Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 18, 2020

Courage fellow Citizens — This is the time to let go of your fears, uncertainties and doubts, because in these difficult times FUDs could either destroy us, or strengthen us, and we can go either way, but the ultimate outcome of this plague is up to us and our actions…

Dear friends,

Now, I humbly ask you to steel your resolve and to start going out courageously, about your business liberated from fear. Because it is fear, uncertainty and doubt, that has subjugated all of us, to the level of becoming troglodytes and near Neanderthals hiding inside our caves in a new form of solitary confinement.

Yet, we know that knowledge and courage is what it takes to save us from this new epidemic of panic and fear, that has enveloped us all, and it is high time that we became again, the brave Americans, instead of the current crop of scared shitless “Hominids” self identifying as leftist Democratic Socialists, following strict confinement orders of these other sufferers of solitary confinement and insanity, while claiming some kind of credit for saving us from ourselves, due to this crisis of the current version of the Plague.

Please fellow citizens, liberate yourselves from the mental slavery and from those that seek to impose a totalitarian version of Government upon us under the pretense of wanting to save lives from this Chinese virus that has terribly destabilized our economy and livelihood.

Because when the medicine is more toxic than the disease itself people must revel and reject the poison that is given to them.

Simple as that.

And please shut down the current Dr Mengele, Mr Bill CoronaVirus Gates himself my dastardly nemesis that has been messing up my life since I sought justice for the assassination attempt against me that took place inside Microsoft headquarters back on the 28th of February of 2017, when I was giving a speech inside the Evil Empire campus in Redmond Washington.

Much like the other evil perfectionist Richard Nixon who maintained an “Enemies List,” so does our cuddly nice geek boy Bill Gates who maintains an “Enemies List” on which I feature prominently, as a target of illegal surveillance, constant criminal harassment, and even an assassination attempt if not more than one, under the orders of Bill Gates himself.

And this evil moron that wants to take over the world through hook and crook is very keen in obstructing Justice and corrupting my errant attorneys, so much so with his abundant wealth that no consciousness is left within his cranial cavity.

And that is why recently the Boards of both Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway booted his skinny ass out of the board positions he occupied for many years, because the news of his planning to attempt to assassinate me again, reached the ears of some somber and serious individuals who understood that deranged Bill Gates is a serious liability and should not be included in the boards of publicly traded companies worth North of a Trillion dollars apiece.

Thus I decided to call this errant old friend of mine who has turned full on Evil Genius, “Coronavirus Bill” or “Bin Gates” or “Covid-19 Bill.”

Please choose which nickname fits Bill Gates the best, and email me and I shall start using it thereafter.

So now, I welcome you, to the New Reality of my Life, and please try as best you can to make an effort to escape the harpies of gloom and doom like my old misguided friend Bill Gates whose only motive in being an angel of death is his wish to make more money from some ill fated and hugely unnecessary vaccines that supposedly will save us from the viruses we naturally have to face in the biological world we live in.

Fear mongering sells “shitte” like hotcakes, as Bill well knows from his days in Microsoft peddling vaporware, and antivirus software that was supposedly sold to unsuspecting users, in order to combat the viruses that were introduced by Microsoft itself in the first place, into operating systems like Windows 95, or any other version of their software through “hooks” intentionally left, so that they can pollute the software with viruses at a later time, and thus sell the next year’s version of the same Windows 95, under a different name and fixed from the last batch of viruses, with new “hooks” left in there for the next batch of Operating Systems called Vista or Millennium edition of Microsoft Windows. And that is how Microsoft money became a thing, and the Evil Empire of the Serfs, managed to sell a whooping of 95% of the PC market software to the hot-polloi that chose to buy their crap, during the Monopoly days of Microsoft’s dominance of the Software publishing market.

Of course, this Sales of Software infected with hooks that allowed viruses to compromise the software, was euphemistically called “planned obsolescence” internally, but anybody who has ever worked with Microsoft knows that this was just their way of drumming business for the next years cycle of software updates and software licenses…

And who can forget the racket they made for the Y2K and the protection they sold for those same folks who were afraid the end of the world is coming if the clocks cannot be turned back on after the stroke of midnight of the year 2000.

Do you even remembre the shitty software that Microsoft sold to the world during the Millennium scare of Y2K?

Fear seems to feel a whole lot of shitte, and now my old frenemy Bill Gates, the awkward geek that didn’t get to break his virginity until after he became a Billionaire — wants to save the Human Race and certainly the United States population by controlling the number of humans that are allowed to live upon this Good God’s Earth.

