Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 25, 2020

The Philosopher said: “War is the Father of us all.” And the Raven said: “Shall be lifted never more…”

The evidence is clear that the Chinese Communist Party covered up for weeks the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, but what we don’t know is why. One emerging theory is that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab. Beijing denies it, but the world deserves a full accounting of what China knew and when.

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Yet, while we are awaiting for that answer till the cows come home — the early stage warnings from the intelligence community about the Wuhan Virology institute laboratory workers perishing from a new viral infection from a virus that they were genetically enhancing via CRISPR methods to give the Coronavirus added “Gain of Function” capability for effective human to human transmission — were alarming enough, extensive enough, and terribly worrisome; to the extent that the US military and its executive branch leaders should have reacted instantly, swiftly and forcefully; right from the time we knew about patient Zero in Wuhan.

Patient Zero as US President Donald Trump acknowledged; was the novel coronavirus (nCoV) researcher working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

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Intelligence sources said that the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus that causes Covid-19 disease, virus is a bioweapon, that was enhanced inside the Wuhan Virological epidemiology laboratory, that is the only military grade security bioweapons facility in China.

The initial transmission of the virus was from this “patient zero” who worked at the laboratory. The lab employee was accidentally infected before spreading the disease among the common people outside the lab in Wuhan city.

The Wuhan wet market that China initially identified as the place of origin of this highly pathogenic and transmittable infectious disease, is a fish market that never sold any bats. However, China blamed the wet market to deflect blame from the laboratory, since they are closely together and linked in geographic proximity and Chinese propaganda is always a bot off kilter…

Indeed, we now know that the virus was being studied inside the Wuhan Epidemilogical Virology laboratory in an attempt by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to “demonstrate that its efforts to identify viruses and use the bioweapons in order to deploy them in combat situations are equal or greater than the capabilities of the United States and because of never having sinned the Bioweapons moratorium convention, and thus lacking any conscious restraint or legal inhibition — their bioweapons are vastly more potent, lethal and far more effective than anything the world has ever seen up to now.

At the daily White House briefing, the President of the United States now has high confidence that while the coronavirus is a naturally occurring virus, it emanated from the level IV biocontainment facility of the virology & epidemiology laboratory in Wuhan, Hubei province of China.

To save face, the Chinese leadership now concedes that because of lax safety protocols, a researcher whom they call an “Intern” was infected, and she went on to infect her boyfriend, and then went to the hair dresser salon, and the markets of central Wuhan, in the City from where this New Sars type-2 viral infection began to spread throughout China because of all the travels for the New Year celebrations and then it got unleashed worldwide…

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China initially made efforts to cover up the outbreak, in what could be the most extensive propaganda effort as well as the costliest government cover-up of all time, seeing as China has corrupted and coopted the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations, making both part of the propaganda cover-up from the very beginning.

US embassy officials in China raised concerns about the insufficient biosafety at the Chinese government’s Wuhan Institute of Virology where deadly viruses and infectious diseases are worked on “Gain of Function” for more than fifteen years in a row, yet nothing has ever happened.
And although the institute, located quite close to the Wuhan fish market, is China’s first biosafety level IV laboratory, the US state department had warned in 2018 about the “serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory”.

And now because the US knew all that from day One and yet it failed to respond to the COVID-19 looming epidemic back in November, or even December and January — that SARS TWO (Covid-19) epidemic, has now become a true global pandemic.

Indeed, a far more robust, effective and quick response could have saved many thousands of lives across the board and across the whole world — yet this delay has the silver lining of this ominously dark and pregnant with rain cloud, that has caused us to inch inexorably closer, day by day, to an intractable state of conflicting wants and gives, between the two remaining Superpowers of this World.

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And of course, in a not entirely unexpected but potentially fateful twist from diplomacy to other means of negotiation, mainly due to the failure of transparency, truth & trust in our transnational communications and negotiations — this viral biological warfare will surely escalate to a thermonuclear conflict.

This will surely be the first hot mess that the United States has engaged against China, since the Korean war that saw the two nations wrestling in a contentious and fairly well disastrous for both sides raven’s break-up fight for Supremacy and control of the Inchun peninsula and the Pussan corridor…

We are now all sleep walking towards war, and we best admit to that fact, lest we daydream of a Victory, yet end-up in a terribly humiliating defeat.

Much like the last US vs Sino-Korea, the conflict was not so much strategic, as ideological and so it is today.

And that is why, I say that the more we can come up with ways to de-escalate the tensions and start again to work together for PEACE, with truth & transparency as well as goodwill for all, during this global public health crisis — the more we will be able to move forward as partners in rebuilding the global economy, instead of wrecking what’s left of it completely, through the advancing flames of a Thermonuclear war and the resultant Nuclear Winter that will cull half of the World’s population if not more.

