Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 18, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Today’s trials and tribulations of all People of these United States amidst the public lynchings by the Police, and all the attacks on our lives, liberties and on our Civil Rights — signal a complete drift towards dictatorship, totalitarianism, censorship and the brutal repression of popular movements like the Black Lives Matter, from the small arrogant, fearful & repressive middling whites, who r their bell, and shooed them out of power in that African country that was run by whites for 300 years…

Somewhat similar to the racist heritage of this country that was run by whites only for 400 years, but at least in this country try we had the wherewithal to allow the dignity of Emancipation to liberate the mortal coil of all of our people of this country — yet still failed to liberate our mind…

And that is why these white elites of power & money, still want to run the country, and they are knowingly running it to the ground like the Apartheid masters of South Africa did for fifty years before the clock of History rang loudly their bells and washed the decks off them…

Yet today while history is being writ large — these errant power brokers still fight mightily to keep the levers of power with their grip in order to not only control the public purse, the public space and the public discourse, in the whole of this country — but they also continue to create undemocratic alliances between the civil servants, the courts, the police and the wealthy oligarchy that runs and ruins this Country through their rapacious appetite for wealth and power.

Indeed it is this small-minded passive aggressive and seemingly liberal elite of the cities aligned with the white supremacist underworld that produces a noxious form of racism & fascism which has been based on this triple sociological alliance: Their all abiding love of money, and power, and their natural aversion to the needs, wants & wishes, of the extraordinary American people who come in this incredibly beautiful mosaic of color, creed and belief that makes them all too powerful and optimistic that the Future belongs to them.

And if I can help write & create this future for all Americans — believe me — it will be beautiful and multihued like the colors of the rainbow and the millions shades of the spectrum of this Earth’s and sky’s palette of Light and Shade of Love.

Yet first, we need to stop the designs of the Racists because this white only elite (including the wannabe facilitators and imitators of the power brokers — weak people like the “black Irish” the “white Africans,” the “white Orientals,” the “White Jews” and all the rest of the invisible Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas, whose fascination with the White Privilege and its visible and invisible benefits, through their underworldly power, are their only attachment in serving the myth of an all White America.

And yet many millions of people of color and dignity of blood — serve their white masters while being treated like mental servants who receive much punishment and none of the benefits of class and station, that their service would warrant.

And of course these racist “Capos” are seen as the useful idiots by their White Slave Masters who do not even bother to throw them the crumbs off their feast table … and are quite satisfied to have them be the Police-men and women, the judges, the bailiff and the bureaucrats that enforce the rules of conduct in the highly unjust society.

And of course all these people are discarded swiftly, after serving their White masters as obedient lap-dogs all their lives — and are delegated to whatever trash heap of history is available to them at the time of their throw away service end.

And a fresh generation enters the postings that suit their masters, who are always ready to usurp their energy, their destiny and even their children’s civil rights & public freedoms, when it comes to protecting the White minority’s money, power and privilege, from the ethnic interlopers who simply seek their fair share.

So apparently the real racists and the real fascists may not be where you are told to find, them but they might be conveniently situated amongst all of our communities and in the midst of the invisible left and the undivided white liberal elites, who are naturally aligned with the most risible white supremacists, their look-alikes and their servants…

Because we need to remove systemic and institutionalized Racism from all layers of national and state ruling bureaucracies and security apparatus, since we are well aware that all the institutions in this country — police, courts, government, political parties, academic systems, corporate organizations, and all otherwise powerful and self serving bureaucracies — are always known to drift towards entropy over time and that means that they are going to err on the side of racist tyranny hoping to achieve their selfish benefit driven outcomes.

However, it is the younger generations that are naturally now revolting & shifting very much to the RIGHT OF GOD, on these matters and it is they who are now have to fight the tyrannical system with all they’ve got.

And this is where lays our most crucial choice:

Do we help them come together to Victory against Racism and all the other ills that our fathers hoped to achieve, or are we going to go down with the ship, fighting a long battle that will surely end in defeat?

Because we who do not accept the systemic racism and the entropy of all off our institutions — we are going to have to find the Courage to fight this slide towards the past oblivion of our Revolution, while building the internal strength and the means to resist the systemic racism of all of our Institutions and bureaucracies that will penalize all those who stand against their all to obvious white supremacy clannish agenda, no matter how well and how deeply hidden it is, inside the folds of the liberal and passive aggressive Democratic party and the daft Republican party’s platforms and principles.

That is why it is up to the Lincoln party to defeat mental Slavery now, and to call up all Independents as reservists on this Fight for the Rights of all the disadvantaged, prejudiced and racially discriminated against, people of this Great Land, and that is why we walk together in the Demos and the Rallies and we stand together for Justice & Peace.


Dr Churchill


What truly matter is not which party controls our Government, but whether or not it’s controlled by the people.

Because for far too long a small group of bipolar party dogs, spoiling our Nation’s capitol have reaped the rewards of Government, while the people have borne the costs and suffered the consequences of their folly…

Methinks that now is the time to sweep them all out of the People’s House and bring back that Godly expression of Liberty, Democracy and Free Will — Government by the People, from the People and for the People.

Because that is the best form of government, and that is what America stands for, alone as a beacon of light for all of the Peoples of this God’s green earth.

And on the 15th of August I shall deliver the biggest speech of my career in New York.

It will mark the 160th anniversary of the great speech of Abraham Lincoln that opened the way for his ascendancy to the White House and I aim to follow that path as well, in order to emancipate our nation from mental slavery and remove the stain of racism from our society and from the hearts of our People…

God Bless

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