What a crock of shitte…

Anyone who knows Bill, knows that the kid can’t help himself, because he has lost any self respect since he is a simpleton masquerading behind a wall of fake news and fake data, and speaking with the authority of a thousand cardinals about saving humanity, whereas he is incapable of saving himself from the simple mosquitoes that he is terribly afraid of and that is why he wants to eradicate them from the face of the Earth, on the dime of the American Taxpayer, since he hasn’t paid any taxes since 1998, because of his new fangled Non Profit foundation dn his philanthropic endeavors…

I would suggest the he better pay his taxes and stop trying to pretend that he is interested in being a Do Gooder, because it simply does not befit his Evil Genius that always wants to take over the World while he meditates on how to get rid of his enemies as any other obsessive compulsive like Hitler or Richard Nixon would do…

And the fact of the matter is Bill Gates obsesses so much in conspiring against Yours truly that his angst is poisoning the poor guy and he is gonna die from Cancer caused by this stress and maybe even go to jail for obstructing justice in my case by corrupting lawyers, the police and prosecutors, at will.

Yet, since we live in a country of laws and in a democratic republic, somebody, anybody should tell this moron that it

My question to those easily swayed by the fancy talk of this hapless and hopeless geek is simply this: Bill was not able to deal with the virus of Windows 95, so what makes you think that Bill has any idea about how to solve this live virus? was exactly this obstruction of Justice that brought down the powerful President of the United States, Mr Richard Nixon, more so than the criminal act of the plumbers of his re-election committee that orchestrated the Watergate break in of the Democratic party’s headquarters for surveillance purposes.

And of course now that Bill Gates has been fired from the Boards of the two companies that he has invested much of his wealth into — you are still free if you want to believe any kind of stupidity that comes out of the mouth of this rich Bellevue kid, that didn’t even finish his Bachelors’ degree and yet he thinks that he can cure Cancer and all else that ails humanity.

Sadly Bill is delusional and since the believers of the snake oil salesmen are legion, as indeed the current crop of self loathing and self isolating lunatics who are ready to pop, and choose to believe Bill Gates Coronavirus BS are evidence of…

Yet methinks that the reason people believe this Bill Gates crap and his Tax Avoidance Scheme of a Foundation that parrots their Chinese puppet master’s crap, is only because the poor people are fearful due to their obedient isolation.

Yet the Bill Gates “Made In China” vaccines game is truly an evil genius play to enslave our people, and to change our beloved country into a slave plantation once again, and thus make it a playground for the uber-rich and a slave colony for the rest of us — much like the Microsoft Corporation is a simple slave farm where even the best of employees, all refer to themselves as MicroSerfs, servants of the Evil Empire of Bill Gates.

And since this Covid-19 isolation has shaken up the fragile mind of Bill who like many others has obviously had too much free time in his hands and has fallen prey to rewatching Netflix and Amazon videos to his hearts’ content — he is confused and he spews out some of that awful “End of the World” and “Contagion” movie material via his mouth as the present day reality.

And the saddest part about it is that there are still some seemingly sane human beings that believe Bill Gates, when he expels his pseudo-scientific BS with a certain degree of frequency, varying from a few times daily to a few times weekly, when he pops up on the TV sets to educate the plebs about the new course of “vaccines & medical treatments” that he shall see that we all receive.

And as it often happens, the hapless and helpless geeks, assumed the whining position of Rodin’s sculpture and naturally they developed numerous agendas for the New World Order, that has to be instituted if we are to solve the New Wuhan CoronaVirus epidemic in the same way that China has done so far…

And indeed Bill Gates is a big fan of totalitarian systems because he loves the New World Order since it smacks of Hitler and NAZI democratic socialistic ideology which he loves because of the orderly way that it was run, and the way that people operated like machines.

Perhaps a different turn of phrase than what Bill Gates uses and all the aspirants of the Communist way of Life in China, but that is exactly what their ideology is. Fascism by any other name. Yet, of course, Bill Gates and his minions, they would never call it that, but they have christened their dark efforts, as some type of Reformation, for our democracy, for our republic, for our economic system of governance and of course for all of us…

And they always claim that is all for our own good.

So, it is incumbent upon us that we must investigate what is hiding behind this facade of bonhomie, and good intentions, coming from a seriously disturbed Neoliberal frenemy, and his nefarious political views, and especially what kind of politics he would want to usher in order to bring about these reforms.

