Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 1, 2020

This is what you can do now…

Dear Friend,

I hope that You, your family and your community — are all keeping healthy, staying safe and remaining optimistic, during this awful global emergency that the Novel Wuhan Coronavirus infection represents…

I further hope that the resultant sickness COVID-19 in its pandemic form, doesn’t take a terrible toll amongst your loved ones, because the expected gincredible loss of life from this epidemic, is going to create some unprecedented challenges, severe disruptions and mountainous inequities, for all he people of our country, of our communities and even within our own families.

And, since many of you are asking me the same question”What can I do?” here is my quick summary about your need to participate both in answering this question, and in doing your national service duty.

I want you to start helping fight in this war against the onslaught of death brought about by this epidemic, in order to help as many of us get through this thing alive.

It is a maximum onus yet necessary in facing and fighting in the trenches of our national defense, in this difficult situation…

So, here is my take on what you could be doing to help us mitigate the impact of this pandemic and help all of your people, close & far, and even those of us who are fighting on the front lines to stem the loss of life and nationhood…

Because make no mistake — our nation is at stake and so is our independence as a people sovereign and democratic, living in a lawful Republic that has already lasted longer than the Roman Republic … before it became an Imperium.

If you understand what I am talking about — You’ve got to serve.

Serve, and serve well.

You know how to be useful.

So, find a way to serve.

Find a way to be useful in service and to continue the fight alongside those of us, crazy enough to believe that we can beat this bug, and to fight on stoutly on the home-front, and on the war-front.

Fight stoutly & Serve devoutly.

That is all…

Do it because you’ve got everything to lose if You don’t fight against the enveloping darkness of fear and loss.

Dr Martin Luther King, once said: “Everybody can serve, if they want to be great, because everyone can get up off their tush and help, and then we can all achieve something special together.”

“That is Greatness”

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 10.36.44 PM

And as far as I know, you too can serve, because you too are a great person that strives to do good for yourself, for your family and for the community of people all around you — and that is why I want you to take this message to heart: Serve and serve well. Serve and keep your dignity intact. Serve to save lives and save your nation…

Serve, because we are going through a momentous storm and at the moment, we are flying blind.

This is a serious squall and no Captain could ever tell you how bad it is or how bumpy the flight might be up ahead, simply because nobody knows the short term or even the long term weather forecast yet.

And our flight electronics are “fried” because of the electric storm we are flying through and these dense clouds obfuscate our vision … so go out and serve no matter what, serve and keep on serving, because the more you do, the more you’ve got to do.

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 6.31.47 AM

And in today’s parable, nobody knows how turbulent the weather system ahead is, but we’ve got to keep this plane on the air, for as long as we can before the sky opens us and we can make a visual approach in order to find a safe place to land.

We are kinda lost in the storm in case you haven’t figured it our yet.

Lost we might be, but we are not bereft of hope…

And yet I can tell you one other thing: Serve, and serve some more and keep your strength in reserve, because this thing is gonna take a while to get through… and its gonna get a lot harder before it gets any easier…

And since the coming times will be far harder and for more difficult than anything we have faced before, and when this is over — many of us will not be here anymore.

That is the truth.

Take it for what its worth and make your peace with this reality.

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 10.36.22 PM

Now, having said that — you should also know that those of us who fight this pestilence will somehow remain alive in body, in spirit or even in both, and we shall not be forgotten because of our Greatness.

Yet, those of us that choose not to fight and instead prefer to “go quietly into the night” — they will be lost and forgotten forever.

Act & Fight in order to survive. In memory and in spirit if not in body…

That is all.

Serve and Find a way to Act.

That is how we need to approach this trying moment of our lives.

Fight – Serve – Believe.

Have faith that as the government of these United States grapples with the impact of the killing fields of COVID-19, it is us — you and me — that we are fighting and not some faceless bureaucrats out there.

You already know it, but you’ve forgotten the civics lesson that says that in our Great Democracy — the Government is made up of all of us, because unlike the tyrannies and the dictatorships out there — we have government by the people, from the people and for the people, and we aim to keep it that way. And we can certainly keep it that way if we all serve in our perch…

And if you are of a timid heart — you could look in our past history, to find solace by knowing that our country has faced many threats and has survived many other serious crises, but an especially horrendous one that we now remember and the the likes of which we have never seen before — is the ghost of the American Civil War of the 1860’s.

