Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 3, 2021

Cybernetics according to Albert Einstein’s wisdom…

“I like to experience the Universe as one harmonious whole.

Every cell has life.

Matter, too, has life — it is energy solidified…

The basic laws of the Universe are simple, but because our senses are limited, we can’t grasp them.

There is a pattern in creation.

If we look at this tree outside whose roots search beneath the pavement for water, or a flower which sends its sweet smell to the pollinating bees, or even our own selves and the inner forces that drive us to act, we can see that we all dance to a mysterious tune, and the piper who plays this melody from an inscrutable distance.

Whatever name we give him — Creative Force, or God — escapes all book knowledge.

A cosmic religion has no dogma other than teaching man that the Universe is rational and that his highest destiny is to ponder it and co-create with its laws.

The soul given to each of us is moved by the same living spirit that moves the Universe.”

–Albert Einstein


Dr Churchill


Being a Cybernetics professor and a Public Health Doctor with an Environmental Health emphasis — I clearly relate and understand the fact that the same living spirit that created and adheres the planets of our Universe in their orbits and manifests the Galaxies — is the same Life Force that we call Soul and is given of us, and binds us together in that dance of Life where we manifest our Purpose through Loving Kindness and Service to all other Human beings.

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