Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 5, 2021

Live a little…

The world is not just about business and the economy.

You should have room to develop love…

You don’t have to live in a hurry.

You don’t have to rush.

Please enjoy the joy of life little-by-little every day.

Don’t drown in greed…

Turn that passion into love.

For friends, children and loved ones.

Because life without love is meaningless.

Live as hard as you can every day.

The beauty of life does not fade even with pain and trials.

Living is the accumulation of falling, standing up, and moving forward.

Living is also a struggle for freedom.

It’s not right for a human being to be in bondage by any of the modern conditions of greed avarice and poverty or inequality — because we indeed need a more instinctive and modest freedom for all coupled with responsibility.

In other words, you are free to spend a certain amount of time in your life, as you like. 

Because life is accompanied by a fight against one’s ego.

You need an ego to protect yourself and your loved ones, but don’t forget, that humans need society and cannot live without others.

And remember … that the miracle of living is the greatest happiness there is.

Life must be cherished and protected.


Dr Churchill


We are tribal and need each other in order to make Civilization… and at the end that is all that’s left behind.

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