Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 9, 2021

PTSD trauma and new healing mechanisms.

PTSD Trauma and Healing Mechanisms…

It is a self evident truth that the Covid-19 lockdowns, the self isolation, the solitary confinement and the rest of the ignoble sufferings of the people have caused a flare up in suicides, drug overdoses — intentional & unintentional — along with more traumatic expressions of despair, wounding and tragic anxiety that can lead to sudden death syndrome in adults, via syncope and cardiac arrest.

As of now we do not have any special medicine for the rampant PTSD that our people suffer through, except the tools of Spirituality, Prayer, Meditation and aspects of the great religion that simply shows us what to do with the absurd, the tragic, the traumatic, the nonsensical, the unjust and all those moments that lead to self proclaimed death… 

Because we all know that if we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it and transmute it into a form of self attack, auto-goal and suicide.

Yet for the first time in history now — we have a medicine that can heal the broken hearts and the even cure the persistent types of PTSD and all of a sudden, you can do this, too.

Indeed with this experimental drug now — You can face your own sorrow, heal your own wounds, and You can stop worrying, and wishing for some other life, some other past, some other reality, some other future and someone else’s identity… 

Because this constant worry, and the poisonous memories over what has happened in our past, or the troubles over whatever anyone has done to us in the past, or the world is doing to us now, or might do to us in the future — this innermost, hidden center of ourselves remains invincibly established in God as a mysterious Presence, as a life that is at once God’s and our own…

Because when we don’t allow ourselves to acknowledge the pain—the deep, agonizing soul pain that results from historical trauma—we aren’t able to recognize that we all carry some measure of that pain within us.

This is not some jejune approach to psychotherapy but a real treatment of the most severe of cases of PTSD that through the use of this drug alongside the meditative effects of open healing you achieve miracles, such as the effects of a silent mind, that allows you to reap the benefits of the temple of Grace that arrives in your life when you are silent, so that you can hear the forest breathe, and you can hear the hushing smooth wind thrush of the tree’s leaves, limbs and trunks sashaying in the wind and saying sweet nothings to each other…

And since those who gaze onto the Spirit long enough, with contemplative eyes, are always healed at deep levels of pain, unforgiveness, aggressiveness, suicidal thoughts and victimhood; and this is the effect of this new experimental drug for the treatment of PTSD.

This is not some primal healing mechanism through eye rolling, head tapping, or even humming … although we know that some of those techniques along with psychotherapy and talk therapy have worked for some people in the past.

This is the path to a New life for all victims of PTSD and it is as simple as taking your dose of MDMA and sitting in a quiet, private & comfortable place, where you feel utterly safe, relaxed and comfortable. That is where you sit down with your water glass, and your blanket and you rest

Take your medicine and relax fully. Wait and the effects will start and continue for the next couple of hours. Your sense of warm & cold will be challenged but that is all expected. A sense of Loving will emanate from your insides and will envelop all of you in a spirit of Self Love.

Thrive in it. Enjoy it. Avoid rushing away from it. Stay with yourself, by yourself, and for yourself.

When you’re done, reach your arms upwards and give Thanks to the Divine Spirit for the overreach.

Be Grateful and feel the State of Grace that you have entered here…

Then, slowly and gently, feel your body with your hands, starting from the top of your head. Move slowly down your neck and along your chest, then below your waist, then past your knees, until your arms are fully extended downward and you have enveloped all of you with loving kindness and a great sense of compassion for whatever you have accomplished.


Dr Churchill


You can ask for our therapy package by emailing me here and we will arrange a healing care package through our non-profit organization People’s Health International.

This is the newly approved for Emergency use medicine: MDMA

The nightclub drug MDMA (3-4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine) has finally found a home in conventional medicine, because in early 2020, the FDA granted MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, an emergency-use authorization for clinical use in those with treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with results of phase III trials expected in late 2021.

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy involves the administration of up to three doses of the drug in a controlled clinical setting to boost the efficacy of psychotherapy in people with PTSD. 

“The resurgence of research into using drugs such as MDMA to catalyze psychotherapy is the most promising and exciting development I’ve seen in my psychiatric career,” stated Michael Mithoefer, MD, acting medical director for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Public Benefit Corporation.

“Combining the powerful effects of pharmacology with the potential depth of psychotherapy is a compelling model for harnessing advances in neuroscience and psychopharmacology without ignoring the complexity, richness and innate capacity of the human psyche.”

Now is the time to save the lives of all those suicide victims that are yet to reach for the other side of the vellum of life and help them ease back into the world of the living with happiness and purpose.

God Bless and God Speed and let me know if I can help you get this treatment.

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