And because the Civil (yet fully Uncivilized war), was indeed a vast failure of our national consciousness, resulting from lack of leadership by several Presidents leading up to the time this country was led by a man that can be safely called both stupid & evil — President Buchanan who literally pushed the unwilling country, into the bloody awful abattoir that we now politely call the “Civil War” we must study this awful President’s doings in order to avoid the same mistakes from ever happening again.

Because President Buchanan actually fed the country into the gnashing jaws of the flesh tearing beast of the division, hate and discord, that the Democratic party spread throughout the country and its territories. The Democratic party’s self serving plantation owners, the Southern Democrat leaders of the party, and their President Buchanan — all found it hard to abide by the tenets of a Democratically elected Congress and thus ended the Union when their own Democrat President Buchanan failed to win reelection for his chosen Democratic party nominee…

In this era of Democrat Ms Clinton caused political divisions, anger and hate — we can easily see how this willful unleashing of terror against fellow Americans represents a distinct failure of leadership by the few nasty people who goad the feelings of the simpletons all around, especially by the war cries, the blood letting exhortations of the two sections of the failing Democrat political party — that threaten to permanently scupper this new experiment in self governance that we call the United States of America, in the same way like they did in the Era of the Divided States of the Civil War of 1860’s.

And if you carefully study the Civil War — you can easily see why the Union was broken, because our national leaders failed to see the bigger picture and squabbled for the topical economic advantage egged on, by inside and outside enemies, who managed to goad us into tearing our own flesh and smiting our own face and our manifest destiny…

James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States (1857-1861), served immediately prior and all the way into the first ten days of the American Civil War. He remains the only President to be elected from Pennsylvania and to remain a lifelong bachelor, with a penchant for hard drinking and illusory Democratic party ideals…

Buchanan was a stiffly formal President as seen in the paintings sporting the highly starched collar, that he wore around his neck-jowls, as indeed James Buchanan was a bit of a Queen, since he was the only President who had never been married to a man or a woman…

Presiding over a rapidly dividing Nation, Buchanan couldn’t grasp adequately the political realities of his time and thus failed to act and allowed paralysis to set in the Ship of State, thus making it impossible to countenance the flak of polemical rhetoric in both of the Houses of Parliament, Congress & Senate, and thus failed to even see, let alone avert the course of the ship of state to escape the coming storm of Civil War. Relying on constitutional doctrines to close the widening rift over slavery, he failed to understand that the North would not accept constitutional arguments which favored the South. Nor could he realize how sectionalism had realigned political parties: the Democrats split; the Whigs were destroyed, giving rise to the Republicans.

Born into a well-to-do Pennsylvania family in 1791, Buchanan, a graduate of Dickinson College, was a yang dandy, a dresser, and a gifted debater learned in the ways of the law.

He was elected five times to the House of Representatives; then, after an interlude as Minister to Russia, served for a decade in the Senate. He became Polk’s Secretary of State and Pierce’s Minister to Great Britain. Service abroad helped to bring him the Democratic nomination in 1856 because it had exempted him from involvement in bitter domestic controversies.

As President-elect, Buchanan thought the crisis would disappear if he maintained a sectional balance in his appointments and could persuade the people to accept constitutional law as the Supreme Court interpreted it. The Court was considering the legality of restricting slavery in the territories, and two justices hinted to Buchanan what the decision would be.

Thus, in his Inaugural the President referred to the territorial question as “happily, a matter of but little practical importance” since the Supreme Court was about to settle it “speedily and finally.”

Two days later Chief Justice Roger B. Taney delivered the Dred Scott decision, asserting that Congress had no constitutional power to deprive persons of their property rights in slaves in the territories. Southerners were delighted, but the decision created a furor in the North.

Buchanan decided to end the troubles in Kansas by urging the admission of the territory as a slave state. Although he directed his Presidential authority to this goal, he further angered the Republicans and alienated members of his own party. Kansas remained a territory.

When Republicans won a plurality in the House in 1858, every significant bill they passed fell before southern votes in the Senate or a Presidential veto. The Federal Government reached a stalemate.

Sectional strife rose to such a pitch in 1860 that the Democratic Party split into northern and southern wings, each nominating its own candidate for the Presidency. Consequently, when the Republicans nominated Abraham Lincoln, it was a foregone conclusion that he would be elected even though his name appeared on no southern ballot. Rather than accept a Republican administration, the southern “fire-eaters” advocated secession.

President Buchanan, dismayed and hesitant, denied the legal right of states to secede but held that the Federal Government legally could not prevent them. He hoped for compromise, but secessionist leaders did not want compromise.