Methinks, that would be a better future for all concerned, because we know from the Asian financial crisis of 1997, as well as the 2008 Great Recession, that we are terribly interconnected and we need to act in unison for the global economy to bounce back without the benefit of a war to stimulate demand of all things and war time production highs…

And indeed peaceful economic stimulus and development, would be better if we are ensuring that we are all flourish together across borders and across classes of citizenry.

And I truly think that there is an opportunity right now to tone down the rhetoric, to think about the global health crisis as one of cooperation, and to create the basis upon which we can all build brotherly trust & true international cooperation, so that we can all try to get back to business of peacetime activities.

And that is to make plowshares out of the steel of war.

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Yet, both sides, instead of following my councel — the epidemic has instead strengthened the hard-line positions and the adherents thereof, in both countries, and thus the resultant political pressures stemming from the pandemic, make it much harder for leaders to back away from escalation to the level of the end of diplomacy and the beginning of Diplomacy by other means.

Still for four months now, and as the virus killed tens of thousands and wreaked economic havoc around the world, officials of the two superpowers have heaped blame on each other, in an effort to divert attention from the pain of the crisis and from their own missteps.

President Trump has frequently referred to the novel coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” or the “Wuhan virus,” for the city that was the original epicenter of the outbreak, as White House Executive and other US administration officials have quietly pressed for international censure of China’s culpability in the health crisis.

And their Chinese counterparts have also seized on this Covid-19 medical emergency in order to attack the network of manufacturing and other economic ties that have grown between the two countries over the last 40 years, in an effort to gain global influence at the expense of the incumbent superpower the seems to be teetering punch-drunk and hanging onto the ropes of this very real pugilistic ring, where the crows are sitting in the gallery as Spectators to this blood sport threatening to engulf the whole world…

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Beijing, through its state-owned media and political operatives, has slammed the “racist and xenophobic” statements and actions of America’s “irresponsible and incompetent” political elites, and they have gone so far as to officially state via the CCP mouthpiece, that the U.S. military actually started the pandemic in Wuhan…

Meanwhile, the tariffs that Trump imposed on billions of dollars in goods from China — and the counter-tariffs from Beijing — remain in place, adding to the cost of trade at a time when many businesses are struggling to stay afloat.

The punitive duties also have affected badly needed protective medical gear such as masks, gloves and goggles, many of which are made in China.

It was revealing of just how hostile US-China relations have become that they couldn’t even bring themselves to just kind of hold their noses and reach out to one another to coordinate their efforts during this time that the world needs a bot. of TLC from all the powerful national leaders…

Still we must not give up on that special relationship, as many other China experts, former politicians and diplomats, from all across the globe and the political spectrum — have just released a joint statement, calling for renewed efforts to cooperate between Washington and Beijing. And of that is not like hearing the tom-toms of war and acting to prevent it — “the diplomats urge Beijing & Washington, to find the resolve to work together to contain and defeat the virus at home and abroad. China’s factories can make the protective gear and medicines needed to fight the virus; its medical personnel can share their valuable clinical experience in treating it; and its scientists can work with ours to develop the vaccine urgently needed to vanquish it,” is what the statement said.

Now, whether either side is prepared to back away from confrontation remains in doubt, because Chinese leader Xi Jinping has pressing political reasons to keep playing hardball, fully knowing that President Trump has a hostile Congress and will never get War powers passed through the House, as needed before he engages in armed conflict with China.

Yet, as the US death toll from this epidemic mounts higher and higher peaks, and the economic pain hits more Americans, the pressure on President Trump to act has increased manifold, as is the case also when we will be dealing with a global recession, that will undoubtedly seed voices of populism, nationalism and global supremacy, as both the American and the Chinese people will be looking for vengeance and for someone else to blame.

There is also ample evidence that President Trump’s China message is finding bipartisan acceptance in Congress and in corporate America, which has grown increasingly unhappy with a relationship with China that it had long sought to strengthen and expand.

And with November’s election on the horizon and the economic gains President Trump had planned on taking credit for, all but wiped out — the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Executive, is likely to intensify his bellicose verbal attacks on China and to frame any criticism of his administration by the media or Democratic opponent Joe Biden, as being pro-China.

“One way we could still win this election is by turning it into a referendum on China,” said the main Trump campaign advisor…

Also contributing to the growing disenchantment with China have been Beijing’s continued crackdowns on dissent and human rights, its aggressive military moves in the South China Sea and the cutting down of Hong Kong’s independence movement amongst other factors, yet mainly because the human and economic toll of the coronavirus has introduced a white-hot element into the dynamic between the two countries.

