Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 10, 2022

Memento Mori, with Freedom for all to be Kings, Lovers and Prayerful Leaders…

Why on earth do we even talk about freedom, when all the people around us couldn’t care less if all of us are packed into railroad boxcars on the way to Auschwitz concentration camps and the gas chambers?

And even worse, why do we care about life everlasting — when the inevitability of death is real and yet all those misguided folks who order our destruction live as if they are non humans feasting on pleasures, champagne and caviar while waiting for the inevitable time when the hourglass of life is going to run out of sand?

Yet those of us who are wise — we know that all we want is the freedom to create, to love and to play, because we know that freedom to use our time as best we see fit, is the most valuable currency in the world.

Because the most valuable currency is not gold or silver, or real estate, or even nuclear weapons, or powerful forces, or the security of wealth for the most frivolous, or the amassing of fake treasure for the insecure, for the criminally minded and for the helpless crypto enthusiasts who like silly things like bitcoin, ethereum, or the rest of the zillions of crypto crazy batshit coinages like dogcoin and fvckall.

Indeed, the one and only most valuable commodity on this Earth and in our Universe is your own God apportioned time.

Because time is the greatest arbiter of fortune, fame and success.

Yes my friends — it is time and time alone that makes or breaks you.

Indeed it is time and the everlasting quality of it.

Time is the currency of the past, present and future.

And it is time that is the most valuable currency of this world and beyond, and it is truly so for many reasons; but also because time is the only thing in this world that can’t be replaced. 

Time has a fast diminishing return and is in a truly short supply as it will run down to zero in an unsuspecting moment.

And because when your time runs out … then — poof —  You’re dead.

Remember that and be a Stoic like me because Memento-Mori, is Latin for “remember that you must die” and this is a symbolic memory aid, acting as a reminder of the inevitability of death.

So you must guard your time like Cerberus at the gates of Hell.

That is why, I meditate, pray, work, write, travel, teach, speak, make leadership decisions that make life better for others, and always remember that Memento-Mori is what this life journey is all about.

I write, I travel, I think, I imagine, I read, I create and I focus, only on giving others the chance of having a shot at life and liberty as I have been gifted thus far.

Indeed I recall every moment of the day that God has given us this time to live and we best not waste it for there is nary any more to be created — even when we think that we have years ahead of us to spend on fulfilling our fantasies.

My time is my life and therefore I organize it in my own particular non-wasteful way.

Perhaps it is equally important to maintain our own physical vitality, because what the old monks of Tibet used to say to me was that “You are only as old as your breath…” and there have been newborn babies whose breath is a hundred years old and there also have been old men whose breath is as young as a newborn baby’s breath.

To that I add that “you’re only as old as the people you hang out with, or those you love and those you date.”

All tropes aside, it is because the serious truth behind that saying, is that youthfulness defies chronological age and is mostly a mental attitude rather than a function of the calendar.  

I eat simple foods and I walk quite a lot, and row out my skiff almost daily (when I am near the sea), as well as I choose to play-fight with a fighter a few times per month in order to stay physically fit, and in order to keep up the action knowledge, the muscles and the healthy skeletal functions.

I do all that because I refuse to “go gentle into that good night” as Dylan Thomas put it.

And also because I still have things to do that I can’t leave behind for others to finish for me. As a matter of fact — I still plan to sail around the world in a solo adventure. And I certainly want to race my sailboat, and make the time to go travel and search for the mystical treasures of Yunnan, but I also want to climb Kilimanjaro and reach some other important “peaks” in my life career and life.

Still need to hike the Santo Domingo trail and the rest of the Camino del Santiago as well as the remainder of the Appalachian and the West Coast trails that I still have to finish…

Want to go diving in Palau and in the Philippine archipelago.

I wish to go kiteboarding in South Africa, and have a new family and a bunch of children with my beloved whomever that turns out to be.

And I also want to film my dialogues with the Great Philosophers of old via the classics that are found in the great libraries of the ancient world.

And then I want to ride my motorcycle through Vietnam, Laos and Campuchia, and also take my big hog to Alaska and cross over to Siberia from the straits of the Bering sea, before I get too cold or too old for that kind of adventure.

And all that is just for a start, because new adventures await me daily.

By the way – do you wanna come?

Let me know because as soon as this bastard of a pandemic winds down — we’ll spin up our Life Adventures again.

Being in a physical body is a real Godly gift. 

Being alive is aAn absurdly wonderful gift of life and breath.

To be in this oxygenated planet in the middle of so much dead outer space, it’s a Goldilocks moment in life, as it is a golden moment in the time space continium. 

So, let’s make the most of it.

I am alive and therefor I have the freedom to offer Love.

And guess what?

You do too.

Indeed this is the reason why we are put on this earth:

To love and to be loved.

Another way of putting this is the right to “not give a sh*t” what anybody thinks of me or how they judge me or even how they respond to my love.

Indeed I don’t succeed all the time, and in fact I fail far more than I succeed, but I always try new things and always follow the path less traveled, because I want to reach my own Destiny.

I have developed a keen awareness to be aware of that deadening moment when my behavior suddenly shifts into “behave yourself in a certain way in order to please this constituency, or these People or that person for the sake of being agreeable to them” and I always stop myself before I descend into that sad and soporific behavior.

I do this because I know that trying to fit-in in order to please others or to fit in with others, or to be voted in by others — I must remain vigilant because all of those folks don’t really matter to me in the long scheme of things and I better live my own life by my own beliefs, rules and guiding principles.

In other words, outside my folks, my own personal inner circle and my loved constituencies of choice — shreds of my life spirit are to be found into my speeches, my writings and my adventures.

Yet I am fully aware that people try to please others at the cost of their own freedom, dignity and principles — and that is really wrong.

People choose to be bathwater hoping to be loved by people they don’t even really like — rather that choosing to be a vehicle of love.

People choose to go after all others hoping to receive some measure of value rather than choosing to be a vehicle of value to others.

My friend — please try to be free of even thinking about what pleases others or what is acceptable behavior in society, or in your company and party — and simply choose to take pleasure in knowing who you are and live like today is the last day you live on this earth.

And still hope that you shall live for an eternity.

Live like that because the nothingness of a useless life spent in silly pursuits, doing useless contortions to please others — simply makes you an old jalopy before your time expires on this earth.

This has been my practice and that makes me indeed the model of the man who is not an old jalopy but a real living warrior king destined for greatness in all of my actions great and small regardless of effort, timelines and consequences.

And because I am a prayerful king and a free-man, strong enough and internally powerful — I live day to day in order to manifest greatness and be able to live & love freely, without being anxious about how I look, who hates me for what, or what I get in return, when I simply choose to live best I can.

Thats all.


Dr Churchill


Memento Mori my friends.

Remember that you too shall die.

And as it turns out, this stoic man, this warrior king — is the only man who is worthy of leadership, of power, of public admiration and abundant desire.

Feast on it now.

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