Then Buchanan took a more militant tack. As several Cabinet members resigned, he appointed northerners, and sent the Star of the West to carry reinforcements to Fort Sumter. On January 9, 1861, the vessel was far away.

Buchanan reverted to a policy of inactivity that continued until he left office.

In March 1861 he retired to his Pennsylvania home Wheatland–where he died seven years later–leaving his successor the 16th President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, to get the chestnuts out of the fire and to attempt to resolve the frightful conflagration of the Civil War taking root within our Nation, and the resultant bloody carnage that was already engulfing the land.

So, perhaps by studying the monumental failure of the 15th US President James Buchanan, of the Congress at the time and especially of the Democratic party’s leadership that brought us all and threw us pell-mell into the Civil War — we can learn how the subsequent step-up of President Lincoln and his successful piloting of the nation, and the ship of State — could be a model for the kind of Leadership that we require now, if we are , to get us through this new and unprecedented crisis and the follow-up crises to come…

And since this newly shaping-up Covid-19 disaster as the most difficult moment in our History, makes it hard to absorb the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans have never seen a situation that so severely disrupts their daily lives, let alone the people’s ordinary routines — maybe history can provide a few calming perspective and a measure of solace.

We have weathered this type of storm before and quite often just during the 20th century alone. When the Spanish Influenza culled almost a fifth of the world’s population and right in the midst of it, that’s when the Great War erupted — we saw the doughboys steaming to the trenches of Flanders and France and dying by the thousands…

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 10.36.04 PM

And then we had the Great Depression that made us hit rock bottom between the spring of ’29 and all the way to March of ’33, before the government was able to step up and to help the American people, because they clearly saw and fully understood that the vital organs of the economy were shutting down. The death spiral of the Economy, had already begun. And that was exactly the situation that FDR faced, when in his inaugural address — he gave people a dose of reality by saying: “this is a really dire situation, and you’ve given me this leadership, and if I can’t get it from Congress I’m going to ask for executive authority as if we were at war.”

Right away people felt as if there’s a strong central direction, emanating from this man sitting at his desk on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…

And so the first thing he did was have the Congress come together, just to pass an emergency banking bill. Then FDR decided, that we’ve got momentum going and there’s a lot more we have to do for this crisis, and that became the Hundred Days of the New Deal. Eventually government jobs carried the people through, until the Depression finally comes to a full end with the mobilization for the Second World War and the advancement of hostilities after the Pearl Harbor disaster…

Which brings you to the second big disaster that was a complete shock to the world. And that was, when Hitler invaded and conquered all of Central & Western Europe, and set his sights on England and the rest of the World, with his Axis partners, Italy and Japan.

Now, had Hitler, been able to continue his onslaught — Western civilization as we know it would have collapsed, and our Republic would have been totally destroyed, and replaced by the Thousand year Reich, a tyranny of unimaginable proportions.

Yet, what Roosevelt was able to do is to listen to the front line warriors like my grandfather Winston Churchill, and thus recognize the looming disaster, a full 18 months ahead of the infamous and dastardly attack against America’s Pacific Fleet when our navy took a terrible beating at the hands of the Japanese armada and aircraft carriers that destroyed everything in their path and set Hawaii aflame, during the Pearl Harbor disaster of December 7th of 1941.

Yet even here, FDR showed prescient wisdom and advanced the call to action when on the one hand “allowed the Pearl Harbor attack to proceed” although he was pre-warned about it, and on the other hand, had started to prepare America for the Second World War, from the very first time that my grandfather Sir Winston Churchill alerted FDR about the looming attack of the Axis powers against the Democracies of the Western civilization.

And thus FDR “allowed” the Pearl Harbor to happen by leaving the fleet in port, except the most valuable naval assets — all in order to arouse the American public to a righteous sentiment of revenge, blood sport and getting the public bobbing for war, and thus succeeded into dragging all of us out of the safely comfortable isolationist sentiment that Lindbergh and other pro-NAZI politicians and their isolationist useful idiots had managed to spread throughout America, as the proper doctrine of State policy.

And it was at this very moment when Roosevelt, not only accepted the challenge, by asking Congress for a program that would allow the United States to produce more than ten times its 1940 capacity for planes — but he made sure that the manufacturing capacity for such production became instantly available, even though at the time, that request seemed like an impossible demand for the manufacturing sector.

