Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 29, 2020

Uncommon valor is a common virtue amongst all of us working in the darkness brought on by the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic, by the endemic poverty and the racism that we see in this country daily … and yet we are all tarnished by the racist thugs masquerading as Cops.

In this time of the pandemic brought to us courtesy of China — am awed by the magnitude of effort and sacrifice made by so many to helpHope that none of You will be left behind in the darkness during this shift towards totalitarianism that is taking place in America today, all the while patriots are fighting to reach the City of Light and liberate all of those bondages in this brand new Cave of Socrates.

And I also hope that once You see the Light you shall choose to remain free like an endangered species of People living in Liberty and not under solitary confinement in this new vast E-Gulag that our purposeful & evil geeks like Fauchi, and my old friend from Seattle Bill Gates and many others, are setting up a Siberian gulag for all of us…

Because during this Covid-19 shutdown of our economy and the lockdown of our people, it appears that all across America, the “lights” have literally gone out.

The rampant murderous and criminal racism exhibited by the white Minneapolis police officers that literally lynched a handcuffed black man in the middle of the downtown streets in plain view of citizens and curious onlookers as well as citizen journalists — has caught the attention of the whole world:

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 8.53.47 PM

And yes, the lights are going out in America but not just because of RACISM but because of POVERTY too, since the two are intertwined and are limping along in our country’s consciousness destroying the Civil Rights gains of the last half century if not more…

And I am not talking about the storefront lights on the burned down and looted main streets of Minneapolis — St Paul, or about any other City’s overhead street lights or about any other kind of electrical bulbs going off…

I’m talking about a vastly more important kind of light…

Am talking about the kind of light that signals HOPE as it emanates from within the individual citizens of this Great Country.

I’m talking about how all over the country, American hearts and minds are going dark as they are losing hope in our most basic social agreement of American citizenship.

I am talking about the pursuit of happiness through the attainment of the goals that each one of us defines as their personal and private version of the American Dream.

I am talking about this extraordinary “thing” because the looming darkness is what worries me most about the wicked issues facing our country today.

And I know that if you think about it, and if you look closely at what’s happening, even for a moment — you will also agree with me, and perhaps even try to help me address this sea-change from taking root within the realm of our Constitutional Republic.

Because this kind of light that is dimming is the only light that has escaped from inside of us, and it is the light that shines when we live with a purpose, when we are learning how hard work leads to success, and when we believe that we are being treated fairly. That last one is about knowing that success is possible for everyone in America, and thus we can recognize our own power to have control over our own lives and destiny.

This is the light that we all see, as it radiates outwards from those people amongst us who are fully engaged in a productive career, and return home with a sense of accomplishment, and adequate renumeration that gives them a measure of independence, a happy home, and a loving family within.

And this is the light, which should be burning bright inside us, and also emanating outwards for all our brethren to see and to guide their steps forth, all across America.


But this very much needed light is now, being replaced with a kind of animosity we haven’t seen in our country for more than 100 years.

I’m sure you’ve noticed all the angry political rhetoric…

Bernie Sanders’ type of Gulags in America and the Concentration Camps that Joe Biden and Alexanrda Ocasio Cortez’s virulent socialism want to bring about are unsurprisingly soaring in popularity — these days that Covid-19 occupies the news, but few Americans truly know why front-men like Bill Gates, Fauchi @ Brix amongst others are truly doing to our Constitutionally protected freedoms.

And what’s coming next will be an even bigger surprise to most Americans because it includes socialism’s soaring popularity, and one crackpot scheme after another to remove our freedoms, to place us all inside an E-Gulag, and to of course rob all of our Nation’s private and communal wealth and give it to undeserving others — like direct payments from the government to all citizens (universal basic income), totally free health care (Medicare for all), and most shockingly, demands for slavery reparations and other payments for the removal of past grievances for LGBTQ crowd of Queers, and for any other claimant that the Democratic leaders want to Kingly and Richly compensate with Prince’s ransom, through the People’s purse.

Here is where you need to pardon me for saying something so “politically incorrect,” but I don’t think anyone alive today was ever a slave or a slaveholder.