This is the main question that I’d like to address, and I shall do this in the following manner of attacking the root, the trunk and the foliage of this awfully dense tree that has blocked all the sunshine from our political patch of green grass… under the guise of a Cure for the current Plague.

The starting point is a theoretical and historical conceptualization of neoliberalism, one that argues that the common denominator of neoliberal thought is what can be called “the neoliberal problematic” as this is the thought process, in which “the problem of democracy” figures prominently.

The second movement provides an overview of specific critical diagnoses and reform proposals offered by neoliberals with regard to “actually existing democracies & republics” and their apparently already diagnosed ailments…

The final section focuses on the politics of neoliberalism and reconstructs the view of politics contained – albeit often implicitly – in neoliberal thought.

Thus we hope that I shall show that neoliberalism faces massive challenges in providing a plausible pathway towards liberal reforms consistent with our own assumptions underlying the critical analysis of the present day elites and of the current status quo.

In the final analysis, we present our broad based conclusions:

First, that neoliberal thought is caught in a dilemma: Either it sticks to its critiques but consequently becomes unable to develop a consistent reform strategy, or it sticks to the possibility of implementing its reform plans and is thus forced to discard the assumptions informing its analytical framework.

The concluding section also contends that the politics of neoliberalism as a politics of expected “extraordinary outcomes” provides the systematic link between neoliberalism and what today is typically called “populism”.

That is, populism does not, as has often been alleged, spell the end of neoliberalism, but it is at the very least, neoliberalism’s complement, if not its’ completion.

And that my friends is the revelation du jour, as eloquently proven by the parables that follow bellow about the turn-of-the-century Italian School of political science — whose leading figures were Gaetano Mosca and Vilfredo Pareto…

These are the giants whom James Burnham summarized in his book, “The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom” (Published in 1940), because at the cusp of the second world war where they helped foster Fascism, and when they taught us that all states are ruled by elites who subdue their subjects with illusions.

Mosca called these illusions “political formulas.” And no better example of that can be presented than the one offered by the crisply dressed Fascists of Benito Mussolini and the equally obtuse National Socialists of Adolf Hitler and their criminal enterprise…

Because indeed, a political formula is a narrative element, which makes its host prefer actions that objectively stabilize the regime. As an example, the peasants of ancient Egypt might submit to their Pharaoh in order to avoid offending the latter’s father, the sun, same as the French offered a white flag to the German invading armies, in order to avoid the German bombers destroying their so called “City of Light” – Paris – and having the inconvenience of having to leave the Parisian boulangeries and aromatic patisseries behind, and then having to bake their own baguettes, cakes and sweet-breads…

Ahhh the French…

Quelle horreur.

Now, in my mind, all political formulas are cousins of stage magic, and since stage magic works by presenting true facts in a pattern that suggests a false story — thus allowing the Magician to successfully obscure a true story, so it is to act politically — that is to act on a stage beyond our lives and senses.

No one can perceive unmediated reality. We act within a story. We read that story as reality, and that reality is our present history.

Public opinion is an effect, not a cause, because when told the same story, most people will have the same opinion.

Story drives opinion, and opinion drives action.

And as Voltaire said: “Those who can make you believe absurdities — can make you commit atrocities.”

The Machiavellian hypothesis therefore suggests that all modern regimes are Orwellian thought-control regimes.

But is this true?

Is our own government, like, the deep state, subjugating its subjects by trapping their minds in a fake reality drama, like in the Truman Show, or the Trump show, where “The Apprentice” is played over and over again, albeit at the national government’s executive stage?

Most people don’t think so.

Perhaps that’s the way you feel as well.

All serious people know there are no real conspiracies — nobody’s perfect, but in just about everything the experts are just the experts.

Which is just the story you’d expect in any really first-class reality drama.

And because none is above stage magic, not even magicians themselves. Magic works by working harder than anyone’s instincts. It’s easy to teach the audience to instinctively reject certain kinds of ideas. And the experts and the serious people are the only people who have to be fooled.

Political stage magic is the psychological engineering of the population. Most engineering fields are beyond most people. Maybe you can understand the projector. Maybe anyone can walk out of the drama.

It says nothing about the real world outside that drama, only that you know nothing about that world—just some facts. It does not even challenge any of those facts. It is made from pure philosophy and contains no jet fuel or steel beams. Try it! It’ll be fun! All the cool kids are taking it!