And yet this “Asking for the Impossible” program, ended up motivating American producers to produce the finest airplanes in the world, cheaper, better and faster, than anyone else could ever do…

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 10.34.08 PM

Fifty thousand airplanes is a hell of a lot of planes lying the skies, and it was that act which meant that we could have an Air-force, next to none. And as Roosevelt made that manufacturing miracle happen, he also managed to give some airplanes to his allies, like Great Britain & Russia, that had by now been fighting for two years against the forces of Evil, and were holding on by naked strength and by dint of perseverance and stamina, flying blind and full of losses, in the face of the storm.

This was a perfect storm and a disaster of unimaginable proportions that Churchill had managed to get his people to fight by simply communicating to the people the simple truth: “Nations that fight — Rise up again.”

“And those that chose to not fight — go down for ever.”

And that was all that the English people had to hear because they needed to help themselves to pull the country up from its bootstraps… and simply wanted to have someone tell them how to do it.

Of course, in FDR’s case, he had the luxury of time to prepare, and this he did by engaging the private industry and the vibrant manufacturing sector of America when he gathered and told them that this national trial story and the battles to come, had to end in Victory, and the only way to do that was to SERVE their country, and serve it well.

All sorts of leaders of companies, right then and then rose up and went home to start transforming themselves from simple business “suits” into military armament production professionals and munitions producers as well. Many a manufacturing plant was transformed into airplane production outfit, and many an automobile factory was transformed into a military vehicle production outfit, as well as companies making simpler things like cloth parachutes that the United States needed so badly, that manufacturers of silk ribbons and gift packaging were asked and unfailing they started making parachutes for our flyboys, for our marines, and for our commandoes jumping from the skies behind enemy lines for sabotage and disruption of the enemy’s logistical lines, and more.

Another manufacturing avenue was pursued when the United States government asked toy companies to make compasses, and also asked typewriter companies to shift machinery and start producing precision rifles, while piano manufacturing factories started producing airplane motors, and so on, and so forth, across all sectors of the American manufacturing economy.

That kind of mobilization is on a lot of people’s minds right now, and whether President Trump will use the Defense Production Act to demand that private companies manufacture medical equipment or not — it is a matter of national pride to do so immediately.

Because all of the WWII mobilization would be useful today, as we consider ramping up now our production of medical equipment and medicines, because the main thing is that the government has to do, is to underlay the beginning of the process for the retrofitting of these manufacturing facilities and of the creation of new lines of assembly in order to make these much needed medicines and medical things, right here and now.

And maybe they will also be able to make a profit or not — but that is not a matter of concern right now, because they can figure that accounting and the closing of the books, after the national emergency is over. But right now, is the best time, when government and business can get together in a positive way, which they did during World War II. And methinks, that is exactly what has to happen right now.

Even back then, Roosevelt had a really bad relationship with the business community because he was considered a socialist, and yet he went ahead and relaxed antitrust regulations, he accelerated depreciation, and in short, he did everything in his powers in order to mobilize industry and its leaders to fight on and participate in the National Defense Act…

I think right now, more than just words, we need to feel that sense of activity. If these things start, we’ll feel that yes, the American energy and our business know-how and our technological strength will come to the fore…

But they’ve got to start.

And as someone who has studied presidential leadership during crises, I would think that what our leaders are doing during this crisis is a bit of daft handling, with a lot of fanfare and very little concerted action…

Forgetting what we don’t know, which is what would have happened if they had responded earlier, the big difference between the situation in World War II and now, is that when Roosevelt spoke to the nation it was really a single Fatherly voice, and it was a trusted voice of an undisputed National Leader.

Indeed, there were his fireside chats that he would prepare for days, and he would explain things, sort of like a teacher, or a benevolent grandfather of the nation. Now you have not only these daily briefings where people are saying different things and right immediately after, you have corrections being made on things that the President said the day before — but you also have people getting their information from all sorts of yahoos, haters and loudly screaming banshees — all vying for attention, within the unfiltered echo chamber of the current childish screams of our social media vacuum of reason.

It’s all a scattershot source of information, like grapeshot from a shotgun — whereas when FDR spoke, all American radios were turned on and the families were sitting around the hearth with a cup of tea, to listen to the President delivering a dose of hope, solace and comfort over the radio waves.

In the FDR era, you could walk down the street on a hot Chicago night, and look in the window and see everybody staring at their radio hearing Roosevelt’s voice coming out. And it was then that FDR was able to make people feel like he was talking directly to them, one on one.

Sadly, we don’t have a single paternal voice that can command the facts, and tell the national preparedness story right now, and I think that this missing stirring voice is exactly what our people need right now in order to realize how important their role and their sacrifice is, in helping our nation pull through this epic disaster.

