional steps necessary in order to stop the spread of the disease, and thus prevent the terrible outcomes that these statistical projections reflect for all of us.

But aside form projections, here’s what we know for sure:

This last week, the number of new cases was constantly increasing, anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 new infections each day, spread out throughout all of America. However we must take into account that some of that increase reflects easier access to, and more widespread testing, along with self reporting…

And of course, most of those people will recover without needing any hospitalization.

However, more cases overall, means more people will need hospitalization, and more Covid-19 cases inevitably means more deaths amongst our fellow Americans.

And these are not some faceless and nameless people, but people that we all know, such as what we see in the obituaries of today, where we are starting to see familiar names and faces attached to the statistical numbers:

1) Isaac Robinson, a Michigan state representative, age 44.
2) Maria Mercader, CBS News correspondent, age 54.
3) Chef Floyd Cordroz, age 59.
4) Country musician Joe Diffie, age 61.
5) Western Michigan University student Bassey Offiong, age 25.
6) A Chicago infant, less than one year old.
7) April Dunn, advisor to the governor of Louisiana, age 33.
8) Joseph Lewinger, Queens Catholic high school girls’ basketball coach, age 42. 9) Songwriter and musician Alan Merrill, age 69.
10) Cedric Dixon, NYPD detective, age 48.

You notice how very few of those names of the dead, listed above, would be considered “senior citizens.”

We all know the drill:

1) Wash your hands always.

2) Stay home unless you absolutely need to go out.

3) And when you go out, try to stay six feet away from people.

4) Don’t gather in groups.

5) Wash your hands.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.03.40 PM

Right now, America’s manufacturers are rolling out masks and ventilators as fast as they can. Health officials and local and state governments are expanding hospital capacities as fast as they can.

An emergency field hospital is being built in Central Park in New York City, while a couple of Naval Ships that are full scale XL Nay field hospitals fully staffed with medical personnel, and are now steaming into Manhattan inside the harbor of New York City from both sides.

As for myself — I am building a manufacturing facility in Richmond CA, in order to produce HudroChloroQuine, because we do not have any manufacturing facility of this generic drug within the United States at the moment and we cannot rely o the Chinese supply of it to be untainted of the very virus we are fighting against…

Not that China would be willing to send us any hydrochloroquine, and yet if they were, we could not trust it to not be adulterated with the various viruses and bacteria or other useless fillers within, as  most substandard generic drugs that come over here from China happen to be…

Or even with Fentanyl, that the Chinese tend to send over by the boatload to cure our young from any illusions that they might have about life and to surrender that very life itself to the Chinese Drug lords, that work for the State itself, and want to take revenge for thew opium wars of the 18th century upon America’s youth today.

Go Figure.

At least now that the Covid-19 epidemic has arrived — we tend to forget about the Opioid epidemic that cheap Chinese made Fentanyl and Car-Fentanyl has ben causing to all of America’s hopeful and optimistic youth, and that kills the young ones through overdoses in such extreme numbers, that the National Life Expectancy Average of Americans has been going down for the past five years in a row, and is expected to continue the downwards slope for another fifteen years if not more…

Yet Comfort is in sight.

And Thank God for that and the United States Navy.

God Bless

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 10.50.27 PM

All around the world, medical researchers are looking for ways to treat the infected and to develop a vaccine. Hang on, hang tough, try to stay out of a hospital if you don’t need emergency treatment.

If we can get through the next five weeks, the worst will probably be behind us.

1) Do this now and worry about all other things later.

2) Trust in God.

3) Follow Science and all Medical isolation protocols.

4) Always seek and speak the Truth.

5) Support all others.

We all know that the Chinese government is always lying, and yet in order to extrapolate what we are facing here — we have to find out just how bad the truth about Coronavirus deaths in China might be…

Perhaps the most significant and underdiscussed aspect of the biggest story in the world right now is the real status of the coronavirus inside mainland China.

Right now, the Chinese government insists they have defeated the coronavirus and provided a role model to the rest of the world.