Now, for those of us in the middle — the Independents — the Objective of Neutrality, is that true history is not a set of facts. It is a true story made from facts. Multiple stories of the present are presently available. The purpose of this is to present a standard none of them meets. To apply this standard is therefore to believe no story at all. To be neutral is to accept that you don’t understand present history. Neutrality is a sort of political atheism. Absence of political conviction implies abstinence not only from political action, but ideally even from political desire—the thymos of the ancient Greeks.

Productive political action involves a group acting within a story. You are one person with zero stories. So you can’t “change the world.” You used to think that was part of your job. As a human being. Whichever side you were on. It was a bad job and you were bad at it, so you quit.

Now you don’t even need to want to try to “change the world.”

No need to even try, because the Machiavellian in You, and in all power hungry and deluded people like Bill Gates, the Clintons, and the Chinese Communist party leaders, like their lifelong Dictator Mr Xi Jinping — are above everything else political realists.

Yet they are broken up, unbalanced and unharmonious in a perfect state of disarray because they fear the People and the popular uprising of Freedom loving people, more than the plague itself and thus seek to further subjugate and enslave people in order to hold them hostage to their Tyrannical rule in the plantations of the so called Socialist paradise.

And that is anathema for all of us Freedom loving people that seek a well observed neutrality, which we all know that no one can attain perfectly, but as long as we are striving for it — we will come closer and closer to a more perfect Union of our Country and Constitutional Republic. A Republic of laws and democracy, with a true government of the people, but the people and from the people — something that the haters of freedom like Bill Gates and his Communist puppet master President Xi Jinping of China, can never understand.

As for you and me — the only benefit of independence and neutrality is not just the Liberty and Self Governance that we enjoy, but also the fact that we can attain the Independent mindset, and the resultant independent action, and pf course the independent political ideology that will free our mind, from the vagaries of political enslavements, from the wasteful loss of energy and from all the undue stress that comes from fear uncertainty and doubt that panics our lesser automatons and the geeky hominids of Bellevue WA, like Bill Gates and his brethren inside Micro-Soft Inc.

Yet, at this moment, as an Independent political leader — you will recognize my saying that being free of political enslavements is not of any use, or of any harm for that matter, to any particular political cause. Instead, I feel neither political anger, nor political fear. And so will You be free of the malignancy of rancor and hate towards anyone and thus in an idea world — you will neither cause trouble, nor get in any trouble.

Of course, this vacation from politics need not last the rest of your life, because neutrality is not an intellectual divorce from whatever narrative you may follow now, but it is a dramatic emancipation of the Spirit, of the Mind, and of the Human volition.

Yet, someone could still tell you a story that will meet your new standards, and you could still believe it enough, to decide to live in it. But that is not how Democratic Socialism sets in. And since right now, it feels really good to be on your own, even if you most certainly vote, demonstrate, or agitate, or do anything like that, you can still be neutral, yet active, because being independent is not an excuse to be as useless as possible to all sides of all conflicts — but it is to be the pivot around which all others turn.

And if that is where you are willing to be, now is the time to show that “The Machiavellian hypothesis” is plain wrong. And that is as we would expect, of course, because the normal Citizen knows two types of 20th century regime only: The bad kind (Bill Gates,’ Hitler’s, Mussolini’s and Xi Jinping’s of China totalitarianism) for which the Machiavellian reading is true, and the good kind of a Liberal Democracy, for which it isn’t. The bad Totalitarians fought the good Liberal Democracies, and the Liberal Democracies fought back and won. Therefore, our democracy is the opposite of an Orwellian regime, because we are an open society, a free market of trade & ideas, and an enlightened Democratic Republic.

And yet, even for us — history can happen like a children’s story.

So in this version of the 20th century, “ad usum delphini” is not dubious on its face. There is plenty of plain truth in it. Having studied way too many old books about Hitler, the fascists of Mussolini and the Third Reich — I can spot the pretentious geeks whom like Adolf Hitler for the efficient running of his Regime form a mile away and hong known Bill Gates quite well, in the small tech community of Seattle since 1979, I can tell you that there is no truer adherent to the fascist Adolf Hitler doctrines of “Mein Campf” regarding the racial purity, Malthusian elimination if not extinction of the masses of undesirable little brown & black people — for environmental reasons of course, and also claiming that resource scarcity is wasting this earth’s sustainability and all that jazz, than anyone else I know.