And if by seeing what FDR did during World War II, when he said that you could only have a very limited amount of gasoline, and yo have to cope with that. And although it was really hard for the American people in a society where automobiles had not only replaced the mule, the donkey, the horse and buggy, but had also been a tool of trade as the workhorse of our economy — yet they were also a clear sign of independence — for all. Still through the President’s stirring words for all of us needing to make small sacrifices for the national good, the people learned to walk more, and use the bus, and they kept walking more and more, or choosey b to go bicycle, and they were made to feel like they were contributing something, when the President told them that they were making a positive impact.

It made people feel proud to be Americans and to be walking for Victory, to be farming for Victory in their backyards, and to be helping in the military hospitals and clinics to recast the broken boys coming back from the war front in stretchers, with broken heads and in carts missing limbs, and helping to put them back together as sons and daughters of ours, and that made everyone feel extra special contributing to the lives of others — whereas right now, we are just hoping that our personal and social sacrifice of simply staying home and watching TV and keeping a distance from each other, is not going to make any difference, because we have not been told that beautiful story of our National Contribution.

And thus we don’t know how to feel, now that our “special sacrifice” will not help anybody directly, and it certainly is not helping ourselves directly, because nobody has been able to enunciate the facts succinctly and eloquently enough as of yet.

Nobody stood up and talked to us like FDR did in his homilies over the radio during these past national disasters…

And then of course, we were asked to come together for a National Goal. And that was great — but in this situation when we are all being asked to stay apart, we admittedly feel very strange about it all.

Yet I must say that even in our separate circumstances — we are able to do some useful things apart, because we can start working within our homes, and being in service by making masks out of old clothes, out of bras and hats, or by manufacturing open source ventilators, and other medical equipment in our garages, or by making useful stuff in our homes with our sewing machines, and with our tools in our garages, and then by sending the newly fashioned and highly useful equipment to someone, somewhere else who urgently needs to use these items.

Lets serve and do that type of service, because, then at least, we could feel like we are still part of the human family and the isolation that we are all feeling right now — goes away, because we are doing something special.

But we need someone to tell us that there’s going to be a big war time effort and then we all going to rally behind that Leader willingly and enthusiastically…

Because Real Leadership is to be able to give people reassurance to know that if you think we’re in the worst of times right now, it isn’t the worst, and that too shall pass…

And think like Abraham Lincoln, who sacrificed his life for America and for the Great Emancipation, and when he was sworn in to become the 16th President — the Civil War was already ten days old, and yet he didn’t throw in the towel to accept defeat or that he would be the Leader of the divided states as Buchanan told him in writing, or hat he would be the Leader and the President of only the Northern States — although many people wanted him to do just that.

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 8.37.07 AM

Yet Abraham Lincoln, instead took the path less traveled, and he chose to place his Life at the disposal of the national cause, and he served his utmost and gave away his Life for our benefit. He did not hesitate to give up all of his tomorrows, in order to give us a new lease on Life as a United Nation, and as place of Hope for the whole World.

So today — I ask you to study his Leadership, and to discern his special qualities, because if you go back to the Civil War, to his diligent planning and to his monumental sacrifice — you shall see that all the generals thought that after Fort Sumter, the war would blossom but it will all be over within 90 days.

The Generals and the American people couldn’t possibly have imagined what they’d have to endure.

Yet Abraham Lincoln felt that his positions was to tell them that bit of salient TRUTH, and he stood up and told them, that what was coming was by far worse, because the length and the bloodshed of the Civil war, was going to be far worse than what anyone even believed possible — and he had been top in the mountain top and he saw the coming floods of blood and the tides of dead bodies littering the muddy battle fields of America..

Lincoln was brave enough to tell people the truth since he knew that another crisis was going to come after Fort Sumter, and after all the other crises that he was confronting, throughout the lengthy and uber-bloody Civil War, same as we are facing today, since we do not really know when and if this disaster will come to an end, before we embark in the Third World War that is looking to be a near CERTAINTY in my prescient sight.

And that is when we need the good, if not a great leader to lead us, like the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln, who stepped up, and spoke in a much bigger voice, about the way that we need to serve in order to help the people of America recover fully and come to thrive, and thus offer succor far greater than what the divisive people were promising them.