And we fail to intellect or even estimate the power of Innovation to upend the bondage of Slavery and the Plantation system of American South, just as much as Abraham Lincoln’s meteoric rise to power and his fundamental wish to emancipate the people.

Old honest Abe was assisted in his pursuit of Liberty for his fellow Americans who had darker skin and were beholden to the plantation economy, by the mechanical innovation of the Memphis Cotton Gin machines that made even the cheapest cotton-picking laborers, redundant.

Yes it was a moment when unemployment came to the Plantation and made slave holding a rather expensive and largely unnecessary luxury.

And it was the Cotton Gin machines that set the American South on the path to war, just as much as the Democratic party’s fiery gospel that black people were their property and had to remain in bondage forever and ever…

And here comes Abraham Lincoln and he steps into the breach of the Civil War like a ferocious Angel of God, and an Emissary of the Gospel of the fulfillment of our Constitution: “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.”

And thus the Civil War was executed and while humanity gained enormously, many, many people were left behind in the American South, where deep poverty remains even to this day, the scourge of the land.

And the rest os part of the annals of history, where the American blacks rose to prominence and fame and contributed massively to the culture and to the business of our Country as they helped usher our American Innovation Economy and Enterprise forward through their recoil of their pent up demand for gaining not only the necessary victuals but gaining real wealth and catching up for lost time.

And if you think that we owe the descendants of slaves a pot-full of gold at the end of the rainbow — please forgive me for saying that the Black Americans I know, hate this idea of further re-engaging our American brothers and sisters in the institution of slavery by trying to make them mental & physical dependents of the largesse of the Nanny State once again, as if they are back in the old plantations of the Democratic party ruled South…

And if you don’t believe me — just see what happens to most all of the Lottery winners and where they end up within a year or two after they receive their windfall. And if you want to take this argument further — please just try to imagine the bill our Native American brothers and sisters will soon present to our Democratic leaders for imminent payment as soon as they see the largesse of our Treasury falling upon the other dissatisfied segments of our Society.

Likewise, have you ever known anyone who has received health care at a VA hospital or sought exclusively all of their medical help from Medicare?

It’s a complete disaster.

But that’s what a government monopoly in health care looks like. Why would anyone want that?

These ideas are all the result of the “lights” going out, all around the country.

And there’s a reason it’s happening, which very few understand.

There’s a reason so many Americans are losing hope — losing their sense of independence and their dignity. There’s a reason so many people are turning to the failed plans of socialism.

It’s because most Americans are being left behind… in a way we’ve never, ever seen before.

The gap between the rich and the poor has always existed. But never, ever, on this level. And never with this speed.

Every day, thousands and thousands of Americans are ascending into an entire new level of wealth — something even beyond what millionaires could afford a decade ago.

And, instead of plateauing, these changes are continuing to power this new class higher… turning millionaires into billionaires, and billionaires into multi-multi-billionaires and beyond.

On and on it goes…

And it is a bloody shame, at least for the few who really understand what is happening.

But what about everyone else?

Are we going to keep on going on autopilot towards a world of serfdom where the serfs beg for mercy and still get lynched under the feet of the jackbooted thugs, only serving their billionaire masters, while masquerading as the servants of the people, to “Serve & Protect” and pretend to be Peace officers while inciting hate and enmity?

Why do we allow the bloody Police to continuously get away with their systemic Hate, Racism and Lynching of defenseless folks?

We know that both justice and equity are blind, and not just color blind.

So why can’t we make our Police forces to be color blind too?


Dr Churchill


And with all of this endemic racism in our country — we are all feeling left behind and left out in the cold — all over our country, and now I see that more and more people are giving up on even the idea of the American Dream.

That sucks and it sucks big time.

Yet people who give up seems to me that they don’t understand what’s happening… or why.

And no one on either side of the political aisle will explain it — probably because they don’t fully understand it, either.

Most Americans only know that even though they work harder every year, they end up with less and less, and with even more debt.

We don’t need socialism in America.

What we need is a better understanding of how this new economy thing works.

Then we can all go to work after the reopening and so that more and more people can benefit, and the United States can continue to be the greatest place for anyone to rise up and make their own way.

Believe me, the more people understand this — the better it is for all of us.

And that includes you.

No, it’s not too late.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and fix this shitte.

Are you with me?

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