Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 1, 2021

Be still…

Bringing the mind to stillness is not easy…

Well — you know,

Meditation is never easy…

Yet it can be done and it might just save you form your own fears, demons, uncertainties and doubts too…

You need to only do one thing:

You’ve got to pay attention to only one thing, and that is your own breath, your pulse, your own tempo..

As the willy monk and buddhist meditation teacher Thich Nhat Hanh says:

You’ve got to make sure to focus on something constant, like the drip-drip-drip sound of the rain, because as long as your mind is listening to the rain drop by drop — you are not thinking about anything else.

You don’t need to try to still your mind.

Because you need only to relax and continue listening to the rain.

The longer you are able to sit still and listen , the more still your mind becomes.

Sitting in stillness like this allows us to see things as they truly are.

When the body is relaxed and the mind comes to rest, we can see clearly.

And then all becomes simple and the world makes complete sense all over again.

Simple as that.

You ought to try it sometime…


Dr Churchill


Pray, meditate, focus on the rain or on your own breath — because this is a good way to let go of your monkey mind’s control of your head of your life and consequently of your happiness…

Try this trick in Seattle where it rains often, and you shall find out that your mind does become as still and clear as the water in a mountain lake, whose tranquil surface reflects the blue sky above, the clouds, and the surrounding rocky peaks just as they are.

Just as they are and not as you might have imagined them to be.

Be still my heart… be still.

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