Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 20, 2022

Five easy pieces for Every Man & Every Woman

Time is relevant and relative to our own special “sauce” therefore now that the pandemic is ending and we are all rushing to get things done — best we heed this sage advise from the past… 

Hard as it seems — please don’t hurry because the cemeteries are full of individuals rushing forth to the eventual ending of life. 

Because in the same way as you experience different time zones when you travel, same is when you look at the lives of others and you see that someone graduated from college at the age of 22, but waited 15 or 20 years before securing a good job… 

Yet someone else became a CEO at age 25, and died from a massive coronary at the ripe old age of 40.

Another person became a CEO at 60, and lived to become a healthy 90 years old mature human.

Someone else is still single, while another person from his school age group has already become a grandfather. 

Truly, you must believe me when I say that everyone in this world lives, works and plays, based on their own time travels… 

Cause indeed, people around you might seem to be running way ahead of you & some others might seem to be far behind you. 

But what truly matters is what time zone you are in. 

Is it New York time where you are over caffeinated and you are running like a chick with its head cut off ? 

Or maybe you are in London sipping lemon tea in peace and leisure at regular teatimes throughout the day and night ? 

Whatever your time zone — please keep in mind that everyone is running their own race, and living their own life at their own speed. 

Please do not envy them, because they are in their own time zone, and you are in yours.

So, relax and take it easy…

You’re not late.

You’re not early.

You are not too much of either one time zone.

You are very much on time.

And if you are in a relationship, beware the ides of remorse, memories and idealized beauty.

Be flexible, because in relationships, what women say they want & what they naturally respond to — are two totally different things.

And men who don’t understand that, think women are crazy, materialistic, and never satisfied.

Polarity & attraction evaporates in any type of intimate relationship when partners do not behave congruently with their natural masculine or feminine essence.

Men want softness.

Women want strength.

This is the reality.

“You can choose to ignore the reality but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”!

What are these traits?

First: Stick to your values.
Many men change who they really are in the hope women will like them.

They lose their natural essence & become more sensitive, weak & unsure of themselves.

Second: Focus on your mission.
Your mission is paramount.

It comes before everything else.

Women are not your battle or the ones who you need to conquer.

Third: Be in charge

No matter what is going on in your life, never lose your optimism about the future, because You are the source of strength and stability.

Fourth: Speak your truth and never ever be intimidated by anyone or anything.

Fifth: Be “a man who wears his soul on his face” who waits for nobody and who is fearless about going after what he wants.


Dr Churchill


“There is nothing stronger than a broken man rebuilding himself on this side of the Universe”

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