Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 16, 2020

Two sides of the same earth we all share…

Two good men stood inopposite corners of the world.

Each faced the same sky.

And each held a wish.

The first, that his children follow in his footsteps.

Footsteps clothed in education, privilege and the anticipation of greatness.

The second, that his children make it through the night past the hunger, pain and disease.

If the first man could conceive the pain that beset the second — he might be able to travel beyond mere pedantic life and reach all the way to greatness…

And if the second man could catch just a glimpse of the compassion held in the first man’s new found gaze — he might see light where there had been only darkness.

It seems that the experience of each man might hold the key for the liberation the transcendence and the upliftment of the other.

And it further appears that togetherness of understanding and compassion — has always been the sole opportunity of this human race to lift itself up from the shadows and into the Light.


Dr Churchill


Please do keep in mind that simple things in Life, because it is only compassion, kindness and mere basic goodness that’s required of all of us if we are to coexist in respectful peace, in loving community and in happy harmony…

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