Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 3, 2021

Pain can be the lesson and a friend too…

Everyone experiences pain…

Everyone has a cross to bear.

Indeed, each and everyone of us suffers pain and anguish from daily hurt, or form life’s miseries and yet we also suffer from life patterns that continue to make our life miserable, unless something or someone intervenes.

The pain we feel comes from the cross-wise energies that keep curving back and cancelling the wise self and the good word that wait to be expressed from within us.

Persistent pain is usually the indication that we have become trapped in a life too small for our true nature.

That is the usual human fate and the common predicament where the little-self obscures the greater nature behind it.

Until people realize what harms them and limits them from within, they are unlikely to call out for someone to help stop the pain.

The remedy may be nearby, but until the pain becomes unbearable most remain caught in the agony of one form or another of self-inflicted wounds.


Dr Churchill


“The cure for the pain is in the pain.”

–Jalaluddin Rumi (13th-century Persian mystic poet & founder of Sufism)

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