On the Chinese side, the US criticism of the nation — and the economic pain inflicted by the tariffs — has stirred waves of nationalistic resentment.

Public anger, and the Chinese Communist Party’s massive response to fight the epidemic, has strengthened Xi’s grip on power and made it easier for him to pursue a crackdown on dissent.

Many in China chafe at Trump’s effort to blame them for the pandemic as both unfair and factually wrong. They see China, with its isolation of Hubei province and other hot spots, as a model for how to contain and conquer the disease. Many also see China as having reached out to help other countries as its own crisis has abated.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.29.24 AM

There’s a narrative widely accepted within China that the country has been able to bring the virus under control and “that China is — if not the savior of the world — at least sort of doing more than its fair share to help the rest of the world,” said David Bachman, a China specialist at the University of Washington in Seattle.

And public resentment in both countries is likely to be intensified by the rising economic cost of the pandemic, as both economies are expected to see their sharpest drops in decades, with millions of people thrown out of work, businesses crippled or destroyed, and political leaders facing a unique crisis in which conventional stimulus and other time-honored economic policies seem ineffective.

As the economic pain spreads, analysts say it will probably make compromise more difficult even if deescalation would benefit both sides.

Now, if you ask me personally, I don’t think there’s any way in hell things get better from here, because an increasingly authoritarian China, mixed with a global growth downturn, mixed with a domestic recession, mixed with a populist president, mixed with an election year, equals an increasingly factious discourse on China, and a bellicose stance on hawkish maneuvers of a simulacrum to war.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.30.39 AM

In the months ahead, China’s economy is expected to suffer its slowest growth in more than 40 years, and could even turn negative for the first time since the mid-1970s.

That could threaten political stability if the Communist Party fails to make good on its compact with the masses to keep improving their economic well-being in exchange for compliance with an authoritarian and often repressive system.

But there are signs that China’s economy may fare better than many in the West are projecting. Factories have largely resumed operations, with electric power usage returning to 95% of what it was this time a year ago, said Nicholas Lardy, a China economy expert at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Trade will undoubtedly suffer with slumping demand from recessions in Europe and America, but Chinese exports exert only half the weight they did on the U.S. economy in the 2008 financial crisis. What’s more, Beijing hasn’t felt the need to spur growth with massive credit or provide anything close to the $2-trillion relief package that the U.S. passed last month.

If the Chinese thought they were heading for a major downturn, Beijing would have injected a lot more stimulus than it has. I think that’s qualitatively probably the single most important indicator. It’s the dog that didn’t bark.

Yet, for President Trump, the antagonism with China has for now only centered on trade. He has led a tit-for-tat tariff war with China, eroding what for many years had been seen as the ballast in the relationship.

In January, there was a glimmer of hope that tensions might ease: The two sides struck a large trade deal in which the Chinese promised to buy billions of dollars more in American farm products and other goods.

But the trade deal signed in January is already dead in the water, and there’s no possible way that the targets now are going to be met, so that’s going to be a source of dissatisfaction on the American and the Chinese side as well…


What’s more, the pandemic exposed America’s heavy dependence on China for critical medical supplies and drugs, as well as many other manufactured products, and now because of the outbreak’s fractured supply chains now dominated by China, this has prompted many more American firms to make plans to relocate operations back inside the United States as they rearrange their own global business relationships. And obviously all these disruptions came at a time when corporate America was already growing disillusioned with the old relationship with China’s intransigence and rapacious appetite for getting the best of each and every deal.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.32.44 AM

Adding to the flames is the oil thrown into the fire, through Beijing’s persistent refusal to prevent its companies from appropriating the intellectual property and know-how of American firms was high on a lengthening list of complaints, so whatever the outcome of the coronavirus crisis, it’s almost certain to accelerate long-term changes in the economic relationship between the two countries.

The pandemic has demonstrated the impossibility of the American and Sino-Han relationship being coupled closely together through the notion that free trade and globalization are going to tame China and make it more democratic, and I think this intellectual chimera has now been shown that’s a can of hot BS.


Dr Churchill


There is some hope still especially amongst the working level folks, as demonstrated by the goodwill among working-level officials in both countries to the extent that the Chinese CDC contacted the American CDC in early January about the coronavirus outbreakitute, well before the Chinese government admitted to the viral weapon having escaped the Level IV biocontainment unit of the Wuhan virology & epidemiology research institute.

Yet as History teaches us and the philosopher happens to agree on this one with the raven: War is the father of us all …

Or as Heraclitus of Ephesus said a couple of Millennia removed from today: “War is the father of us all, King of all….”

And you better believe it, much like when Darth Vader says this to the young Jedi knight:

“I am your Father…”

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