Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 20, 2021

Advance Life Science is an Ethical VC firm for life saving innovations []

In these difficult times we recognize that as Angels, early stage venture capitalists, and financiers — working alongside innovators, entrepreneurs, business people, educated consumers, citizens, environmental activists, social & political leaders & all other responsible individuals, be it investors and ethical bankers or mainstream savers — we all play a key role in our continued existence as environmental stewards, as leaders, and as honest to goodness simple human beings that are invested in our collective success for the People, for the planet and for the profitable growth of our economy.

It is especially important today to accept the challenge of our times, because after many decades of harm, our planet now needs plenty of responsible leadership, loads of TLC, and true stewardship, for the regeneration and the rehabilitation of our Earth, our celestial Home and our beloved “Gaia” our Mother.

We are the Innovators who will help to reverse the damage, protect our ecosystems, and create positive outcomes — and we all ought to pledge our support for all the Entrepreneurs who in turn will rely on the financial support of all of our ethical Venture Capital investors, partners and team members.

This new class of VC investors will abide by a higher standard of values, setting them apart from those practicing the old ways.

The “Mensarius” Oath, meaning “Financier” Oath from Latin, is an outline of values based on the original Hippocratic Oath for doctors, adjusted for the Venture Capital community.

The Mensarius Oath

As a VENTURE CAPITAL professional that invests in enterprises using personal or investor capital — I hereby pledge to honor these basic values outlined below:

  • In my profession of Venture Capital, I endeavor to help create positive outcomes for all of humanity.
  • With my dealings, I create positive outcomes financially and otherwise for all of those involved, including the conscious avoidance of harm to any parties.
  • Being in the industry, I will help others to achieve the highest standards that I set for myself and my organization.
  • As a steward of the trade, I work against any abuse of power that leads to unfair advantage, seduction, corruption or mistreatment.
  • As a person who can affect the outcome, I commit to reducing inequality and increasing fairness in society.
  • In honor of the community, I pledge to treat all that approach me with fairness, equality and the attention that each opportunity deserves.
  • As a professional, I am open and honest in all of my dealings with those that I serve, including Investors and Founders.
  • As part of my work, I keep all matters that are understood to be private with all available protections to keep safe from public or other unwanted disclosure.
  • To continuously improve, I solicit and respect feedback from those that I serve and from my wider industry professionals.


Dr Churchill


At Advance Life Science Venture Capital — — the firm I helm, we all subscribe to this “Mensarius Oath” because it is based on the simple thought that today’s Venture Capital Investors ought to be the doctors that will help remove pain, heal, & cure our life threatening diseases, through innovative pathways, powerful environmental solutions and early stage investment finance.

We prioritize these solutions because we need to magnify the impact from the “tools of our trade” in order to be able to solve the various wicked problems that were created by our predecessors and the past practices of rapacious finance…

Please feel free to share this Mensarius Oath with your community, and also share with us, your own views on this modern set of values for the Business Angel community and for all technology entrepreneurs, life science innovators, and all early stage business innovators, inventors and investors.

Thank You most kindly.

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