Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 16, 2022

A great future doesn’t require a great past

Most of us think that successful people have the same things in common…

Such as a well defined purpose, a fearless mindset & sense of mission.

You would think that they spend their time thinking about their future, making plans and taking actions, while others are busy treading water, making excuses and seeking out reasons to justify their lack of action, and feel sorry for themselves — almost as if they were suffering from an unknown disease called laziness.

Yet, when you are one or you are spending time with successful people, or even if you are surveying those seen as successful — gives you the courage to discover what our true potential as human beings is.

Because by studying the “Life of the Sun” we realize that we have the same options as they do, only on a different scale and the main difference between the hoi-polloi and the uber-rich and massively successful people is that the later are open to cutting off with the past, and trying new things, and not settling for less than what they are capable of.

Successful people do not look for jobs, and instead, they look to see what more they can do with the cards that they were dealt with, or by being creative with the existing resources out there…

Don’t be afraid to try things out for a “dress rehearsal” and try and try again. At best you shall fashion a new business and at worst you shall fail in a new business, so you really have got nothing to lose.

Keep that as a principle and do not let fear stop you because the fear of fear is just a logical fallacy that we tell ourselves in order to protect our ego from effort, and the possibility of rejection and pain.

Taking action towards what we want in life is the best way to reduce our fear of the future and what may or may not go our way. 

“A great future doesn’t require a great past”.


Dr Churchill


And you’ve got to burn the bridges too…

Because as the great navigator said:

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. 

–Christopher Columbus

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