Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 23, 2021

Today in America same as in countries all around the world — our greatest concern is Racial Justice & Equality for all…

Our generations’ central concern is improving racial justice & equality for all, and it is evidenced by the vociferous activism that we see all around us…

Here is a small video of the public speech that I offered last night, and unfortunately due to the memory limitations of transfer of less than 25 MB of memory — it is reduced to a tiny yet visible memoir of my simple message of support for the Civil Rights of Minorities and Justice for All, as well as a Prayer for Peace and Love in our communities….



Dr Churchill


Here is the video from my speech for Civil & Minority Rights against White Supremacy earlier this Summer:

And here is the declaration of my Candidacy for the U.S. Senate campaign in 2022…

Come stand with me….

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