Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 25, 2020

The Gift of this Christmas is that the Chinese pandemic catastrophe should be turned into a new Human Rights era for all the People…

This pandemic has been a once-in-a-century catastrophic event that pushed a billion people into poverty and shattered all of our clumsily constructed livelihoods — yet this crisis need not be wasted. 

The sheer scale of the human suffering, the death & destruction from covid-19, along with the resultant injustices, the human rights abuses, the still unfolding massive poverty growth, the vast inequities, and the unforeseen looming dangers that this Wuhan coronavirus attack against the world, has revealed — is that a bloody carnage and the unprecedented human toll as well as the painful sacrifice — has got to be put right.

That is my promise.

We need to apportion Justice for the perpetrators of this crime against Humanity and then announce the ways that we will change, in order to fix our world, our societies, and our civilization, towards a better standing, all over again.

We need to have a goal to become a great hopeful People once again and to stop dwelling in misery.

Our victimization must end and the era of the resumption of normal life must be ushered once again.

Participating in a candle lit Christmas service yesterday and singing the eternal songs of praise, love & hope has given me the promise of our Good God that we will be reborn in the light of Life.

And for that we need the lights of innovation, which mean that this year 2020 best be remembered as the year when everything changed.

Indeed, since this SARS-2 virus, has caused more than 1.6m recorded deaths, while many hundreds of thousands more loses of life might have gone unrecorded, and the poverty across the world has grown by 35% while the global economic output is at least 25% lower than it would have been — this era of the Chinese pandemic represents the biggest Civilization slump since the hundred years ago nasty effects of the First World War, the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression and the second world war combined.

Mainly because this pandemic has not only highlighted all the existing inequities, injustices and instabilities, but it has generated the most severe poverty, health crises and human rights abuses as well as a vastly more serious side effect of the injustice — which is the massive culling of the weaker ones amongst us.

And it has amply proven that our severe discrepancies of wealth distribution are a source of death in and of themselves. This disease is an economic disease as well, targeting and killing the poorest and the least protected amongst us, and that is a making of our own…

The World Bank organization, the U.S. and the United Nations all estimate that this pandemic has forced more that a Billion more people into extreme poverty, and has caused more than a few million needless deaths from the associated lack of medical care for anything else than the thinly stretched medical resources for the reflective defense against Covid-19.

How’s that for a great Chinese virus gift this season?  

A Chinese attack on all of our Liberties and on all that we hold sacred worldwide.

An attack on our religion and on our faith.

An attack on the simple Civil Liberties and on our Human Rights.

All Human Rights around the Globe has been trashed because of this Chinese biological warfare.

All the governments across the globe have taken their cues from China and usurped all of our basic Freeborn Human Rights and have turned our societies willy-nilly into vast concentration camps of self isolated confined human being relegated to Solitary Confinement, ad infinitum.

What a bloody shame…

It is awful that it has come to that. And it is further awful that we have fallen for it, and swallowed the bait whole — hook line & sinker.

We’ve been had my friends, because under the guise of this pandemic — all of our God given Human Rights have been dismissed while we were not watching, and we are fast becoming like an obedient and all totalitarian ant colony.

The Mass Society ordered by the Evil Empire is upon us and if you don’t believe me — just take a trip to Tibet…

That ought to school you.

Yet, awful as the situation might be — there’s still time to change things.

And there might even be something good that can come out of it.

Because there might be a gift in the offing from the misery of the 2020 plague.

And that is what has been brought into my mind as a gift of Grace since it presents a rather stark contrast to the popular narrative of Gloom & Doom, that pervades our world, around this Christmas time of 2020.

And as an eternal sunshine optimist — I always believe that there has got to be a silver lining in that awful dark cloud that rains above our head, and maybe there is a rainbow waiting for all of us, at the end of this pandemic that has unleashed the torrential rains, the deluge and the floods that flooded our hastily constructed tents, our tipis, and our simple dwellings — we call HOME.

And it is my Vision, that this rainbow will come and shine the sky for all of us.

And in the right Celtic tradition of the AngloSaxon people — it should come with a pot of gold at the foot of it…

And my prayerful wish this Christmas, is that this pot of gold has got to be distributed amongst the poorest of the poor — in order to our wealth to be shared equitably — since this is the least we can do to apologize and repair the damage done.

And that should certainly be a new social contract between our People and our Governments, and that agreement ought to be called simply “A NEW POLICY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS.”

A New Contract with the World.

A new Economic Contract with fixed guarantees for all the people and all the Peoples living in the 21st century…

This past year, I built a campaign for the presidential election of 2020 in America — centered around Economic Equity, Human Rights, Public Health, Social Cohesion, Justice and Unity.

And that was my appeal to all Americans to forget the divisions, the hate and the bipolar Civil War mood, and instead turn back to the certainties of the pioneering Spirit of American Dream that always pushes us for hard work, innovation, frontier & forward-looking expansion, growth, risk-taking, social support, justice for all, industrial, political and scientific progress as it befits a progressive liberal Democratic Republic that the United States of America has always been since its inception.

Averting Civil War in my country, has been my main mission, and yet now we recognize the urgency of our mission, because we need to focus on rebuilding the Peace.

A new era of Reconstruction must follow this pandemic and the resultant injustices, and we need to understand that only by growing the American Spirit as the spirit that will endow the 2020s, with HOPE, PEACE & LOVE, for the whole World — we might be able to turn the sad tide around and built an Arc that will include all Humanity in its saving Grace…

We need to do that because that is the only way that we can alleviate both the suffering resulting from covid-19, as well as the injustices, the poverty, and all too real issue, dangers and catastrophes that this Chinese born, and bred pandemic, has unleashed as a wholesale attack on our Civilization.

We need to deliver the American Dream and the Hope for Great tidings to come our way, for all the people of this Earth, today.

Because as of now it has indeed been revealed, that the promise of political, economic, social and scientific innovation — only means something, if we can turn this thing around.

And if…

And only if…

If we can turn this thing around…

Then that would then mean that this catastrophe will be remembered as the spark of change — when everything in our Civilization, changed for the better…

And further if…


If you want to stand against the tides of the looming darkness…

And if you want to maybe fight…

An appeal to Heaven above might be all that you can do.

Or you can pray devoutly and also choose to fight…

And fight stoutly we shall.

And we will win this no matter how long the struggle might be.

And if you want to support the New Era of Human Rights — please share this far & wide, because first of all — we need to Free our people from the bondage of the perpetrators of injustice, cruelty and hate.

And let us not forget that the Slave masters of Tibet are the same tyrants that demand to subjugate the rest of the world as well.


Because if we allow these tyrants to continue their march to the Supremacy all over the world …

And if we allow this to happen — then I am afraid that all of our voices, along with our bodies and even our very souls will disappear for ever… in the pit of darkness.

And that would signal the end of our Civilization and its replacement with a thousand years of darkness…


If you don’t want a jackbooted thug kicking you forever in the throat — maybe you would want to join the Lincoln party and fight for Freedom everywhere in our world, because the fight against the Evil Empire has already begun.


Dr Churchill

Merry Christmas

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