Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 3, 2021

The Art of God and Human Destiny has made us Free Willed people…

Why do you think that the fingers of God and Adam do not touch in the representation of Human divinity at this greatest painting in the cannon of Christianity’s Artistic Renaissance?

This is the detail in the painting of Michelangelo’s famous work of art on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel of the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City of Rome.

Methinks, that indeed, it is exactly why the finger of God is extended to the maximum, but the finger of Adam is with the two last contracted phalanges not quite extended to meet God’s divine touch.

Because the sense of Michelangelo’s famous work as seen from far bellow when you look to be elevated up above and by extension onto the Heavens, is to declare that God is always there, but the decision is man’s.

Because if the human being wants to reach out and touch God’s hand — he will need to stretch out his in finger and connect…

Yet by not stretching his finger, the human being could go on during his entire life without seeking it…


Dr Churchill


In Michelangelo’s notes it is seen that the last contracted phalanx of Adam’s finger represents his free will to reach out to God or not.

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