Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 31, 2021

Come, love and leave…

Pray-tell, how do you think that you can become a real loving true to yourself and to your own God, person that is ready at all times to meet your maker?

How can you become a markedly better person?

How can you become a more open person?

How can you become a far more fun character than what you are at the present moment?

And how can you become a deeper person?

Or in other words — how can you become someone real who really & truthfully APPRECIATES life?

This is my Socratic dialogue soic question and answer period here and here is the explanation behind it all:

We come naked into this World…

And we also tend to go away from here, naked as well…

Indeed we all arrived here as a weak little human — and we shall leave in that weakened state as well.

We all came here without any money or things.

And Yes — we will also leave without money and things.

Do you even remember your first breath?

Nahhh — I thought so, because someone else, like a midwife, a parent or a good Doctor beat it out of you.

How about your first sponge bath?

Do you remember that?

Someone washed you…

Same like your last bath, when someone you might not even know will wash your lifeless body.

That’s it. This is what is life my friends…

Love on arrival and love on departure.

So perhaps it is that love, the quotidien of our existence, that we should return to all others ten-fold, if not hundred-fold during our modicum of proper living and prayerfully paying our “Rent” for living in this wondrous planet we call HOME — living like a butterfly inexorably moving from her state of a cocooned worm, to a chrysalis and on to a most beautiful flying butterfly — sharing her beauty and her Love while living for the briefest of times here with us.

Cheers to you Love, because you get that love is the only thing that matters.



Dr Churchill


And because I am certain that you all grasp this truth intimately and truly — that I have to ask You a few questions:

Why do you carry forth so much malice?

Why do you have so much envy?

Why do you have so much hate?

Why do you carry so much resentment?

Why do you have so much selfishness?

Why do you feel such pride?


Why, all of this nonsense?

Why — when we have to leave this earth empty handed without any possessions that might define us?

Because of all that — methinks that we should BE really KIND to each other… and to ourselves as well.

And perhaps now is incumbent upon you to go all out and spread the Love.

Spread Love and absolutely nothing else is needed.

Not because we have limited time on this Earth — but because we don’t want to waste the time that we have…

And that is why we choose Love.

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