Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 4, 2020

To Love is to have Courage. Love each other, because now is the time to fight and defeat fear, to stop hate and to heal our divisions, during this time of pestilence and looming global war.

To Love is to have Courage.

Love each other.

Love abundantly, and love greatly, because now is the time to fight and defeat fear, to stop hate and to heal our divisions, during this time of pestilence and looming global war.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
–Marcus Aurelius

Do not be afraid.

Do not panic.

And above all — please do not shy away from your duty to serve…

Have Courage.


The nature of fear is to cause hate, anger and division…

Fear divides that which is best to remain indivisible.

Much like our Nation, that is best to remain United, and yet can be divided
easily by a liberal sprinkling of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

FUDs is what divided us the last time that we engaged in Civil War, and it could happen now again, because we have serious enemies from the outside who utilize the useful idiots inside our country, and thus divide us with the express purpose to sink and destroy this American experiment without a serious pitched battle and maybe with nary a fight…

Fear is what splits us all apart, and thus divides the world into the Evil ones and those “others” and that is how Evil triumphs and bombs and craters those “others” into submission.

Fear divides the future into hell and heaven, high and low, black and white, Islam and Christianity, Jew and Gentile, but when the Good finally come out of hiding and engage the Evil Enemy — Fear is no longer lodged in their hearts.

Because, the job of the heart goes far beyond this illogical fear, and instead turns to Courage.

And Courage is what allows us to come out of hiding and fight the Evil Enemy, since the ultimate Cause and the Main Job of the Human Heart, is to bring the divided forces together, and instill in all of us the strength to go out and fight unafraid of Death…

And that is what we need to be doing now: Get a healthy dose of COURAGE because we will need it shortly.

Seeing what transpired recently all around the World that has upended our lives — it must be remembered that it all got started as a catastrophic escape of a deadly virus from Wuhan, in the Hubei province of China, and after a deadly rampage around the whole world, it is now shaping up to be a moment of strategic opportunity for the Chinese dictatorship.

Indeed this Wuhan virus represents a rare turning point in the flow of Sino-history, because suddenly, all the problems of China disappeared in the face of this epidemic, and suddenly the attention of the World has shifted and is focused not on the protesters of Hong Kong that represented a mortal threat to the Communist party’s dictatorship and political stability in the Chinese mainland, but on the fact that China’s virus has become a physical impossibility for the Western nations to deal with and an existential crisis that threatens to scupper all Democracies and all of the Free Societies of the Western World.

More importantly, this Chinese origin viral pandemic, has set in motion a global competition, to contain the virus, for which China and the Chinese Communist Party seem to have been uniquely prepared as a far better system that the Western Democracies and for that matter all of the free societies around the world.

And as the virus rapidly spread to the whole world, it became apparent that the Western liberal democratic Republics and free societies, that are Chinese Communist Party’s true enemies and developmental rivals — did not have the ability to quickly organize every citizen around a single goal.

Because as opposed to mainland China, which remains to a large extent a revolutionary top down dictatorial society  — the Liberal Democratic political systems were designed and built for free people operating under the normal rules as applicable to our peace time economies and societies.

In contrast to this Western model, the Chinese society is a mobilized army, which can quickly drop everything else and march in the one direction that their leader commands…

Mao Zetung, once said, “Everything under heaven is in utter chaos, the situation is excellent.”

And so it seems at present, as seen from Beijing.

We can extrapolate the strict dictums and the sinister orders that are given to the worldwide Chinese diplomats who are stationed all over the world — because they spend their time escalating their propaganda, creating the setting for War and raising the stakes to a dangerously hot new level that has so far been unseen since the days of the Second World War, when another lifetime dictator named Adolf Hitler bloodied the whole world and launched all of us into an era of unprecedented Evil and Totalitarian  German Third Reich rule.

Today, the Sino-diplomacy is to spread the Chinese propaganda far and wide by instructing all of the Chinese diplomats to follow instructions from the very top, and to talk to all the media in order to issue a challenge to America, by pointing out its failure, and thus ask the world to compare the chaos in all of the American cities, states & health care hospital facilities with what they accomplished in their ordered top down society which they see as a singular success because they claim that they managed to stop the epidemic within mainland China in two months time…

Of course that is questionable — but who is counting?

Still several commentators have suggested that China may be winning the coronavirus battle by stepping forward in providing medical help to affected countries, mostly in Europe, at a time when the United States is consumed with its own difficulties.

This defeatist and fearful thinking misses the most important point.

The fact of the matter is that apparently all the Coronavirus infection cases have been multiplying wherever the medical equipment provided by Chinese companies and even the Chinese state stepped up to be helpful.


Maybe because the virus travels with the so called “Chinese humanitarian help” either intentionally or unintentionally, and maybe through machines that turned out to be faulty, provoking justified ire in places like the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, North Korea, Germany, UK, Spain, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

Moreover, medical help is a normal occurrence in a crisis.

China has done nothing different, except perhaps in the clumsy way that it publicizes those efforts as a failure of America to help others when it cannot even help itself, and by contrast China steps up to save the world from a virus that was created by China as a bioweapon in the first place at the Wuhan Virology Institute.

So please, forget about “medical mask diplomacy” because it is nothing more than a Chinese propaganda machine distraction from the real problem of the coming Global War.

Yet if they were smart — our fellow Chinese brothers and sisters they would have cottoned on to the fact that there are other ways for China to use the coronavirus pandemic to upturn the existing global order, and I see many different ways that they could do that…

Indeed that must avoid the direct comparison between the situation in China and elsewhere, because the numbers of cases and fatalities provided by Chinese authorities almost certainly misrepresent the real figures by far more than several orders of magnitude.

