Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 6, 2020

Traveling across the untidy United States, witnessing and supporting our people during this time of trials, travails and tribulations — reminds me of Ibn Battuta’s travels during another time of crisis.

The “tourist gaze” as explained by sociologist John Urry is the wise traveler’s set of expectations that want to bring us close to the authentic local populations when we participate in “heritage” traveling experiences while thriving in the search of having an “authentic” experience by living amongst locals in as simple a way as possible, while giving back humbly and generously of our work, knowledge and wisdom…

And as I travel across our Great Country – I  see the pain, the angst and the expressions of rage from my people, and as I listen attentively, observe diligently, and participate in their affairs authentically — I always make an effort to disconnect from my people’s pain.

Because we all have issues, I must remind them and myself that it is not my mission to carry the pain of the people of this world, as it is also not your life’s task to carry my own pain.

Empathize of course we should — and as we internalize the feelings that start with empathy — we observe the people and the way that they’ve gone wrong and thus allow ourselves the necessary distance to center ourselves and thus heal and strengthen our resolve to work diligently to bring change, succor and health to our people by leading them out of the desert of trials tribulations and discontent.

And this is the medicine that I afford myself as I lead my people to safety, balance and harmony.

And it is always pivotal for me to take the time to pray stoutly and thus bring my own frame towards a place of Grace, Balance and Harmonious perspective . . . rather than allowing my self to enter into the dungeons of fear, bitterness or gloom.

And when my people who listen to my sermons, are downcast and depressed about the state of our country and of the world, I teach them the gospel of discernment about what we allow to enter our body and our mind, soul and spirit — and thus we can replace despair, fear & panic, with Faith, Courage and Resolute strength.

Because we will only change the world one heart at a time, and one person at the time if we want to allow our better angels to lead us to better place — not heaven on earth, but a humble expression of gratitude and humility in our earthly abode…


Dr Churchill


 Our friends across the country are desolate and their stance reveals their pain…

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