And since all the dead Chinese people cannot speak now anymore than the dead students of the Tiananmen square could ever speak — the Chinese officials contend that there are almost no cases of Chinese people spreading the Covid-19 disease to other Chinese people, and that all new cases of infection, are Chinese citizens returning from their travels away from China and all from abroad in other parts of the world…

It also appears as if Wuhan’s bus and subway service has resumed and the train stations have reopened, but travel is still restricted.

Students are returning to school in Xinjiang. Chinese government officials say the country’s major industrial provinces fully resumed production today. “China’s National Health Commission reported 31 new infections Monday, almost all of which were among people who were recently abroad, taking the country’s total to 81,470.”

Those numbers are extremely likely to be false. There are several pieces of evidence suggesting that the death toll from the coronavirus was significantly higher than the official numbers.

The official death toll in Wuhan was 2,535 people.

Yet, the Real Truth must be significantly different:

As a matter of fact, all Wuhan residents are increasingly skeptical of the Chinese Communist Party’s reported coronavirus death count of approximately 2,500 deaths in the city to date, with most people believing the actual number is at least 400,000.

“Maybe the authorities are gradually releasing the real figures, intentionally or unintentionally, so that people will gradually come to accept the reality,” a Wuhan resident, who gave only his surname as Mao, told Radio Free Asia.

A city source added that based on the aggregation of funeral and cremation numbers, authorities likely know the real number and yet are keeping it under wraps.

“Every funeral home reports data on cremations directly to the authorities twice daily,” the source said. “This means that each funeral home only knows how many cremations it has conducted, but not the situation at the other funeral homes.”

The city began lifting its lockdown on Saturday after two months of mandatory shutdown, with a complete lift of restrictions set for April 8. Funeral homes in Wuhan have been handing out the cremated remains to families every day, but rumors began circulating after one funeral home received two shipments of 5,000 urns over the course of two days, according to photos reported by Chinese media outlet Caixin, which were later censored.

Reports of the funeral’s crematoriums working nonstop also raised questions.

“It can’t be right … because the incinerators have been working round the clock, so how can so few people have died?” a man surnamed Zhang told RFA.

Wuhan residents said the government was paying families 3,000 yuan for “funeral allowances” in exchange for silence.

“There have been a lot of funerals in the past few days, and the authorities are handing out 3,000 yuan in hush money to families who get their loved ones’ remains laid to rest ahead of Qing Ming,” Wuhan resident Chen Yaohui said, in a reference to the traditional grave tending festival on April 5.

“During the epidemic, they transferred cremation workers from around China to Wuhan keep cremate bodies around the clock,” he added.

China has used state propaganda in an attempt to avoid blame for the spreading of COVID-19, despite reports showing how the government suppressed initial reports of human-to-human transmission and gagged Wuhan labs that discovered the novel virus resembled the deadly SARS virus of 2002-2003.

Radio Free Asia: “Seven large funeral homes in Wuhan have been handing out the cremated remains of around 500 people to their families every day, suggesting that far more people died than ever made the official statistics.”

Bloomberg: “Outside one funeral home, trucks shipped in about 2,500 urns on both Wednesday and Thursday, according to Chinese media outlet Caixin. Another picture published by Caixin showed 3,500 urns stacked on the ground inside. It’s unclear how many of the urns had been filled.”

Bloomberg: “China Mobile subscriptions fell by more than 8 million over January and February, data on the company’s website show. China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd. subscribers fell by 7.8 million in the period, while China Telecom Corp. has said it lost 5.6 million users last month.” That comes out to 21.4 million subscribers that stopped service. Some chunk of that number probably represents workers who were laid off or sent home and who stopped service because they couldn’t pay their bills. But what percentage of that number . . . simply passed away from the virus?

It appears that local officials in other parts of China simply do not believe the central government’s assurances that residents of Wuhan and Hubei province that constitutes the surrounding state, are no longer potential carriers of the virus.

The Financial Times: “A strict lockdown of [Hubei] province ended on Wednesday, but many of its 6 million residents who work in other parts of China are finding it impossible to leave as other local authorities defy central government orders and refuse to lift travel restrictions. On Friday that opposition erupted into violence as thousands of Hubei migrant workers tried to cross over a bridge linking Huangmei in Hubei to Jiujiang in neighbouring Jiangxi province. Video footage posted online showed police officers from Jiujiang and Huangmei wrestling with each other and hundreds of people attacking police and overturning their vehicles. Hours after the incident took place, police from Jiujiang and Huangmei issued statements online, which were deleted shortly afterwards, accusing each other of causing trouble.”

