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“Jew V Jew” in America today.

AntiSemitic Semites: “Jew V Jew” in America today.

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The Jewish Electorate Institute run a widely quoted public survey which found that 25% of the surveyed “American Jews” said that Israel was an “apartheid state,” and another 22% believed that Israel was committing genocide of the Palestinian Arabs.

The remaining 53% were offering a lukewarm support for Israel’s right to exist in the midst of 2 Billion haters around its borders and even within since Hamas and the Palestinian authority represent the remnants of the Palestinian state of old.

Naturally, there has already been significant speculation about the credibility of this survey, its sample, its methodology and the agenda of the people who undertook the survey — yet the implication remains that the survey was conducted by a ultra-Left wing organization, tasked with the mission of conveying a message that American Jews are really not supportive of Israel.

So, if Anyone was looking for conclusive evidence that the American Jewish community is in a dangerous tailspin might just have found the “smoking gun” and the evidence of such ignominy right here on this surreptitious survey of public sentiment amongst the American Jews suffering under the onslaught of today’s Mass Media marinated, infused and Orwellian propaganda mass think and double speak influenced Society and American culture…

Yet, one must wonder where does this travesty will stop?
Because the survey today shows the popular anguish of the American Jews against Israel, but tomorrow it might very well be about Jewish identity, about Jewish faith, and then following that it would be a straightforward neo-Nazi attack against Jewish People in general…

And what about the current rising wave of AntiSemitism and anti-jewish attacks all over the United States that threaten the entirety of Jewish peoplehood?

Because as sure as the sun shines — the following attack will surely be against Judaism in general and that means against all peple of Jewish origin indiscriminately.

It is now evident that this popular American Jewish opinion survey said far more about those who conducted it, and yes, the respondents themselves as well — than just being a very public way of Jews wishing to show their disapproval of Erez Israel.

Am saying this only because there is no way to contextualize this survey, no way to explain away its sample base or methodology that doesn’t change the unmistakable conclusion: “American Jews are decoupling from Erez Israel.”

They are decoupling not only from their brethren and the idea of a coherent Jewish people, but also from reality of an independent State of Israel as well and from the “Biblical Essence” speaking clearly about the land of Erez Israel — the ancestral homeland of the Jews since time immemorial and certainly since the time of God’s spoken and written word to his Peoples.

One who has an inkling of history and knows even a little bit about the series of pogroms and of the Jewish Holocaust — must be able to see this situation as truly frightening, at least for what it says about the ability of American Jews to sustain themselves in both Spirit and Body, going forward.

Now, the real questions need to be asked:

How will the American Jews maintain their sense of identity?

How will they sustain themselves as true Americans of the Jewish faith or cultural identity, assuming they seek to do so?

How do they expect to even be Jews, when they are falling for the “Racist Apartheid Israel” lie?

And since now at least half of American Jews are exhibiting a mass application of the Stockholm Syndrome, which is nothing less than the complete psychological identification with one’s own terrorizing oppressors, like Patty Hearst suffered when she was kidnapped in San Francisco, and then was brainwashed and joined her terrorist organization “Symbionese Liberation Army” kidnappers cause falling in love with them, robbing banks and shooting guards and policemen in all ways fighting against American Society alongside her captors — how do they expect to recover and free themselves of that evil mindset?

Of course, the Jewish People has always been challenged by the prevailing big propaganda lies, (see Herman Goering) yet also by the terribly supplicating willingness of many of our brethren to throw in the towel, to appease, and to join the ranks of our hateful oppressors.

And indeed, these were the very same challenges that were largely exhibited during previous periods of intense persecution — where it became irresistible for many Jews to attempt to assimilate, to convert and to try to blend-in, just hoping against hope and reality — that their top priority was simply that of not standing out like a sore thump and thus hoping to not be marked for the ghetto, for the cattle cars to the internment transport camps, to the involuntary isolation under Nazi racial oppression and to their horror of eventual death inside the gas chambers and their remnants being burned in the crematorium ovens of the very concentration camps that they helped built up, through their docile acquiescence to the orders of their Evil Masters and their doom being a byproduct of the Jews’ own work and of the Jews trying to please the Nazis, through their voluntary servitude hoping to be the last in line leading them inexorably towards the ovens…

Fortunately, as of yet — no such pressures exist in America for its Jews today.

Yet tomorrow promises to be a far darker landscape if this sort of defeatism prevails because there has been an astonishing calumny amongst the Jews all over America, and indeed an astounding willingness to believe the most vicious accusations, outright lies and political calumnies against Erez Israel.

Perhaps, however, there are greater than seemingly evident pressures on American Jews, ones that they might not want to acknowledge, but pressures nevertheless to conform, adopt and subscribe to certain narratives and perspectives — in order to be able to survive in this country even a little bit longer — but that is certainly not a good or winsome strategy as proven by the previous times the jews tried to embrace their haters and evil doers.

Given how factually moronic the idea of Israel as an apartheid State is — since the purported victims are not even part of the State, but rather a foreign population whose leadership has adopted an eliminationist policy towards Israel, one is forced to conclude that this judgment represents the parroting of the condemnations of Israel’s bitter enemies on the American Ultra Left that seeks to destabilize the whole of the Middle East and the only true Democracy and American ally in that much maligned region of the world.

And as a famously biblical, skeptical and analytical people — American Jews would have been thought to be reluctant to buy into such condemnation of their own ancestral homeland of Erez Israel, in the absence of clear and convincing evidence of the accusations hurled against their own nature, faith, creed, race and peoplehood.

And of course as any psychologist worth her salt would tell you — unless the victim accepts the Role of Victim and becomes conditionally victimized in body, spirit and mind perpetually, their oppressors and their terrifying evil terrorists, cannot win.

