Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 28, 2022

Chicken-hawks V Realpolitik…

The current US President Joe Biden last week said that “the American response in Ukraine would be proportional to Vladimir Putin’s actions.”

To further quote president Biden: “It depends,” the president posited … “It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion” … and it’s another thing … if it’s a major one.”

As you would expect many heard this and cried “Foul.”

Or was it “Fowl” ?

Am not sure…


The modern day “Paul Reveres” galloped all over the iced over Potomac and sounded the alarm, in all of Maryland, in Washington DC and in the beltway.

Yet the old Watergate complex remained eerily quiet.

Quiet as a church mouse, in the same way as the hotel within the Watergate complex that houses the bimbos, the pretty whores and the long legged call girls — all birds of prey, vying for the attention and the greenbacks of the few paying clients who persist in the arts of intimate “social distancing” during these time of the pandemic — remained quiet.

They call it doggie style … and it can be a rather quiet sport.

And this is what the US foreign policy has come to represent today.

A form of quiet doggie style sporting exhibition.

Mind you these are all prized dogs…

Some of you asked me, why is it all so messed up?

It’s all messed up because … but I would rather leave it up to you to figure it out.

But for starters, let us figure out who the doggy doing the dogging is, and who is the doggee, in this scenario of intimate foreign policy.

Because the ripping painful noise of the pulling off the band-aid in the national political illusion is so severe, that both Republicans and Democrats were forced into each other’s arms in panic.

Ergo — more doggy style dogging for Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who said of the potential Russian invasion this: “We can make crystal clear the stark consequences of that choice.”

Cue in the dog whistles.

Senate Republican Ted Cruz called out president Biden by saying that he “shocked the world by giving Putin a green light to invade Ukraine.”

The National Security Council issued a statement through the White House press correspondent Jen Psaki that any Russian move into Ukraine would be “met with a swift, severe, and united response.”

Yawn… yawn… yawn…

More doggy style pleasures for all the above.

Undeterred president Biden later explained that he had to cut his press conference short without Q&A, because: “You guys will all ask me about Russia.”

Not surprisingly, this is an old story, played again in the White House — only with a weaker lead actor.

Six years ago, Barack Obama gave an interview to The Atlantic quashing Beltway militaristic dreams of war in Ukraine by stating: “The fact is that Ukraine, which is a non-Nato country, is going to be vulnerable to military domination by Russia no matter what we do… This is an example of where we have to be very clear about what our core interests are and what we are willing to go to war for.

Then as now, both blue and red propaganda outlets howled and cried in vain because the “core interest” of the Washington consensus is war. It isn’t just big business, but it is our biggest business, and is one business that we still manufacture on a grand scale, we use our products and we even export them all over the place far more and on a far grander scale than anyone else around the world.

War and munitions is where we get both our eggs and our bacon, and our American brioche and caviar too.

Indeed, the scale of this military industrial complex in our country as old Ike said, is such, that it is represented by the vast majority of the people elected into the U.S. Senate, the Congress and all the regional state governments from all arms producing states, but it also feeds the greatest share of the lobbyists, lawyers, and journalists. And I say that is a bloody shame that they all snuggle comfortably in a giant doggy style fornicating mass (due to social distancing) in our capital city, in its environs and in its foggy bottom.

Now, put together all these “environmental hazards,” the nincompoops in uniform, and the dogs of war — who are all dedicated to the upkeep of the war bureaucracy and its usages — and you’ve got a perfect shit-storm, because their main purpose is growing the defense budget, inflating the DoD, and also militarizing the missions of all other government agencies (from the State Department to the Department of Energy to the CIA, DIA, NSA, and even the Department of Education) and not at all defending our allies and our missions all around the world.

We’ve got all these fancy pants Washington think tanks that their only “Raison D’Etre” is to generate intellectual justifications for war, for foreign interventions, and for serious military debacles — all the while attacking with ferocity, the Peace Institute, the peace Initiative and the Antiwar constituencies, and even go so far as to attack the great peaceful project ideas, like the STAR agreements, the “Peace Dividend,”and the “Non Proliferation Treaties.”

They are indeed creating “Markets for War” while turning their big guns against all those that seem to threaten them by moving their “dog food” a little further away, wishing to offer some measure of dog food to other constituencies that might not want to go to war just in order to “spend” the munitions before their expiration due date.

Of course for the war dogs, for the chicken hawks and for all the assembled cannibals, torturers and nail pullers — both president Biden’s and Obama’s foreign policy comments along with the famed “Obama doctrine” were fundamental betrayals.

Imagine the gall of a sitting Pesident, saying out loud that there existed such a thing as “our” national interest and diplomacy, as being a separate reality from the rather limiting and limited viewpoint of Washington’s kennel of rabid dogs — always barking to go to war at any moment and for any reason, real or imaginary. 

Well, the truth of the matter is that you can’t really blame them either, because as you know, this is what junkyard dogs always do. Woof, woof, woof…

And since the latter group somehow believes itself impervious to error, and takes extraordinary offense to challenges of its judgment — no wonder that they all scream, bark and howl as crazed people dogs, and chickenhawks are prone to do while crying out that “the sky is falling, the sky is falling, is falling — trust me its falling…”

Of course to an independent observer like yours truly, this stark reality stands out as an amazing feat of magic, circus trickery and illusion — given the spectacular failures in every arena of war, and battle theater, all the way from the South China sea, to Taiwan, from Iran, to Iraq, to Afghanistan, to North Korea, to Syria, to Ukraine, to Crimea, to Lebanon, to Somalia … ad infinitum.

