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Mandela, late in life recounted a story form the time of his presidency: 

“After becoming President, I asked some of my bodyguard to accompany me because I wanted to take a walk around town. 

After the walk we went to a restaurant for lunch, and we were seated in the center, and after a while each of us had decided what we wanted and ordered accordingly. 

The waiter showed up and brought our menus, while at that moment I realized that at the table right in front of ours there was a lonely person waiting to be served. 

When he was served, I asked one of my bodyguards to go ask this man to join us. 

My soldier went to the man and delivered my invitation.

Naturally, the man stood up, took his plate and came to sit next to me. 

While he was eating, his hands were constantly trembling and did not lift his head from the food. 

When he was finished with his food — he stood up, he greeted me and without even looking at me, shook my hand and walked away. 

My soldiers said to me: 

Lord, this man must be very sick because I noticed his hands , they wouldn’t stop shaking while he was eating. Not at all! 

The reason for his tremor – I answered – is something else… 

They looked at me strangely, so I said: 

This man was one of the prison guards when I was locked up in Robbin island. 

Often, after the torture I suffered, I screamed and cried for water… 

And he came to humble me. 

He laughed at me and instead of giving me water he urinated on my head. 

He wasn’t sick, but he trembled because he was scared that now that I am the president of South Africa, I would send him to jail and do the same thing he did to me. 

He is afraid that I shall ordered him to be tortured and humiliated. 

But that’s not me.

That attitude is not part of my character. 

Nor is it part of my morals. 

Minds asking for revenge destroy states, while those asking for reconciliation build a Nation”

–Nelson Mandela


Dr Churchill


Great Soul Madiba

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