Therefore, this would be the new reality of all American Jews who seek acceptance into popular faddish culture by asserting that the facts really do not matter, but what actually matters is who is making the accusations, and the power and influence that they hold over vast swaths of the American Jewish community.

Simply stated, it seems clear that for an enormous number of American Jews, being aligned with the ultra-leftist focus on intersectionality and its approved list of “willing victims” is far more important than the naturally occuring willingness to defend one’s own People and their promised land.

One must wonder, what is it that could make so many Jews eager and willing to condemn their own People, other than a fear of their own cancellation?

And this is perhaps the real story behind this anti-Jewish survey, that proves the power of the occultist ultra-left and Antifa led political wing of American AntiSemitic haters — to ostracize all those Jews and Gentiles who would disagree, who would buck the narrative and those who demand the right to support Israel while still extolling Progressive and Democratic political and ideological All-American principles.

This power of the ideological hateful terrorists today is fully reflected in American Jews’ simultaneous adoption of truly scurrilous, vile and dehumanizing accusations, and their making common cause with those who are not interested in justice or human rights, but rather, interested in the swift elimination of Erez Israel.

Now, I must ask:

How did we get to this point?


What has happened to have led to such a colossal betrayal, such a self-destructive untethering?


Where has the leadership, the adults in the American Jewish room, been?

Hiding with their head in the sand, because of Fear.

Where are all the Birthright alumni who, having seen the amazing reality of Israel for themselves should be in a position of input and influence?

Hiding under the rug of self righteousness…

What other self-destructive admissions and confessions will American Jews be willing to make in order to keep from being devoured by the new Jacobins, the voracious Ultra-Left Antifas?

Everything to save their status and their privilege within the elites of uninspiring haters and ultra orthodox leftists.

Please answer me these last questions, because today it is Israel, tomorrow it shall be Jewish Peoplehood, and the following week, might it not be Judaism?

Might not the attacks against Jews continue because Jews are successful, therefore privileged and closet supremacists?

What do you honestly think about this grave matter?

And don’t you think that the rising tsunami of racist antisemitic attacks against Jews in America will escalate because Jews are insular, therefore chauvinistic and exclusionist?

Does anyone doubt that this is the logical progression?

Is there any doubt that the next stops along the slippery slope that is surrendering one’s own identity in the hope of saving oneself for a little while longer will be extermination itself?

And what is that worth?

Under these conditions please answer me this:

Who would want to be a member of the Left club, if the price of admission was willing victimization, self-negation and de-legitimization?

Because ultimately the price of acceptance for Jews has always been a sad case of self victimization, self cancellation and erasure of life itself.

Because that is what the price of Evil is.

Yet for me as for the whole of the ancient warrior class — the dictum of fighting for what is right is avoidance of F.E.A.R. since we all know that fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real.

And that indeed is the very cost of acceptance, for the many Jews amongst those surveyed respondents, and presumably amongst the largest segments of the American Jewish community — who believe that being Jewish is an accident of DNA, an involuntary birth, or a vestige of one’s ancestry, rather than a valuable, animating and directing part of the individual life’s destiny as well as of the collective and the community of Peoples that was decreed from the good God above.

And yet because being a Jewish person means being moral and pursuing social justice, as “tikkun olam” is a de facto necessity for Jews — they get easily bamboozled by the haters into falling flat on their face being overzealous in the looming Civil War mentality of American antifatic identitarian political correctness and inequity…

However, since you don’t have to be a Jew to be moral, or to pursue social and human justice — there seems to be a question as to why one should even bother with the Jewish angle, particularly in the face of condemnation from those who one wants to be accepted by.

And victims all over the World’s history of disappearing nations, peoples and civilization — speak for the lack of mention of warrior nations fighting on and surviving throughout Millennia whereas the ones who fail to fight — disappear forever.

And if you don’t believe me — please go ask Victor Herzl who wrote the book “Man’s Search for Meaning” from inside the concentration camps that he alone survived after all the members of his family were exterminated by the murderous Nazis… about why some might serve well the Nazis, might survive a little longer being fed to the ovens — only to receive a bullet in the back of the head as the reward for their service…


Dr Churchill


For a great many years, many politically astute observers such as my grandfather Winston Churchill and many other Zionists, as well as Foreign Office analysts predicted the rise of Hitlerism and Nazism in the Weimar Republic of Germany of the 1020’s and 30’s.

To them it was like watching a train wreck in super slo-mo, an inevitability that took years and years to play out, but ultimately happened and destroyed .

Sadly, that seems to be the story of a great deal of the American Jewish community.

Because indeed, the ultra leftists and the Antifas did not undo American Jewry as of yet, and certainly theur do not agistare by themselves. The public narrative of hate against Erez Israel is a reality propagated by the many Jews in the Media and inside the News business world as well…

American Jews are undoing themselves, having abandoned Jewish faith, culture, Messianism, Jewish connection with Erez israel, the Semitic tribal particularity and the Hebrew traditions, and becoming embarrassed to say that God exists.

And as soon as they deny themselves their “Right To Exist” as a People and as a Nation within the family of nations in their homeland and in America — they increasingly find themselves as defenseless victims and victimizers all at the same time, whenever they are called upon to account for their Israeli counterparts.

Hate against Israel is just the first marker in the down-the-garden steps slope of disappearance of the American Jewish community, identity and personhood — but the willing three monkeys who cannot see, cannot hear and cannot speak, have now become the American Jew caricature.

Unfortunately it is not the Antifa, the Anti-Semites and the Ultra-Left, who will alone subvert American Jewry…

Because it is sadly the American Jews who are doing it for themselves.

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