For God’s sake Bill Gates likes freaking Adolf Hitler’s ideology and style so much, that he bought Hitler’s automobile the Mercedes-Benz700(Großer Mercedes) at auction recently for his private use. And it is this along many other NAZI admiring actions of Bill Gates, that has left me quite sad that Bill Gates’ ideal regime is as Machiavellian & as oppressive in reality, as any NAZI or fascist crematorium in the concentration camps of Treblinka, Matthausen and Aushcwitz .

And for Bill to have paid upwards of $7 Million to purchase this evil automobile to store it n his vast underground bunker garage in Medina WA, the uber-wealthy neighborhood of Bellevue, is a crime, at least in terms of asinine behavior if not bad taste and bad manners – but that is Bill. Autistic and Aspergers syndrome suffering to the extreme, and couching his evil intentions in nice words and superficially nice deeds, that seek to hide his extreme Darwinian and Malthusian sick beliefs.

And in this “nice” article by Eric Lacitis of the Seattle Times, that conveniently sidesteps the ownership of Hitler’s automobile by the evil genius boy-man, Bin Gates of Medina, in Bellevue Washington — we have no choice but to declare it and share it herewith:

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 7.51.48 PM

And since our Coronavirus savior Bill Gates loves the Third Reich so much — I have to interject here a bit of reality, because few eras are better known to today’s historians than the Third Reich. And even fewer current students of that regime are moved by its prolific PR machine known to be the birthplace of propaganda — a subject that Bill is well versed upon.

Yet what does Hitler prove about us?

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 8.00.26 PM

And what is the thing that Bill Gates find worth to emulate after Hitler?

He must be evil, right?

Or not?

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 8.00.09 PM

The car that Bill Gates bought is the very same on that Hitler and Mussolini rode together in at their time of triumphant fascism:

“For a few minutes on Saturday morning, Feb. 17, of 2018, Jessi Sites, who lives in Medina WA, and was driving home from errands, couldn’t help but notice the unusual, shiny, deep blue, almost black, vehicle parked right there on the street.

It’s been called one of the most historically significant cars ever made, embedded in our collective memory from numerous images. And so perhaps that’s what made Sites take particular notice.

Unloaded, parked on the street, with no special security, worth at least $7 million, was one of the mammoth, armor-plated Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser parade cars used by Adolf Hitler.

The license plate read, “IA 148 461.”

You’ve seen the images — Hitler standing inside one of the 5-ton, armor-plated vehicles with hidden compartments for Luger pistols, right hand up in the Nazi salute, being driven past crowds responding with the same salute. For security, it was armor-plated and had bullet-resistant laminated glass for the fixed windscreen.

Only 88 were ever produced of one of the largest, most luxurious limousines in the world. Just a few remain — at three museums and a few with wealthy car collectors.

In one image, one of the Mercedes bearing this same license plate is shown carrying Hitler and Benito Mussolini in 1939 in a parade through the streets of Munich. They could sit on glove-leather seats stuffed with goose down.”

That is the car that Bill Gates recently bought in order to augment his sizable collection of Hitler memorabilia and collectibles form the most evil mane ever alive, like a good student of evil himself…

But is this “argumentum ad Hitlerum,” of such emotional weight in our shared story of the present, that it carries logical weight in its associations with the past as it informs the present day plague of the Covid-19 pandemic?

And do you think that there is an understanding of the vanished institutions of the losing German NAZI authorities, that tell us anything about the reason why the living institutions of the winning Allies of the Western Democracies assisted by Soviet Russia that prevailed and ushered in an age of compassion, cooperation and kindness, worldwide after annihilating the Axis of Evil?

Usually when we think of historical Nazism, Stalinism or Maoism, we think of wartime or warlike atrocities. When we look at Czechoslovakia in the ’60s, Germany in the ’30s, even China today, we see fewer atrocities, but an increased scientific mental enslavement, an unshakeable propaganda and a disturbing pattern of technological enslavement that the uber-geeks like Bill Gates want to enforce upon the people as if the human beings are some kind of squirrels that need to be organized in a hierarchical system of usefulness to the machine.

Only “Coronavirus Bill” knows, yet his actions speak louder than his words and we can thus surmise his thinking as well.

