Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 5, 2020

Have a loving & blessed Palm Sunday…

Dear Friends,

Today is a day to walk strong and reflect upon Jesus entering Jerusalem, in order to get  ready for the week of Passion ahead…

A divinely suffering week, that culminates with Jesus’ death upon the Cross, and with the consequent three day mourning leading to the Miracle of Resurrection…

Maybe that is the path that we all will go through in this time and place in our lives when we seek to find our path to Resurrection, as a People, as a Nation, and as a Family.

It is also a personal True Resurrection in both Spirit and Body, through our Faith in the Lord that gives us forgiveness of our Sins, and the promise of Eternal Life to come.

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 8.50.26 AM

Having now seen that the Spirit unfailingly causes me to see our Nation experiencing these painful moments today that are leading all of us, to the steps of Jesus entering Jerusalem as a King, and less than a week later, he walks humbled, bloodied and carrying the cross on the difficult path through Via Dolorosa leading to Golgotha.

That is the script of the divine plan that also unfolds upon us this week to be able to endure these hard times and the harder times to come that will overwhelm all of us with grief, during this time of passion and death…

I believe that through this week of terrible trials and a tribulations to come — Jesus is speaking to us and leading us to believe that in due time we shall be liberated from this awful disease and we will be resurrected again as a People, as a Nation and as a Healthy person, each and every one of us.

Indeed a New World will rise, all over again.

God Bless You all.

Dr Churchill


And here is the angelic choir singing for Palm Sunday at St Paul’s Cathedral in London-town England, UK, where this “Choir of the Nation” chorale was sung on Palm Sunday of this year of the Lord 2020 that will soon deliver us from Evil into the Life Eternal…

Pray along and be blessed … with this hymn: “Ride on, Ride on in Majesty”

Another hymn is the one titled: “Glory Be To Jesus:

The third and last hymn is called  “Jesus Lover of My Soul” by Charles Wellsley in 1740, and was originally called “In Temptation.”

Methinks the new title “Jesus Lover of my Soul” is far better for the current trying circumstances, to give homage greatly and to pray stoutly in recognition of this Time of Passion.

This is the Choir of the Nation with commentary by Dr Paula Gooder.


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