Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 27, 2022

Be a friend and share this because it can save lives…

“A person who knows what they bring to the table is not afraid to eat alone”.

When a relationship starts, people tend to focus on what they like in each other.

Yet when the early infatuation stage wears off, and the chemistry of the pheromones wanes — the people start to see the other person for who they really are.

Our life is a reflection of the standards we set for ourselves and for our relationships… 

Many people’s problems in relationships and in the anxious life they live — is because they are afraid and also sometimes because they say No faster than saying Yes…

On the other hand, people tend to pressure themselves into a relationship that is actually something that they dislike and it suffocates them since deep down they know they don’t want to share their lives with anyone but with their existing co-dependent relationships, broken & dysfunctional family members and the relics of their past relationships that are nothing but memories of past lives…

Sadly all these poor folks are driven by their fears and tend to do more to avoid pain than they are willing to do in order to join up with LIFE, and thus they never get what they really want.

My advise to you would be to simply hold your head high and never ever lower your standards in order to fit in with other people, and their foolish expectations.

Having said that I must say that you should be magnanimous with all the people and we must strive to always give people a chance and assist them to rise up and meet your standards or failing that — guide them by the hand and nudge them softly to move on and far away form you, lest they damage you with their inner confusion, fear and uncertainty that leads to a case of criminal indecision.

Please also remember, that being single is not going to kill you & being in a relationship is not going to heal you either…

So until you get comfortable with knowing what you need, what you want and why you want that which you want — you will never get your worth in a partner, because you do not know if you are choosing someone for love or you simply settle for something out of love or neediness.

Please always remember that you do not need someone to complete you, because you are not lonely but rather you are a whole human being, alone and a whole lot better, all by yourself.



Dr Churchill


You need someone to accept you completely as you are.

And you need not someone who is “accepting” a version of yourself that is manufactured, or imagined, and expected in the future — because that is akin to science fiction and not reality.

Something to think about…

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