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 7.32.50 PM

And here is “CoronaVirus Bill” with his Chinese puppet masters back in 2015:

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 11.58.39 PM

And we still see the fascist ideas of some structure of hierarchical control, with one person or a small team unilaterally directing the entire state and the people within because they are some kind of technocrats that supposedly know better than the rest of us for what is good for us. No freedom whatsoever is included in that totalitarian paradise. That’s Microsoft Redux according to Bill Gates, and this structure is clearly abhorent to Free Peoples, living at Liberty, is all of the Western democracies.

So whatever the “New World Regime” that Bill Gates and his cohort desire for our World today — count on it to be very much like the Chinese Communist Party and its lifetime Dictator & Chairman of the Communist Party Mr Xi Jinping authoritarian rule in China and its dependencies and territories. And if you have any doubt about the NAZI fascist methods of absolute control exercised by the predominantly Han Chinese racists of the Beijing forbidden city resident Communist Politburo leaders — ask the Muslim Uighurs languishing in the concentration camps, or the Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns rotting in lifetime confinement own awful jails through out China for the simple crime of having been born and raised up with a different faith that blind adherence and obedience to the Communist party’s fascist ideology and evil doctrine.

Yet, in China today, the party’s apparatchiks, rule by shaping public opinion through vast propaganda machines and through the fear created by the greatest Army and Police State the world has ever seen. Yet still the Communist leaders are afraid of the simple Chinese people rising up and destroying the carefully constructed edifice of the Communist Police State, in a show of bloodshed and destabilization through the overthrow of the Communist party — much like the Tiananmen Square students tried to do in their bloody uprising of 1989 seeking Liberty and Self Government through a simple Representative Democracy…

Fat lots of good it did them.

Yet, for an instant, back in 1989, Beijing’s Tiananmen square became “Democracy Central” and it was a brief, yet real democracy with a Student & Worker’s Council and even a small version of the Statue of Liberty where the hopes of all the freedom loving Chinese people were deposited — but when the provincial army moved in — the whole thing turned into something else. It turned into a real blood bath, that in turn made the Tiananmen square into a vast cemetery as the tanks rolled in and run over the people, staging their open air experiment in Democracy and Liberty for a few short days.

The Communist party is so terribly afraid of chaos that they think Germany in 1933 was an instance of sobriety and nothing else as compared to when the Chinese people really let go of their fears and jump all together in one direction…

Yet this “People’s Rebellion” is, at the bottom of it a blatant lie, because the political core is presented as the ruler, whereas the civic core is presented as the tool, and the real flow of power is the opposite of the apparent flow, because public opinion does not direct the civic core, but rather it is the civic core that guides public opinion. The one party state needs continuous repression, whereas the two-party state needs continuous stagecraft. Of course, the former can still lie, and the latter can still repress, but it is the third way — the Multiparty Democracy that affords the best chances for a Renaissance of Spirit and a rebirth of Democracy in a Constitutional Republic.

In current language, the positive label “democracy” signifies the civic core. We must all defend “democracy” from “politics” — a negative label. People really believe this newspeak. Since it is dangerous to reverse the power flow, they may even be right.

This inversion is the relationship between Parliament and Queen that Bagehot described 150 years ago. The voters are the Queen. Though Empress of India, Queen Victoria was not “in the loop” of Indian government. Or of the British government for that matter. Nor was she ever irrelevant, and everyone respected her. Such was the Hanoverian settlement, which set a “constitutional” monarchy to displace an actual one. Victoria is somewhere between Elizabeth I, a real Queen (if already too dependent on the Cecils) and Elizabeth II, a symbolic Queen. Today’s voters do not know how to manage the state, any more than Elizabeth II knows how to boss Whitehall. They may want to land at the right airport. They have no idea how to fly the plane.

And that is okay, because even though, they have no idea how to take over and operate the controls of the plane — they have the right to choose their pilot, every four years…

Nature has joined weakness and servility at the hip.

The weak, she has decreed, may only appear to reign. They can neither take, nor hold power; they have never ruled and never will. Wherever a child-monarch reigns, someone else rules.

The civic core is the permanent civil service, plus what in other countries the press calls “civil society.” “Civil society” means all legitimate institutions designed to serve or guide the state or public. This includes the press, academia, philanthropy, and so on. These mission-critical organs are strongest, safest, and most democratic when kept outside even the potential reach of political accountability. While the civil service proper has many protections, it remains in theory hierarchically subordinate to the President.

This may be fake. It can’t be fake enough for an institution as critical to our democracy as the press. It wouldn’t seem right, except in wartime, to have a Department of Information. The wartime “truth ministries” were OWI in WWII, CPI in WWI. It’s interesting to compare Western civil society to an Eastern ruling party. Both are organs outside the civil service proper. The latter is truly centralized; the former, decentralized.

