Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 14, 2022

“Carpe Nox”

I met Anthony once at a friend’s Valentine’s dinner party and he seemed lost like a puppy in thought — so I naturally struck up a conversation about my own brand of Philosophy of Life, because I felt he needed to learn how to be more of a Stoic and less of an Epicurean in order to heal his troubled soul…

He was distant at first and condescending but as we started talking and sharing in the unique way that I have to speak form the soul — he too opened up like the shucked oysters we had as hors d’oeuvres in our dinner that distant night.

After speaking for half a night and sharing all of our Valentine’s Blues — he revealed to me that he had no love in his heart or in his life for anyone special, and he was sad and bereft of a Soul Mate.

He told me that our “talk “made him feel like a brother to me… but he wanted a woman to fulfill, to breed, to feel like a man, to make use of his loins during that special night, because one has to eat his steak raw to be a Real man…

“Eat some pussy tonight man — its better than the freshest oyster out there and far better than your ego any day of the week…” he said.

Giddy words and alcohol speaks volumes sometimes like Anthony spoke full throttled that night.

We went on speaking and sparring like true Gods, yet soon he retreated again into his shell and after copious amounts of alcohol — he seized the night, and he absconded with a lovely young thing towards the bedrooms to cap the night in a properly Epicurean, Roman and Bachanalian fashion. A style of fashionable love joust fit for a King rushing headlong into a Valentine’s romp of “Zeus, the bull, raping Europa” in a Parisian bedroom, all in the name of French finesse sticking it to sobriety forever more.

“Carpe Nox” my friend.

Seize the Night because all is fair in the name of Love, War and a modicum of Debauchery, comme les français.

The quotidien of love or at least fecundity — had been granted to you old friend.

De chaque jour ; qui se fait, revient tous les jours.

Over the remaining years we never met again although we corresponded infrequently and thus we didn’t get to know each other any better than that, since we never met again — yet Anthony always felt like a dear friend who somehow slipped away in the mists of time and anguish to live this life fast and ferociously as a Roman gladiator would have lived it.

In time I read some of his books and saw some of his videos, and got to love his troubled soul, his honesty and the incisive looks he shared from the most remote and yet interesting places around this God’s green globe.

Sobriety wasn’t his strong suit and thus he defected as a passing star, and still his sadness changed my world view about the philosophy of Life he espoused.

But for Heaven’s sake I am certain that he is a Stoic up in heaven.

A heavenly soul of a stoic the likes of Markus Aurelius with plenty of Love in his Heart, fulfilled as a Queen Bee and equally tempered.

Have at it my friend and find your soulmate in the big reservoir of Soul we all share from in this outer world..

So, again on this Valentine’s day — here is to you my lonesome friend.

Because methinks that we are on the same boat once again…

May be an image of 2 people, people sitting and indoor

“Eat at a local restaurant tonight.

Go ahead and get the cream sauce.

Have a cold pint at 4 o’clock in a mostly empty bar.

Go somewhere you’ve never been.

Listen to someone you think may have nothing in common with you.

Order the steak rare.

Eat an oyster.

Have a negroni.

Have two.

Be open to a world where you may not understand or agree with the person next to you, but have a drink with them anyways.

Eat slowly.

Tip your server.

Check in on your friends.

Check in on yourself.

Enjoy the ride.”

–Anthony Bourdain


Dr Churchill


“Love Somebody tonight even if its a hustle”

This is what he told me that cold night of the Soul.

Carpe Nox my friends — Carpe Nox, because all that was such a long time ago … that it feels like yesterday, but tonight you can get laid and feel alive once again.

So Carpe Nox and Bona Fortuna tonight.

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