The Daily Mail: Prime Minister Boris Johnson “has been warned by scientific advisers that China’s officially declared statistics on the number of cases of coronavirus could be ‘downplayed by a factor of 15 to 40 times’.”

60 Minutes Australia: “Two weeks ago the head of Emergency at Wuhan Central hospital went public, saying authorities had stopped her and her colleagues from warning the world. She has now disappeared, her whereabouts unknown.”

China’s official numbers point to a recovery rate of 93 percent. Overall, 21 percent of the world’s cases are classified as “recovered.” In Italy, 13 percent of cases have recovered so far; in Spain, 19.6 percent; in Germany, 14.7 percent; in France, 17.9 percent; in the United Kingdom, six-tenths of one percent; and in the United States, 3.1 percent.

The Chinese ambassador to Ghana declared at a ceremony in that country that although the COVID-19 first broke out in China, it “does not mean that the origin of the virus is China.”

I realize complaining about President Trump’s Twittering and bickering with random folks, is like complaining about the existence of rain in Seattle.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.47.46 PM

But in recent days, as the country has faced a worsening viral epidemic that has claimed an increasing number of lives and brought commerce to a halt, the president has found time to repeatedly tweet about how great the television ratings of his briefings are, made up a new nickname for the governor of Michigan, retweeted Gateway Pundit’s claim that ‘Fox News fired Trish Regan for telling the truth about President Trump,” (this was over her “Coronavirus Impeachment Scam” segment), boasted about how high his poll numbers are, and how the Washington Post is understating his public support, declared that the U.S. government would not pay for the security protection of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and also retweeted a two-year-old tweet from Florida governor Ron DeSantis about Andrew McCabe, fired assistant Director of FBI.

He later also tweeted that he was thinking about instituting a quarantine of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, which is probably the perfect way to get people to leave a particular area in expectation of a quarantine.

A few hours later Trump announced, via Twitter, that a travel advisory was sufficient.

Perhaps most egregiously, President Trump tweeted that he had “much respect” for Chinese president Xi, who is probably more responsible for this worldwide pandemic than any other human being on earth…

Please Mr President — now is the time to give people the Truth and a measure of Hope.

Show them signs of progress.

Remind us of how strong we can be.

Reassure our people in this country and all the people across the world that we can get through this.

Please do this now, because we are going to need all the reassurance we can get.

Thank You Mr President.

Dr Churchill


Sadly our President only cares about what he prioritizes, even amidst a global pandemic that is killing several hundred Americans each day and culls indiscriminately young and old, as the greatest challenge to this country’s future in the last hundred years, if not forever…

Our President may not get it — but we have to stand behind him because he is the only one we’ve got for the moment, and we need to assist him in delivering Good Policy, and Wise Decision making, even if we have to explain things gingerly and repeatedly as in the third grade of grammar school.

Yet, we will have to get through this, and do it with our Supreme Leader of a President at the helm of the ship of state, even though our President is the kind of person that simply cannot stop obsessing over television ratings, about what’s being said about him on the television, about the Fox News personnel moves, and about whether governors are giving him sufficient praise, and about the moves of the minor royal family members of the UK, and about the Saudi friendly to the US tyrants, and of course he cares about how nice the fake hair on top of the head of the lifetime Dictator of China looks…

Maybe he should ask what special Chinese product is lifetime dictator Mr Xi Jinping using for his toupee, and ask him to send some over to Mr Trump too.

So, that’s where we are today with the deaths of Americans surpassing the 10,000 mark soonest, and heading for the Million mark in the next few weeks or months.


Brace yourselves and take care out there.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 10.50.58 PM


There is a silver lining in every cloud, and thus in obviously “unrelated” news, the terrorist organization ISIS advises its members to NOT travel to Europe, the US, or China because of the COvid-19 illness.

They further advise their membership to wash their hands before they put them in the common drinking vessels and in the serving food platers, from where they all eat communally…


Must admit, that I can’t quite make up my mind where to laugh or to cry about this news item above….

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