Civil society has no single point of failure.

That’s cool.

Yet it is impossible not to notice three disturbing facts about it. We’ll have to leave these phenomena as mysteries for now. One: it has no arbitrary center, but its reputation system seems arbitrary, or at least static. The prestige of prestigious universities, newspapers, etc., does not seem to change. These institutions must be either impeccable, or unaccountable. Two: some mysterious force seems to ideologically coordinate this system. All these prestigious institutions, though organizationally quite separate, seem to magically agree with each other. When they change their minds, all change together, in the same direction. We cannot say that Harvard is on one side of Yale; we can say the Harvard of 2019 is on one side of the Harvard of 1989. This force is not centralized, but works like a center. It could just be a totally sick level of collective wisdom. But is it? Three: one tendency of this mysterious force is reinforcement of effective political formulas. Somehow civil society prefers to think thoughts that make civil society stronger. It is still a marketplace of ideas; it also prefers to think thoughts that are true. These preferences are not always aligned. If we can explain all these phenomena, we can explain how a decentralized civil society, effectively protected from democracy, can, does, and indeed must become a distributed Orwellian despotism. But we’ll postpone these loose ends till the final essay.The Power Valve How does the civic core protect itself from the political core, which nominally dominates it? There is always a constitutional link between the two cores. This link must follow the rules of both sides. It must be both unaccountable, and democratic. It is Congress. The anatomy of the link is key; it’s the valve that reverses the constitutional flow of power. Congress operates as a “defeat device” against real democracy, that is, giving any actual power to the voters. In theory, the civil service is part of the executive branch and reports to the President. In practice, as Woodrow Wilson himself pointed out in 1885, “the actual form of our present government is simply a scheme of congressional supremacy.” The strong Presidents of the 20th century—Wilson, FDR, LBJ—found ways to intimidate Congress, but only in alliance with a young and rising civic core. The civil service (the actual government) is in the legislative branch. It reports to Congress. That is: it literally reports to Congress. Who testifies before the White House—or has their real budget set there? The White House does get to fill a few thousand offices across DC.

All agencies work just fine without any appointees, though none of them will admit it.

In office, these people can cause real problems — which in turn causes PR problems for their problematic president.

Appointees certainly cannot make an agency do anything it doesn’t want to do. For the Hill, however, it will stand on its head and suck its toes. It’s tough to be “in charge” when you’re temporary and can’t fire, or even reorganize, the permanent staff who “work for” you. This charade is a key safeguard of the unwritten constitution, since the Presidency remains a genuinely democratic organ. At least, most normal people actually care about the Presidential election. Not so for Congress, which has long been temporary in theory but permanent in practice. Again: the link between the unaccountable civic core and the democratic political core must be both unaccountable and democratic. Congress fits this profile perfectly. The House has not dipped below an 80% incumbency rate since 1938, the Senate below 60% since 1980; the usual figures are 90+ and 80+; seniority and other rules easily clog this institutional gap. Yet in theory the voters could trivially replace the House and easily the Senate—rules and all. They do not; so in theory, they must be satisfied. Yet Congress’s normal popularity rating is under 20%. Once this transmutation is accomplished, anything is possible.

Congress is a nexus of power, not a center of power. It does not wield power; it delegates power. Legislators are not actually statesmen. They do not debate, like Cato and Cicero, their visions of the good. They do sometimes read some staffer’s speech for the camera. Their real job is fundraising and PR. The staff does all the real work, but not even the staff writes actual bills. Congress has two sources of legislative input: activists and lobbyists. The activists come for power; the lobbyists, money. Activists are Democrats; lobbyists are whores. Either is more than happy to write any “language” that any staffer needs. Congress manages Washington by coordinating activist and corporate power with the agencies themselves, following the inspiration of the press, the judgment of the academy, and the generosity of philanthropy.

This real constitution is written nowhere. DC does not even really need an executive branch. The inner empire (“domestic policy”) would barely notice if the White House disappeared, except that a source of chaos had vanished. The outer empire (“national security”) must respond centrally to unpredictable external actors. It does need an oracle: a source of ultimate decisions. But the NSC could go on Amazon and order a Magic 8-Ball: “YES,” “NO,” “ANSWER UNCLEAR—ASK AGAIN LATER.”

