Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 18, 2020


Today of all days, Nelson Mandela is remembered as the man that shutters apartheid and that is a potent reminder of what we need to do in America today.

In the past I’ve learned a lot when I joined the Civil War struggle in South Africa as a young activist to assist the people to gain their liberty from slavery, back in 1988-90 the season of hate, bloodshed and carnage that overthrew apartheid and ushered the first free and democratic election open to all the races, that make up that wondrous country, at the confluence of the great rivers, the mighty oceans and the fertile lands of Africa…

Learned a lot of things there, and my life was saved quite a few times only because of God’s protection over me and also because my mentor Nelson had offered his edict for the people to protect me, because I was working on the right side of history — as he signaled from inside his cell in Robins island, to his lieutenants who were leading the struggle and the popular rebellion of this bloody Civil War…

Today I remember that kindly and yet stern man who changed the flow of History and recall that we shall see better days ahead in our country too — only because of the struggle of our people to overthrow our own peculiar system of invisible Apartheid.

May the Good God bless and protect us as we overthrow Mental Slavery and Liberate America so that we can save the Soul of this Nation.

The Spirit of Madiba lives on:

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 7.10.26 PM


Dr Churchill


Believe me brothers and sisters when I say this:

Better Days lay ahead, and we are here to see them arise.

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 1.56.22 PM



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