Sadly the sober people who seek to avoid unnecessary carnage and useless conflicts — consistently lose popularity contests to cannibals, to fingernail-pullers, to regular Joe Schmo torturers and to the Abu Ghraib cave dwelling interrogators, and their playbook — because the one “play” that the war dogs run over and over, never deviating despite decades of disaster upon disaster, is the one that is designed to reduce every foreign policy situation to contests of levels of force, battle proxies and supremacy in the field of war, instead of Diplomacy…

Let that sink in for a second, because it simply means that we have No Diplomacy in this country.

We have No State Department worth of the name.

We have no Diplomats who can carry on the duties of Conflict resolution.

We only have dogs bred for war in the special and of kennel that resembles more a pack of white trash hockey fans and players brawling on the ice after a few beers and chasers.

Thats what we’ve got in America today. Hockey sticks, white trash beer guzzling idiots and those exaggerated pirouettes on the ice skating ballerinas that never even imagine how damn “gay” their spectacle of chasing a puck while jostling with each other really is. Not that there is anything wrong with it — except the missing front teeth, but who is counting.

Their wag-the-dog-war-thinking, always argues the right move is the one that allows them to empty their boxes of expensive toys from the sky over the heads of unsuspecting civilians, and to fire up their uber-expensive weapons systems following the cues of Langley-generated schemes for overthrow of foreign governments, to the curtaining of the lives of infants and children en masse, all the way to utilizing Boeing and Lockheed’s drones to rain fire on innocent civilians a mostly to perpetuate a regime of terror throughout the world in the interests of none other than the shareholders of those munitions companies.

And occasionally they get an armed man too.

Amongst the Taliban in Afghanistan there is an old joke that goes something like that: “You put your goat out to pasture on a ridge, or a hilltop or outside a mountain cave with a fake Ak-47 carved out of wood and painted black, and wait for fifteen minutes. Soon enough a drone attack blows her away and you get the bloody remains and go to the nearest U.S. compound and complain saying that the drone killed one of your girls, and you get three thousand US dollars compensation on the spot with more to come later. The you go out to the markets in Peshawar and buy yourself some serious weapons and a Stinger missile to get those drones down quickly.”

There is a moral to this story and it is this: “We arm our attackers and we foster jihad all over the place because of our own actions.”

By the way — have you heard any complaint from the US press?

No, not really because they are all happily calling for regime change, counterinsurgency and terrorist elimination — all the while failing to mention that the real enemy is the one they see in the mirror each and every day. 

Still it is relevant to recall that Obama looked at the big, black earth muddy stretch of land atop the Black Sea called Ukraine, and asked if its strategic importance was worth another foreign war, meaning real war against an enemy who can fight, who is not afraid of bloodshed and who has a great fighting morale for their Fatherland.

Yes, folks, the Russians do fight back, they are not and they are not third-world pushovers, or underarmed, defanged, or rag headed mustachioed dictators — puppet men in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya who offer as much resistance as a rag tag band of guerrillas can muster. And yet these very same men, women and children fighting for their country, beat back the imperial armies and send the U.S. forces packing back home without their expensive toys, and often times without their comrades or their families, who were left behind during the hasty evacuations that the chickenhawks specialize in effecting.

Does the name Bagram Air Base near Kabul in Afghanistan mean anything to you?

Does the name US embassy evacuation in Saigon means anything to you?

Does the name US embassy evacuation in Libya’s Tripoli means anything to you?

Does the name US embassy evacuation in Kabul means anything to you?

Does the name Hamid Karzai airport mean anything to you?

Biden’s answer was an obvious no.

Still Ukraine has less strategic importance to the United States than Iraq, Afghanistan, even Kuwait or Abu Dhabi and the UAE for that matter…

Still no one will say it out loud, but the greatest argument against U.S. support for military action of any kind in Ukraine is the inherent incompetence of our foreign adventurism, our bumbling military missions and the serial evacuations of our beaten soldiers and their dependents that leave behind a series of train wrecks and a consistent record of destabilizing all kinds of areas in the Geopolitical map, of strategic interest and serious realpolitik influence — through our involvement.

Methinks that perhaps it is time to fix this broken mindset of chicken hawk militarism, and replace it with the cool headedness of real warriors who have seen too much bloodshed and are lusting for peace.

Peace that can be earned with the tools of Diplomacy’s genius for Conflict Resolution through the use of serious intellectual mien employing the gray matter that our Good Creator has endowed us with — for the exact purpose of using it during these challenging times … hoping to prevent Cain killing Abel time and time again.

This is why Diplomacy matters.

And that is why Great Diplomats like my Grandfather knew when to negotiate and when to go to war and they also knew the difference between chicken hawks & turkeys dressed like bald eagles, and the real birds of prey that never fail to give their all for their country, cause, and freedom.

Because at the end of the day — this is what matters most to all human beings.

Liberty to be who you truly are, and who God destined you to be…

Freedom from illusions of grandeur is also what’s needed to be able to survive this constant talk of war in these times of political cannibalism and dog fighting.


Dr Churchill


Please remember that at the moment the Berlin Wall fell — the United States had almost limitless political capital with these soon-to-be ex-Soviet territories.

Yet, we blew it all away, within a few years because of our nincompoop State department and war dogging inflexible Pentagon that messed it all up in the pursuit of NATO supremacy.

So, now that we’re really in trouble in Ukraine to help us get the chestnuts out of the fire, because absolutely nobody wants to play doggy style with us ever again.

Well … never say never, but why would we want to keep harping the same awful tune in the bagpipes of squandered battles, amid regime changes, and mass killings of civilians — all done in perfect dress uniforms without the will to be soiled in real battle?

Tell me why do we want to persist in the stupid policies that got us here in the first place?

Haven’t you seen our track record?

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