Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 20, 2020


Speech is old age’s wisdom,

And time,
Is fiery sculptor of men,

And the sun,
hanging over as a beast of hope,

And you,
closer to it, tighten some love,

Having a bitter taste of tempest on the lips….

Standing on the rocks,
with no yesterday and no tomorrow,

On the rocks,
dangers by the storm’s comb,

You will take farewell of your riddles

[The Nobel Prize in Literature of 1979 was awarded to poet Odysseus Elytis for his poetry, which depicts with strength and clear-sightedness modern man’s struggle for freedom.]

Dr Churchill

My Speech

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 3.53.29 PM

My current speech is following here:

Please see Dr Churchill’s speech in this YouTube video from this Sunday at the “We Stand Together” march & demo in Martinez CA this past Sunday where Dr Churchill spoke against Racism and against White supremacy:

And please see this larger segment of the “We Stand Together” Anti-Racism Rally and Demonstration in Martinez CA here:

This is from San Francisco Chronicle newspaper article about the Martinez peaceful demo and speeches:

These speeches against Racism were delivered at the latest anti-racism demonstration and peaceful democratic rally that we participated in Martinez on the San Francisco Bay, of California this past Sunday:

Martinez marches against racism

To that end we would like to work together.

Thank You

Dr Churchill

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