This palantír of phronesis bolted to the Resolute desk, the processes of “global leadership” could continue unperturbed. What a magic trick! This democratic defeat device is not ugly. It is natural and beautiful. It evolved; no one invented it; they invented something else; it failed, it died, it became this. The snail’s old clothes are the crab’s new home. Democracy doesn’t work, so of course it needs to be defeated, the story of power runs; and those who can’t handle the truth do not, for their own sakes, deserve it. Yet think of all the voices, pitched high to inform the American people of urgent problems demanding their immediate attention, never once mentioning that they care about the wrong election.The Political Core The power valve is cool! But like any valve, it has a limit. It can block the direct impact of public opinion on the civic core, but only when public opinion itself is reasonably well-controlled. If the whole population turns against it, it will just rupture. Every regime needs to manage public opinion.

But who is this public?

Let’s take a quick tour of the political core. As Orwell wrote, all societies have three human layers. We may call ours gentry, commoners, and clients. The gentry are urbanites, cultivated and ambitious; the commoners are suburbanites, educated and independent; the clients are Marx’s proletariat and lumpenproletariat, uneducated and/or dependent.Controlling Clients and Commoners The Romans were right about “divide and conquer.” The natural conflict pits commoners against gentry plus clients. These two sides hold incompatible theories of government.

Commoners see it as a service association, like a nation-sized HOA, for the good of its shared owners. Gentry see it as a spiritual phenomenon, a force for good and a source of purpose.

Clients are what Indian political scientists call a “votebank”; they always follow the gentry.

Since the civic core is staffed by the gentry, this alliance becomes its defensive front within the political core. Or the civic alliance can even play offense—all the better. When the alliance loses, the actual processes of government become exposed to political power. So long as the pressures are low and transient, the valve can take it.

Congress and the civil service are pretty tough. The alliance must tune its song for the demographic ratio. In a First World ratio, commoners remain a majority. In a Third World ratio, commoners are safely outnumbered. In the minority, the civic alliance is existentially dependent on taming these potential Hitler voters with Jedi mind tricks. In the majority, the alliance just has to stay united. The suburbs can even vote for Hitler if they like! In fact, that might be funny. But the alliance still needs political formulas to keep the suburbs believing in the elections. As the Ceaușescus could tell you, democracy isn’t just about elections. This is especially scary if the commoners are well-armed and martial. Fortunately, they are only the former.

Controlling the Gentry Keeping the gentry united is more important than it looks. Successful peasant revolts are rare; elite revolts, common. For commoners and clients, politics is cultural or tribal. The gentry are genuinely governed by philosophy. Here is the genius of the two-story system. Each story is a whole philosophy, and the choice is not boolean. The two stories become poles of an ellipse, within which all may think freely: the Overton bubble.

Every point in this ellipse is different. A mind at any level of talent and cultivation can search forever for truth inside the bubble, never thinking of the original question: is any of this true? This harmless marketplace of ideas, completely convincing yet completely contained, is just a beautiful regime-security device. Certainly the one-story state has nothing like it—punctual trains and all. Useless to complain about how efficient you are when you’re getting overthrown.

Most critics of the status quo think there used to be free speech in America, but in the last few years there has been a crackdown.

If we ever had a level playing field for free speech, no one living ever played on it.

What’s new is not the bounds but the need to enforce them. The whole point of the two-story state is that it should need little or no repression.


No empire is forever.

Stability itself is destabilizing.

The more stable the elite, the greater its freedom to screw up.

No elite in history has permanently resisted this temptation.

The consequence of sustained elite incapacity, is that all narratives within the bubble become unconvincing.

The illusions stop working.

Stories outside the bubble arise.

These stories can be anything.

The space outside the bubble is much larger than the space inside it.

The most dangerous outside stories (a) are completely true, (b) aim at rogue gentry, and (c) exalt commoners and/or disparage clients.

Any such narrative might be the political formula of the next regime. This actually should make you think of Hitler.

Don’t panic!

All is nowhere near lost.

Hard repression remains available. It does damage the illusion of free thought.

It also works damn well.

Illusions can be patched, even the broken ones.

Still PR and propaganda work…

Most Germans today are happy with doublespeak freedom, minus badthink, badtalk, and prohibited memories…


Dr Churchill


And let us now keep in mind the old saw, that Dr Seus advised us to do when the weather is inclement:

“When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.”

I say again and again: Whichever way we go — it is always your call.

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