And think of the comparison with our leaders of today prevaricating and dithering, and then just promising to send out a few paychecks…

And even if that was enough — we know that so many people are living paycheck-to-paycheck, and thus we could easily extrapolate that there will be a great need for real social and economic reform to come out of this, as it came out of the Civil War through the period of the “Restoration” and as it did out of the New Deal in response to the worsening and fast deepening crisis of the Great Depression of 1929…

And perhaps a leader like Abraham Lincoln, would be the person to look for, if we want to internalize the lessons of the Civil War today, because when Lincoln came into office, people were feeling like the whole country had already collapsed since the Union was already dissolved, and the warring armies were gathering at the frontiers surrounding Washington DC placing the White House within cannon shot, a whole ten days before Lincoln was sworn in, as the tall, grim and melancholy, 16th President of these United States…

And am sure that he was feeling like shit when he was inaugurated, and he was certainly feeling sick, after reading the letter that his predecessor the incumbent Democrat James Buchannan had left for him inside the central drawer of the Resolute desk, within the Oval office.

And something tells me that this awful feeling must have been similar to what we all are feeling like shit today.

But Lincoln was not only a melancholy man, because he was given to both strong action and clear reflection, so that when he gave well crafted orders to be executed and asked for measures to be taken — immediately — all men and women under his command followed his lead.

Abraham Lincoln showed what actions are needed, after offering stirring speeches that proved and spread the message about the righteousness of our national cause, and thus he managed to arouse all Americans to fight, serve and act, in whatever capacity they could best serve. And such was his gift of rhetoric, that consequently he held up the nation by installing iron in our spines, and it was that “verbal” and metaphorical iron rod, that made us solid again, and kept us united, in order to be able to fight winningly against the dividers of the Democratic party led by the Southern plantation owners.

And it was just that quality of our Leader that got us through the most awful carnage, and the most difficult disaster and dire straits that our country has ever gone through.

So by comparison to the Civil War era, this pandemic will be a breeze…

And that is what we expect from our National Leader to tell us this time around as well. Speak to us about the awful carnage, and use a strong fatherly voice like Lincoln’s stentorian voice cutting swiftly to the quick, and help guide us, because to get through this disaster, we need to remember that there have always been crises in the past — when we all had to pull together to get through, and that is what we will do this time too.

Sure, we haven’t had big crises in our lifetimes, except for people who remember what it was like during World War II, so this one now, indeed, it does seem like it is unprecedented, yet history suggests that we’ve had really hard times before and its just that we know how they ended, so let us try to remember this lesson, each and every day, by looking out for ourselves, for our partners, and for all others, and by being willing to serve all, through compassionate and kind actions, both big and small when serving all others during this time of an unimaginable disaster…

This is our manifest Destiny of today:

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 7.31.12 AM

We are all meant to serve.

We are meant to serve, to act, and to help each other, so that we can all together overcome this disaster, and wade through the vast blood letting unafraid of the culling death.

Because as this pandemic continues to upend people’s lives and livelihoods and since it creates significant dislocations, shortages and even racial hate, across the country and around the world — I wanted to share what my charitable and philanthropic organization People’s Health International offers as additional and timely medical resources against COVID-19, such as HudroChloroQuine drugs and Zpac, as well as protective equipment and ventilators and many other immune boosting medicines, as well as brain boosting resources for resilience, including information on what you can contribute by doing your bit, and by joining our programs as volunteers and partners, remotely or closely as we all need to be doing our bit, to man the oars, and to turn the pumps, during this time of a terrible sea squall, that has pitted the ship of state traveling in uncharted waters, within a most turbulent weather system out at the big sea, making passage in foamy swells infested with shoals, black rocks and reefs.


Dr Churchill


When you have a chance, I encourage you to stay up to date with our work against this pandemic, by exploring this resource of People’s Health International, right here and now, and all the resources that our Government can offer by helping me manufacture the most important drug to fight this disease right in the old shipyard town of Richmond CA that produced all the shipping freighter vessels for the War Effort, such as the Liberty and the Victory types that gave us the much needed supplies to all of the war fronts of the truly global Second World War, that was a closely held thing up until the very end, and it could have gone either way…

So, we will produce these drugs there in vast quantities, first and foremost for our armed forces and then for all of our civil servants, and government employees that keep our country running, and of course for all Americans and other people all around the world.

God willing we will have production start with the coming week…

Here’s Hope for All of Us.

So my friends, please be safe out there and know this:

We are not flying blind in this storm, and we’ve got good pilots manning the controls inside the cockpit, regardless of what’s going on in Washington…

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 10.03.13 PM

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