Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 1, 2021

Thucydides trap, manifested as the war between the United States of America and China, can be averted by intelligent diplomatic policy…

Thucydides was an Athenian historian and general who lived in the 4th century BC era of the early empire warfare between the Democratic empire of Athens and the Totalitarian axis of Sparta…

The parallels with today’s world abound and astound one as we compare the richness of similarities between those times and todays Superpower struggles between the American Democratic Republic, and the Chinese tyrannical regime — both vying for supremacy in a weary world eager for a measure of Peace and Stability that is as elusive as the Prophet’s tooth…

Thucydides erudite writings on the History of the Peloponnesian War recount the fifth-century BC great conflict between the confederations of Sparta and the Athenian empire, that lasted undiminished for three decades (431–404 BC) until such time that Athens was saved because her leaders managed to open a second front against Sparta and her allies; and thus caused them to divide their strength and fail in their overall military ambitions…

In many ways the Peloponnesian war was a terribly bloody Civil War within Greece and as such is reminiscent also of the American Civil War that bedeviled our country and largely destroyed our Union for a number of years. Yet what is significant is that this Civil War was mainly caused by outside forces that agitated because they wished to reduce the United States to bloody splinters of its former glory and to reduce all of its great cities to rubble and to see its citizens turned to ghosts fleeing the burned shells of their homes…

Sadly, that internal conflict of the United States, was motivated by outsiders — and was done the same way as ancient Athens and Sparta’s conflict was fueled by “Median Gold,” special interests and undiplomatic foreign influence.

The first book of Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War, offers a brief review of early Greek history and some programmatic historiographical commentary, because it seeks to explain why the Peloponnesian War broke out when it did, and what its causes were. Except for a few short excursuses (notably 6.54–58 on the Tyrant Slayers), the remainder of the History (books 2 through 8) rigidly maintains its focus on the Peloponnesian War to the exclusion of all other topics.

While the History concentrates on the military aspects of the Peloponnesian War, it uses these events as a medium to suggest several other themes closely related to the war. It specifically discusses in several passages the socially and culturally degenerative effects of war on humanity itself. The History is especially concerned with the lawlessness and atrocities committed by Greek citizens towards each other, in the name of one side or another in the war. Some events depicted in the History, such as the Melian dialogue, describe early instances of realpolitik or power politics.

The History is preoccupied with the interplay of justice and power in political and military decision-making. Thucydides’ presentation is decidedly ambivalent on this theme. While the History seems to suggest that considerations of justice are artificial and necessarily capitulate to power, it sometimes also shows a significant degree of empathy with those who suffer from the exigencies of the war.

Today, for our Country — the single most important challenge facing the U.S. in the twenty-first century is the rise of an increasingly authoritarian China under Xi Jinping…

China’s rise, because of the scale of its economy and military, the speed of its technological advancement, and its radically different worldview than that of the US, and we ought to be paying real attention to that trend now; because China’s influence impacts every major US national interest, and especially our elected politicians, our U.S. Presidents, our Senators, our Congressmen, our Governors, and indeed all of our Leaders & Bureaucrats, across the whole spectrum of the United States government — because nobody is above the temptations fo the vast influence of the Chinese “Median Gold” and their unfathomable wealth that is thrown willingly at the feet of our bureaucrats and transactional leaders…

Currently, the rise to power of “Emperor” Xi Ji-ping has greatly accentuated this challenge, and accelerated its timetable. At home, Xi has fostered a quasi-Maoist personality cult, pursuing the systematic elimination of his political opponents, while using ethno-nationalism in order to unite his country against the United States as well as against any challenge to his authority, internal or external.

That is why today Emperor Xi’s China increasingly resembles a new form of totalitarian police state, replete with all of the trimmings of Adolf Hitler, including the lifetime dictator Xi and his use of the Gestapo, the SS and the Concentration camps against the minorities that according to his policies — they all ought to be re-educated, assimilated or exterminated.

By the way, you can ask the Fallun-Gong adherents, of the Christian missionaries, or the Muslim Uyghurs and the if you don’t believe me…

The whole of the vast administration region Xinjiang, is now fully devoid of any Muslim people since all the Uyghurs have disappeared, and their numbers diminished all across China because of the central government’s policy of forced sterilization, extermination and displacement into a great network of thousands of concentration camps that make millions of people disappear without a trace…

[ ]

Emperor Xi has demonstrated that he intends to project China’s authoritarian system, coercive foreign policy, and military presence well beyond his country’s own borders to the world at large — while the US, which once operationalized a unified strategy to deal with the challenge of the Soviet Union, in the form of Kennan’s containment, so far has no ambitious plans in regards to China’s containment.

