Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 11, 2020

Restorative Justice is Social Justice. So says Liberation Theology and Dr Churchill…

Seeing this ugly electoral period that we are going through now, and seeing as Joe Biden is the frontrunner — a man who has been responsible largely for building the largest prison system in the world over his legislative and executive career — I cringe for the looming injustice and the present inequity that affects all of us.

Yet, when I say looming injustice — I speak of the real situation of true absence of social justice today that is going to be fully exacerbated after these bipolar & binary elections — no matter who wins amongst the two evil candidates put forth by the the two sad major parties…

I simply say so because I have indeed come to realize that through Liberation Theology we can only find our path to healing our divide and cure the ills of our society.

Because indeed the true measure of our commitment to justice, the true character of our society, and the true nature of our commitment to the rule of law, to the sense of fairness, and to true ethnic, racial and gender equality — cannot be measured by how we treat the rich, the powerful, the privileged, and the respected among us, but by how we treat the weak, the racially unprivileged, the dispossessed, the ultra poor, the disfavored, the accused, the incarcerated, and the condemned.

And that is the ultimate test of our Humanity that we have been constantly failing as a Nation and we are set to fail more, now that the passions have boiled to the point of rebellion, where the instinctive reflex of the Police and the State will be revealed to be the jack-booted thuggery of the oppressors putting the knee to the neck of the oppressed, and asphyxiating them like the police thugs who lynched George Floyd in Minneapolis in broad daylight, with hundreds of witnesses who simply stood by, walked by, milled about, always looking away, and NOT interfering in any way to even attempt to stop this very public lynching.

We are all Evil when things like this happen, because we are all implicated in the vast system of injustice, when we allow other humans to be sacrificed like the sacrificial lamb of God as they suffer the ignominy of lynching in front of our eyes.

We are all Evil when we allow others to suffer racism.

We are all Evil when we allow others to be denied justice.

We are all Evil when we allow others to be mistreated by the police.

And indeed, we are all Evil when we allow others to be lynched, murdered and not allowed to breathe under the boot of the jack booted thugs in broad daylight.

Because it is at this moment that our absence of compassion makes us complicit in this murder…

And it is precisely this absence of compassion that removes any shred of decency and pretense for justice from any person, any community, any state, because it debases each one of us and the whole nation in its entirety.

And indeed this systemic racism is the fault of our society as a whole, because due to the complicity of our government as given to us by the two major parties that are far more interested in power and control, in their lust for supremacy and money — that they have architected our very racist system of living our lives as a nation around the vast police & prison system that the Democrats and the Republicans have been building in tandem over the last fifty or so years.

And indeed, as it was during the period of the stop of the Reconstruction and the Jim Crow laws that followed the 1876 elections compromise that the two parties have already agreed for this 2020 election also — it has been largely the fault of the leaders of the Democratic party who have decided to bring all of us “to heel” as the unforgettable verbal threat that was expressed as the national policy tenet of Joe Biden, Bill & Hillary Clinton and of course Obama, and now Donald Trump…

And if you think that anyone of these oppressors of the people, is going to change their stripes at their old age — you ought to urgently be seen by a Doctor, because you are delusional and suffering from severe hallucinations.

Yet, all magical thinking aside — some of us have come to realize that the closer we get to the tenets of this “Bring-Them-To-Heel” policy as expressed first by Joe Biden and repeated ad infinitum by Hillary and Bill Clinton, the policy of support for the racist Police System of “We-Must-Bring-Them To Heel” is pure and unadulterated EVIL.

“Bring them to Heel” figures large in Joe Biden’s internal policy as well as the mental construct of the “Cop” he has chosen as his running mate, the renown top cop of San Fran, Ms Kamala Harris… []

And because it was this “Top Cop” Ms Kamala Harris who incarcerated unjustly and prematurely upwards of twenty thousand black folks and countless other brown peoples during her tenure as Attorney General in San Francisco, this smacks of the hypocrisy of the Democratic party candidate uncle Joe Biden who has never met a cop that he did not like, and a black or brown person that he did not dislike. []

“Bring them to Heel”is the Democratic party’s standby policy and it is not going to change because it is convenient for this party whose origins as the Southern plantation owners party, have never left its DNA, and also because this policy serves the power hungry and money lusting Democrats, since this policy refers first and foremost to disenfranchising the Black & Brown people that Biden and his ilk have sought to suppress, control & segregate throughout their careers in politics.

Of course it is not an accident because this blatantly racist policy also refers to all the rest of us, such as those of us, that are slightly “different” and especially those of us who are strangers to the Bipolar and Bipartisan system of injustice, oppression and outright murder.

Yet this is exactly what Biden and Trump represent and what will certainly bring to you — regardless of which one of them wins, because they are both pawns, products and spokespersons of the vast Systemic Racism, of the unchecked Police brutality, and of the unbridled mass incarcerations and are the direct beneficiaries of a Society that thrives through the extreme levels of punishment inflicted upon the lesser ones.

In conclusion, the more we see of this inopportune lack of choice in our elections — the more it is necessary to recognize that we all need mercy, we all need justice, and most importantly we all need some measure of unmerited grace.

Yet in my humble opinion — methinks that we also need more choices….

So this is the time to rebel against the awful binary and bipolar evil choice of the upcoming elections and stop thinking strategically to go vote for the lesser evil because there is no such thing.

Evil is evil and there is no way to distinguish one evil person like Joe Biden, from another like Donald Trump.

Yet I am here to tell you that you have another choice:

Vote for an Independent and especially for a person that is not on the official printed ballot…

Simply stick it to the “Racist System” and go ahead in an act of defiance and human rights, and simply write the name Dr Churchill at the bottom of the ballot paper and send it in.

Or do the same at the voting booth.




Join me today as I speak at the University of Washington my alma matter about Justice in our country, in our city, in our community, and beyond…

Twelve o’clock at the Red Square in front of the Suzalo library.

Bring your signs for justice and reconciliation.

See you there.

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