Yet the fact remains that a semblance of normalcy was achieved in two months and that represents a really tiny period of time, and when the United States fails to do the same, its prestige will suffer a severe blow…

People all over the world will quickly change their perceptions about National Health Security, relative Global Power and Influence Capacity through Soft Power and Diplomacy projected outwards.

Another way that China excels is with industrial value chains. Last month General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler closed all their automotive production plants across the United States and Canada. Other sectors have followed.

In the meantime, China contained the worst of the pandemic to one province, allowing economic activity to quickly resume elsewhere. The most recent data show renewed activity in the flow of goods across the country, as well as at ports worldwide that do business with China.

And if the Wuhan Coronavirus caused Covid-19 pandemic that has resulted in the current industrial “freeze” in Europe and America — continues for much longer — Chinese companies will be able to dramatically expand market share and replace Western-led value chains throughout the World’s markets and influence peddling.

As an example, this past week, the mainland Chinese authorities announced that manufacturing activity expanded in March, defying expectations of a contraction, because back in February the official Purchasing Managers’ Index hit a record low of 35.7 and yet it bounced back up to 52.0 this March…

Obviously, we must prepare for a worldwide wave of Chinese acquisitions at knockdown prices all over the world…

And of course in a more strategic competition scenario — important Western countries could experience the kind of severe economic shock that leads to widespread social and political collapse…

Think Weimar Republic of the 1930’s type of chaos and total social and economic collapse.

And since the Red Army stands at the ready for when China would have a unique opportunity to step in, push the Communists tot power, and provide aid, and refashion these failing countries in its image — you’ll see Venezuelas popping up everywhere around the world.

Apparently, in the minds of the opium eaters inside the Politburo and the highest levels of the Chinese Communist party who have a regular wet Dragon opium dream, that the United States will most certainly become a fatality in this undeclared war, and when China will come in to save us from our divided selves, and to help us rebuilt after the ruinous Second American Civil War that is going to ensue with a little bit of help from our Chinese friends who are fanning the flames of division and hate amongst us — it will all work our fantastically well for our local Commies and Democratic Socialists that think that China’s system will take root here in America too…

Methinks that they should all put down the collective crack pipe and stop thinking about going back to “Burning Man” and instead make a plan to go for a Clean Detox at the “Urban Addictions Village” or at the closest jail — but who’s listening to me anyway…


Yet, this is what’s playing out in front of our very eyes.

And now that the Chinese friends and communist cadres are speaking to all the Peoples around the World and to all the suffering countries’ leaders, about offering Chinese Economic Aid, and all kinds of help through the Asian (Chinese) Bank of Economic Development, or through the Confucious Society, or through the “Belt & Road” project, that they advertise as the “New Silk Road of Trade, Friendship and Prosperity” for All Nations and for All Peoples, as they openly claim that Sino-Economic Aid package will look a lot like the Marshall Plan and the European Reconstruction Aid that rebuilt Europe after the Second World War.

Yet, that Marshal Plan and its economic rehabilitation package was also the beginning of Pax-Americana, and of the American world order after the ravages of World War II, and that is where our global order is still hinging.

Whereas today China has all the financial deposits and surpluses to spend all around the Earth — it chooses to closely court all of Africa, Central and Latin America, the Muslim world, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia, South Asia, and even Russia, as countries that represent special interest zones of influence of China today, and she tries to get all of them into the admittedly XL harem of the forbidden palace….

And if you add to that Western Europe and the failing and flailing countries of uncertain Democracy — then you’ve got the whole world dancing at the tune of the Chinese drummers and unveiling themselves for the Chinese Emperor one silky garment after another.

The dance of the seven veils has already begun…

I let you figure our who is the dancing beauty, who is Samson and who is the King in this parable here…

Of course, we knew all along that a global war, or a generalized race or a competition between the leaders of these highly contested and very different, or alternative geopolitical models had started, but it was never clear what the background for such a competition would be.

If the clash takes place within the existing global trade and financial system, which was of course built according to Western rules and principles, the United States was confident the battle could be decisively won.

But what if it took place on neutral ground?

What if it took place in a kind of neutral landscape, a state of nature with few or no rules, against a chaotic and quickly evolving background?

The outcome would become considerably more uncertain.

To put it more bluntly: There was always an argument that the existing world order cannot change because only a momentous war has done that in the past and world wars have become impossible.

But during this Age of a Pandemic disease, and the resultant political system competition  and divisions — we may have inadvertedly found the war we have not been looking for…

So perhaps now that we stumbled upon this mess unprepared like babes in the woods — let’s take the bitter pill and prepare ourselves best we can, and as fast as we can.

Courage is what is needed.

Simple courage to help you take heart and stiffen your spine, and start acting as Free Citizens, together. Be it Democratic, Republican or Independent patriots we ought to prepare for what’s coming down the pike, because we can’t defend our country without You.

Take Heart.

That’s all that is required.

And on this upcoming Palm Sunday — Please take extra Courage allowing Jesus to come into your heart as he symbolically entered Jerusalem, for he will be the one to deliver us from Evil once again.

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 1.26.47 PM

And I am only saying all this, because in the final analysis, the job of Courage, is to get rid of fear, stop the bloodless, close the tear of the skin and strengthen the sinews, and thus heal the wounds & cause love to come back into the heart…

And don’t worry about the bigger picture here – because that’s what God is for.

You do your duty and he will do his.


Dr Churchill


The job of the heart is to kiss the wound, to love with strength, and to find a voice to share loving & kind thoughts with every hint of color in your each and every breath…

But when it is the time to fight — we do fight stoutly, and we never flinch from our duty, or shrink off our responsibility to stand up to the enemy, and give our utmost and our lives unhesitatingly for Victory.

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