Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 3, 2021


Destiny is purpose seen from the other end of life.

When engaged with the true aim of one’s life, looking back can be revelatory.

In the end, very little is lost to chance or unimportant pursuits.

Once the key of your destiny is found and the door of perception opens — everything starts making sense…

The ascents, the descents, the zig-zag of the road, and the path you follow, even the tragedies and all your failures can be now seen as necessary pursuits in the wheel of life.

Because when the door of perception between the worlds begins to open and the values of time and place are altered — everything gains meaning and the puzzle of life is revealed as quite complete…

So do not despair my friends, because this too shall pass and we shall be able to regain our perspective for the vistas of our journey once again.


Dr Churchill


And when we feel our destiny calling — it is nothing sort of a revelation for us to understand our purpose and the real reason for being on this earth…

That is all.

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