Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 31, 2021

What does the Future look like in your eyes?

Pray-tell, what do you think of the future?

Maybe you are scared of what is coming down the pike…

Or maybe you are not.

And that is how we can tell that the later crowd might even have a different attitude thatn the former — because they believe in an Abundant Future.

Indeed, these optimistic super-people might have a unique mindset… that we euphemistically call it; an Abundance mindset.

But what is an Abundant Mindset, and what are the benefits of it — is not an opaque subject, and certainly not one that is only reserved for some mystics and for the secret societies of the Masons, the MENSA, the Mormons, or even for those that are part of the Super Successful elite of the 1 of the 1% of the people out there…

And that ought to be our focus because despite our inherent “scarcity mindset,” the world today is rapidly moving towards abundance — and if we don’t see that we are bound to fall behind further and further…

Because today’s exponential technologies are advancing life as never before.

And those are in all fields from Governance, to Life Science, from Biohacking to life extension, from AI to quantum Computer science, from Quantum computing, to living microprocessor advances, from living and organic microchips to Robotics, and from VR to autonomous vehicles…

Indeed all of these technologies are quickly dematerializingdemonetizing, and democratizing products and services.

Things that used to only be available to the richest and most elite members of our societies — are now available to all, or at least to almost anyone, anywhere in our developed and developing world.

Think of it, because today, a child in Zimbabwe can reach any subject, person or information they wish to engage with, and they can even video conference with anyone on the other side of the world. And they can do all of that almost for free
Indeed, much too many things that we used to pay millions of dollars for — just a few years ago — are now available on our smartphones at no cost.

But there’s still a residual mental attitude problem with our humans…

Our minds evolved during a world of scarcity hundreds of thousands of years ago, and most people remain trapped in an unhealthy “Scarcity Mindset.” In a world of scarcity, there’s a limited pie. If your neighbor gets a slice, then you get a smaller slice.

This is a world of limited resources and zero-sum competition.But when you have an Abundance Mindset, rather than slicing the pie into thinner and thinner slices, you create more pies.This is the future that exponential tech enables. And this trend is true across nearly every sector—whether people realize it or not.

Please do remember, that creating a world of abundance isn’t about creating a world of luxury, it’s about creating a world of possibility.

Are you ready to upgrade your perspective? 

Let me know about that, because I believe that an Abundance Mindset is one of the critical mindsets for any entrepreneur or leader to master in the decade ahead, since good honest to greatness civil rights leaders, community proud and entrepreneurial folks need to rely on an Abundance Mindset because it is the key ingredient for Success.

And that is why You ought to consider developing an Abundance Mindset, because of the present and future benefits to your life.

And since you understand that the world is becoming more abundant, and this allows you to maintain a hopeful and compelling vision for the future. Having such a positive mindset sets you apart from your competitors and helps you attract the best team to your mission — you don’t resent missed opportunities because you understand that you are living in a world of ever-increasing opportunities.

We all agree that the next year holds many more exciting, fulfilling, and profitable opportunities for you to pursue… 

We can almost agree that you don’t need to fear the future, because better days are ahead…

Instead of fear — you need to embrace the future and anticipate the efforts that you ought to invest in this future if you wish to be rewarded with success and to be able to woo victory.

Because indeed, you need to be excited and curious in order to learn all you can towards creating the future you desire to see implemented in this world.
Be the change…

So now you must start seeing your competitors as potential collaborators and your collaborators as a thriving community in a world of ever-increasing opportunities.

So, why worry unnecessarily about your competitors when you can create another, larger pie? You focus your time, attention, and resources on pursuing Moonshots that are 10x (1,000%), versus fighting in the trenches for 10% improvements.

A million times better to never fear for lack of want, but instead believe that we have a total and God given abundance of all resources and means at our disposal.

Cheers and God Speed.

Dr Churchill


That is the way forward by reinventing your business through a digital lens—constantly dematerializing, demonetizing, and democratizing your products and services, making them available to a larger and larger customer base at a lower and lower cost.

And if you can accomplish this as a leader — you can surely convey to all of your tribe, organization, community, people, and even your nation and the world — a hopeful and compelling future that inspires and guides all of your Peoples, employees and also customers.

And because people inherently want good news, your data-driven optimism, rather than a continuous dribble of negative, crisis-oriented, amygdala-energizing banter — will bring them all to your doorstep wishing to carry you forth in their own hands.

So now answer me this:

How would your life or business change if you had an Abundance Mindset?

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