Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 25, 2020

You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly…

Fly, flow, live and thrive.

Whether you are happy now or sad — rest assured, nothing is going to stay the same forever…

Life is a journey not a destination.

What you love doing today might become boring or it will not be as appealing as it once was, and if you are suffering now — you shall overcome soonest.

Life is the real challenge, and the proper boarding school for you to learn and to accept the dictum of constant, disrupting and unadulterated change.

Heraclitus, the ancient Greek philosopher said, “Change is the only constant in life.”

Zeno was the philosopher who perhaps first said: “Ta panda Rei” loosely translated as “Everything Flows.”

Now, when Zeno concludes “that the same thing is many and one, we shall instead say that what he is proving is that something is many and one, in different respects, not that unity is many or that plurality is one,” so, there is no contradiction, and thus Zeno’s paradox has been explained by Plato.

Yet in reality “panta rei” is ancient Greek and means “everything flows”. The whole sentence goes: “Panta rei, panta patèr ò polemos, panton basileas” – in Greek characters that roughly mean “Everything flows, and father and king of everything is war.”

Democritus, the father of Physics also echoed this view when he said: “πάντα ρει” as the simplified version of “πάντα ρεί, ουδέν μένει.”

And that ancient saying can be literally translated as: “everything goes forward, nothing stays still.” And colloquially it means that things always change, even if the surface of things looks the same as before the flow changes all of it…

All wise men and spiritual thinkers, as well as religious leaders essentially say the very same thing, as did Democritus, Thales, Plato, Socrates, and most others when they used the two phrases that are in truth independent although they often appear as a whole. While both are attributed to Heraclitus, the first one “Ta panta rei” is actually a wonderful phrase by which Plato encapsulates Heraclitus’ philosophy.

It is helpful for all to see and realize that the phrase “Panta Rei” = “Everything Flows” is often illustrated by the simple imagery of the metaphor common in the English language form the Shakespeare onwards that “None of us ever steps into the same river twice… because the water always flows.”

Same as what I say that “None of us passes a moment in life twice, because everything changes all the time.”

De za vue be damned…

As for Aristotle — here he goes:

Now Aristotle is often opposed in philosophy to the doctrine of another important pre-Socratic philopher Parmenides, who espoused the view that the whole world is an unchanging and ever present unity…

And of course he is the bastion of totalitarianism and lack of intellectual freedom, but that be as it may — we have evolved quite a lot since the time of Tyranny and Slavery into the time of Free Will and Emancipation from Mental Slavery as a People and as a Species in the whole.

Because I believe that “flow is everything” and that is what all the great Physicists, Religious leaders, Spiritualists and plain intelligent people with a heart of wisdom will tell you as well.

Same as I would tell you… and what you know deep in your heart to be true.

Therefore, one must learn to love “Change.”

And so today comes amongst us the religion of Faith in embracing Change, as according to all the Spiritual disciplines, and according to Scriptural traditions — yet also according to the multidisciplinary and intereligious truth of Transformation, Trascendence and Resurrection into Life eternal and full of Grace.

Because accepting flow as a faithful person and an emotionally and spiritually intelligent one means that the more you are open to follow your heart, the more life will seem to flow & progress naturally.

The opposite is true as well, because the more you resist change and flow — the more difficult, painful and iniquitous your life will become… and the more unhappy you shall be in consequence.

And because sometimes in the waves of change & loss we find our true direction — we mist not lose sight of that positive outcome of the difficult and trying times too.

Cause, indeed everything that happens has far more than the two obviously simplistic & awfully binary meanings, that most ordinary people assign on events, outcomes and decision making.

I say that because first of all Life is not always about You, and secondarily, life is not about the results you want, or even about something that you need, so that you get the satisfaction of getting what you want, or even about receiving that something that you expect to be untoward or revolting towards you…

Life is not about Heaven and Hell right here and now either, but rather its all about a box of cherries mixed with chocolates and shit, that you might like, love, or even hate, when you taste them, and thus learn the art of discernment about what to take and what to leave behind.

As for my advise — I suggest that You just go ahead and accept everything.

And even go ahead and rejoice in the “whatever” comes down the pike… and go one further and Thank the Lord for that good bad or in between that you received today because ultimately it all leads to the best for you, for your life and for the whole world in that schematic of an interwoven network of all the faithful people of the human species.

And that would give you a sunny disposition allowing you to focus on the good things in life, thereby attracting greatness and fondness of Life and not Injustice or Inequity.

People always ask me this:

Dr Churchill — Why are you so optimistic?

Because when we learn to accept everything and anything from Life — instead of expecting things to go one way or another — we shall not be disappointed with any outcome and instead we shall come to embrace the Journey as the destination…


Dr Churchill


“You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.”

“You have wings.”

“Learn to use them and fly.”


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