Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 29, 2020

Do you still believe the CIA?

Of course only convicted idiots believe the CIA, but that goes without saying because any assertion made by professional spooks is as far from the truth, reality or evidence, as you can possibly get.

And it feels really dumb that this needs to even be said, but there you have it…

Of course the mainstream media outlets which publish anonymous intelligence claims with no proof are just publishing CIA press releases disguised as news.

The most influential news outlets in the western world uncritically parrot whatever they’re told to say by the most powerful and depraved intelligence agencies on the planet, then tell you that Russia and China are bad because they have state media.

Imagine if a compulsive liar who you know for a fact constantly deceives people in order to hurt and exploit them told you your neighbor is going to kill you if you don’t kill him first, and you go and kill your neighbor immediately. That’s how dumb believing the CIA is.
Now, if you were magically transported from a sane world into this one you wouldn’t understand how everyone’s freaking out about claims that Russia paid the Taliban to attack an occupying force instead of the fact that the US empire is an occupying force all around the planet.
Gonna quit this gig and become one of those experts they bring on MSNBC to look at the camera and solemnly say that whatever’s in the news today is “right out of Putin’s playbook”.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.32.22 PM

“International law” only exists to the extent that the international community collectively agrees to enforce it, which means it only applies to nations that can’t control the collective narrative. That’s why so much energy goes into these cold war narrative control campaigns.

This is pretty much the US State Department’s entire job in modern times, by the way. That’s why almost everything that comes out of Mike Pompeo’s mouth is geared toward manipulating the international narrative in some way. It’s literally his entire job.

Wanting Biden because he’s not Trump is the same as wanting cancer because it’s not heart disease.

The only fun thing about Biden winning will be getting to ask QAnoners “So… was this part of The Plan?”

If you don’t support dismantling the US police state stop pretending you want real change in America, because you don’t.

Whenever I see someone tweeting that the police brutality protests are sowing racial division, I check out their other posts and it generally turns out that they themselves are actually quite keen on racial division, since right now America looks pretty much how you’d expect a country to look after a lockdown threw tens of millions out of work and the government’s response was to give them $1200 and tell them to go suck a dick.

Naturally, right-wing narrative managers get people fixated on nonsense like Antifa coming to take your statues and guns and way of life for the exact same reason liberal narrative managers do the same thing with Russia and Trump’s tweets: it keeps people from focusing on the real stuff.

Indeed, the US has switched from helping ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates take over Syria to targeting Syrian civilians with starvation sanctions and preventing the nation’s reconstruction. It’s important for America to do these things, because otherwise victory will go to the bad guys, because whenever someone creates something cool that people are excited about, it’s amazing how quickly manipulative types rush in to co-opt it and steer it toward their own interests. This is what happened when America rose to power, just a lot bigger and with a lot more interest. And as long as dissent is relegated to the fringes, there is no actual free speech.

Saying you have free speech because you’re allowed to make blogs or Youtube videos is like saying you have free speech because you can dig a hole in the ground and say whatever you want into it.

We have a media system which creates an inverse correlation between one’s access to influential platforms and how dissident their speech is. Allowing people free speech which has zero meaningful impact is not allowing free speech at all…

The opposite of life isn’t death, it’s habit.

Dying is an inseparable part of living; someone on their deathbed is just as alive as someone in their prime, and in many cases arguably more so.

If life has an opposite, it’s sleepwalking along on old conditioned mental habits, being stuck in a life denying rut.

If it were possible to scare people into averting climate disaster it would have already happened. You can scare people into a state of paralysis so they’ll stand frozen while you wage wars against “terrorists” and “dictators”, but for mass-scale positive action, fear is useless.

Love is All.



Dr Churchill


We’re just going to have to wake up.

As a species.


Because we now need a drastic transformation in our entire relationship with thought since this is going to be required, and there’s just no getting around this.

And as it stands, this transformation is going to be in the exact opposite direction of fear.

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