This lack of planning and national direction, has indeed been a betrayal and a clear dereliction of national responsibility that might actually prove to be the downfall of not only the American empire, but it will represent the complete erasure of the leader of the Free World, and its replacement by a totalitarian Communist style regime all across the Globe.

Because of that anomaly that is clearly hidden into our future — it is now a matter of national security urgency, that the US develop an integrated, operational, and bipartisan national strategy to guide the content and implementation of US policy toward Emperor Xi’s China for the next five decades.

And we can start by taking advantage of Realpolitik, because the internal conflicts within China’s leadership, because the political reality is that the CCP is divided on Xi’s leadership and his ambitions. Senior party members have been greatly troubled by Xi’s policy direction and angered by his endless demands for absolute loyalty, obedience, and blind following of his increasingly authoritarian and Hitler-like orders, screaming bouts and outbursts of uncontrollable ferocious red-hot anger.

Yet it doesn’t seem that anger management will fix the situation with Emperor Xi and the troubles that he has already unleashed for the World…

More drastic medicine is required for that.

Maybe war is the end of Diplomacy but we haunt gotten there yet…

So for now — we need containment and because of that — the mission for US-China strategy should be to see China return to its pre-2013 path — i.e., the pre-Xi strategic status quo.

Indeed all US responses to China, today, should be focused in understanding the principal lens of Emperor Xi himself, so that we can understand how he views himself in the mirror and consequently how he sees the world in relation to his ambitions.

And because the current Emperor Xi has spent enough time in Iowa as a college student — this helps us understand that he knows the stories and the American culture, and indeed he sees himself like a Chinese Superman.

Superhero or not — Emperor Xi is a military dictator, who has ushered a vast social engineering project within China, a tremendous BioTerror war against all of the Free World, and a new era of nuclear weapons instability, because of his supersonic ICBMs that today are only targeting the United States of America.

One rightly wonders, WHY?

Why Mr Xi do you only target America?

Is it because You didn’t like your school years in Iowa?

Someone disrespected you there?

What’s up with that?

Yet regardless of whether we find out or not why Emperor Xi is butt-hurt by America — we must operate under the assumption that he is willing to change our system through conquest and occupation, and that is why our own objective should be to cause China’s leadership to change and conclude that it is in their own best interests to throw out the Dictator, and to replace him with a more Democratic form of representative government, because their country needs to start operating once again, within the existing US-led liberal international order of liberal democracies for the betterment of the whole world and especially for the benefit of all the Chinese people.


Of course, the US list of red lines should be short, focused, and enforceable. China’s tactic for many years has been to blur the red lines that might otherwise lead to open confrontation, because the United States lacked any clear plan for the containment of the Chinese Empire. Yet now that we are attacked mercilessly — the ambition of all US strategy for now, as well as for the decades ahead — should be to cause China’s Communist Party leadership to change strategic course.

This has to be our focus.

A system of Realpolitik that agitates for a free China — with or without Emperor Xi at the helm…


Dr Churchill


Yet, there is still some room for a wider form of strategic competition with China, in both diplomacy and economics.

And there indeed exist diplomatic opportunities; where it is in US interests “to engage in strategic cooperation with a New China.

This strategy must be implemented nationally, bilaterally, regionally, multilaterally, and globally with allies. Such an approach will require an unprecedented level of US national and international policy coordination.

For North Americans, Europeans, and others who believe in open economies, just societies, and competitive political systems, the challenge is to have continuing confidence in the ideas upon which they rest…

In the final analysis, the major problem facing the US in confronting Xi’s China is not one of military, economic, or technological capabilities.

It is one of self-belief, or of a suspension of disbelief…

Our Call.


Yet the most immediate goal of our international relations and military strategic policy as well as our diplomatic goal — should be no other than getting China and its Emperor to engage in a New Strategic limitation of Nuclear Weapons Systems, and that is what I have proposed to the New Administration in Washington DC because it is the most important thing to do if we are to avert the New Nuclear War that is looming right around the corner…

Take my word for it:

The New S.A.L.T. treaty ought to be the most important priority of the United States new administration and it first One Hundred Days urgent policy.

Let us now get this thing done as we have accomplished the same thing with President Misha Gorbachov of the old Soviet Union.

I know — I was there.

And although many times, we thought it would never really happen — it did happen and it made the world a Safer place for all Human Beings.

What a glorious day that was…

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