Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 21, 2021

Play to win, lose or place — but play the game for God’s sake.

People with clear vision succeed not because they know where they’re going, but because they can see the path ahead through purpose, perseverance and abundant resilience.

They always find a way because they’re never looking for a way out, just a way to get better or to get to their destination quicker.

Leaders indeed, are always striving to be in a relaxed peaceful state, simply because they know that failure is not final, but a delay and a challenge to overcome. Even if the whole world seems too busy and stressed out, You must never be in a hurry; and instead make certain to do everything in a calm spirit.

Because after all, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” according to no less an authority than Lao Tzu…

And while your life is solitary for a while because like the eagle soars high and most other birds cannot follow his ascent towards the upper reaches of the atmosphere — you are still bound to find another high flying eagle to complete your search for a Soulmate…

Yet this is an important conundrum that needs to be overcome, so here are some drips of wisdom for this search of yours, today:

Before opening your heart, know who you are going to let in, since you have to be attentive and recognize that just because someone desires you, it doesn’t mean they are honest or they truly value you, but they come only for their own self aggrandizement or fulfillment of their wasteful energy needs…

And since most people you are going to encounter in life are, party poopers, dream killers, insecure victims, drama queens, attention seekers and time wasters — you are now enabled to choose carefully and separate the wheat from the chaff, by avoiding like the devil those souls that they carry their previous lives all in theri heavy knapsack on their backs, those whose baggage is heavier than what an 18-wheeler can carry, those whose packages are all hung up on their ghosts of Christmas-past, and all those whose mission in life is simply to find a “Sugar bowl” because all they want from life is to be taken care of, without lifting a finger. Best avoid all those seeking arrangements, because they are never ready to build something with you and their lives are full of drama that cannot be solved by anyone with simple human powers, but it requires the Super Powers of Sigmund Effing Freud and a lifetime of couch therapy.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of todays’ heavily traumatized world… because only very few have done any “real work” on themselves in order to recover their equanimity, after whatever trauma they have been put through in their lives, and are now ready to uplift themselves and reach a relationship that places them in a better emotional, mental and physical plateau.

Of course we all tend to make decisions based on our emotions and then we strive to use logic & reason, as well as copious amounts of excuses in order to justify the “hole” where we dropped ourselves into, because once the infatuation stage of a relationship wears off — we begin to see everything exactly as it is and we cringe and cry for being daft or blind, if not outright possessed by lust, greed and circumstance.

Yet there is a solution to this dilemma so that you are not alone for ever, and it involves being able to read between the lines & understand human behavior… Indeed, this technique will save you a lot of time, pain & disappointments, as welleduce the slime of your lips, because we all have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find the prince or the princes amongst them.

So if you want to stop kissing all those slimy amphibians that the French chefs choose to drop into the frying pan on sight — here are the tell-tale signs of people whose vibrant Health and Happiness can be the balm for those of you who wish to mate, couple and marry a real sweetheart.

First of all You must always take it easy:
You must make sure that your potential fluid exchangers, are the kind of people who are driven by values & they know what they want out of their lives.
Observe and enforce the paradigm so that they take things nice and slow and that they have boundaries, because that is the only way to have a good time and to be mutually understood. appreciated and enjoyed.
Make certain that your partner(s) are consistent, that their inner play is honest, and that their moods are stable.
It is very important to ask them from the get-go about how thick their skin is, and to inform them of your prerogatives, assumptions and troubled histories — so that they don’t take things personally.
Make absolutely certain that they also know how to communicate, listen and understand your efforts to make a relationship.

Address any misunderstandings immediately by asking to always share, communicate and simply be — because that is the only way to work things out with each other in a calm and loving way and thus enjoy life going forward.

Help you God that they don’t live in the past… Hope that they already learned from their past and have been able to move on. Make sure then that any partner you choose — they must live in the moment.
Through conversation and observation — please assure yourself that they have a balanced optimistic outlook toward life. Make sure that your partners value and truly love themselves.
Alas, nobody is perfect so don’t look for that — but at least any partner you choose, make sure they are neither unduly optimistic or just outright negative.

Lastly, hope and pray that anyone you choose to invite inside your heart — sees life in its true colors, so that You too can live, be and create, in accord with them…

Life is not black and white, but a full palette of colors and gradations of spectrum.

See all of the colors, and then you can begin to be happy with others flying high, as you always seem to want to do.

Good Luck out there and keep on praying and meditating for your best mate to be…


Dr Churchill


Because — Yes, it is really hard to meet someone who is suitable, ready, & willing to build something with you.

But do not despair, because if you can not find one — then you give yourself licence to Be The One!

Because being a high flying eagle requires your capacity for vision, solitude and quiet contemplation.

And that is how you earn your wings that show you as a real winner, because real winners are usually to be found to not only have a certain fearless mindset, but they also have a clear sense of mission, opportunity & destiny…

God Bless You

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