Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 6, 2021

Choosing People for Leadership…

Much of History is largely presented as a story speaking of those great personages, the persons, the Peoples and the Institutions that came out of the individual person’s character growth, education, personal development, and transformation.

It is a litany of the myriads of persons, nations, tribes and institutions, and it usually begins with an experience of some leadership election, selection, or installation of a person into a position of power…

There’s no Historical event of a Leader getting started on his Destiny or his Campaign to save his People — without somehow knowing oneself as special and empowered.

Thus the character, of the people and their groups, will always develop, from that standpoint because we cannot begin the journey of war or statesmanship without a positive note even when the dismal issue facing us is in dire need of problem-solving because it all begins with an experience of “Peoples’ choosing” a Leader to lead them out of the Desert, the Slavery, the Dire Straits of War, Poverty, Sickness & Death. And that is a choice we undertake, same as that choice we have when we enter into a marriage, an assignment, an arrangement or a friendship.

Then we could also think of the many, many stories of a higher power such as God, Destiny, and the Great Fortuna — choosing people, such as Moses and Joshua, or Abraham and Sarah, or even Miriam & Deborah, or David and Solomon, or even Jeremiah and Esther. There in that choice is all of Israel itself.

Much later there comes Peter, Paul, James, Luke, Mathew and most importantly Mary — because God is always choosing leadership people, since first impressions aside — God is not primarily choosing them for a role or for a certain task — but he is choosing them for the fulfillment of their Destiny as it is interlinked with that of the fulfillment of the Destiny of Mankind.

So the question that begs to be asked is this: Is God really choosing these People and persons to be the image representation of God in this world or is it just random people choosing their own images as they perceive the leadership they want to receive?

Any reasonably astute and well educated Theologian would then quietly go ahead and ask this follow up question:

Why does God need images of himself imprinted upon the persons that act as Leaders of his Peoples?

Because it is not him, but rather it is that the People need their Superiors to have a Godly mien, and a divine spirit emanating from within if they are to offer the salve, the grace and the kindness of the Divine Universal Soul to the humble humans that are always afflicted by the existential crisis and the inexorable “Eternity Leave” (commonly spoken as death) that is triggered and precipitated by this temporal sojourn upon this earth, called Life that begins with our birth.

And maybe because God needs people who choose themselves to be Leaders in this temporal realm to prepare the stage for the Great Hereafter.

As a matter of fact, the very people who choose to be willing instruments for Change and Progress of this Divine Soul, and also for our All-Too-Human wants, plans and consequences… are the ones that will always carry the burden of existence heavier than any one other as they come to serve the people as leaders anointed through Grace.

And maybe because it is essential for God’s instruments to know that they are chosen to lead, to act and to sacrifice — they also need to know that they have been anointed and therefore are not alone, since they are not planning, perceiving and even doing their own bidding — but rather because of their anointment and their own free will led choice to serve — they are doing God’s will and People’s work in earnest and in full knowledge as ephemeral vessels of hope writ large…

Because when God chooses someone and asks them to do seemingly incredible and unachievable things (difficult stuff for human beings) — the standard invitational includes the following promise: “Do not be afraid” (Genesis 15:1).

Please do not be afraid to engage in this path, because the “Modus Operandi” the “MO” or the operating procedure, always contains the decisive nudge that includes the promise of his omnipresence expressed in the simple words that speak of his Grace stating that “I will be with you always” (Exodus 3:12).

And because being chosen doesn’t mean that God likes one person over another, or finds some better than others, but because in fact, those few leaders that are chosen by God to be responsible stewards of the Peoples of this Earth — are quite flawed & ordinary people, and yet in all reality truly extraordinary.

In that way it becomes rather clear that their power to do great things is clearly not their own, because it emanates from a higher source.

As Paul best broke it down for all of us when he wrote to the Greeks that had formed the first Christian apostolic church in Corinth:

“If anyone wants to boast, they can only boast about the Lord”

(1 Corinthians 1:31)


Dr Churchill


The paradox is that God’s selections, are always done for the sake of communicating chosenness to everybody else! 

And this is also revealed in the story of Jonah — that this act takes a really long time to learn…

So, in conclusion — be patient and then go ahead and learn the Art of Leadership slowly but surely.

So, here below I offer the basic principles of Godly appointed Human Leadership whose artful skills and soulful application distinguishes the Art of Leadership as practiced by Moses or more recently by Lincoln and by Churchill — that made them the Great leaders that literally saved the World and its people, as we know them to have done.

And also by the same token — there is a shadow side — where the lack of those same qualities of benevolent servant and anointed leadership, leads some others to become beastly tyrants and blood-thirsty beasts of prey, very much like Adolf Hitler and all others who practiced the dark arts of leadership for the worse effect upon Humanity…

So please keep in mind the five cardinal rules of Leadership — if you want to be a Great Leader:

  1. We can only transform people to the degree that we have been transformed.
  2. We can only lead others as far as we ourselves have gone.
  3. We have no ability to affirm or to communicate to another person that they are good or special until we know it strongly ourselves.
  4. Once we get our own “narcissistic fix,” as I call it, then we can stop worrying about being center stage.
  5. And please do not forget Love, because only when we have LOVE for ALL alongside the great Vision, the needed Time and the abundant Energy to promote other people’s lives, empowerment and grace — we can truly stand-up and lead our people out of the wilderness, since only then we can lead them as the Great Statesmen, the Great Warlords, and the Great Magistrates that are needed by all the people who seek comfort under the wings of those who command the prowess and the natural powers of Chiefdom.

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